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10 Best Online Hidden Object Games

Here we have compiled a list of 10 best online hidden object games. Play these exciting hidden object games on your phone or desktop.

Are you looking for some of the best online hidden object games? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Here, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best hidden object games you can play on your smartphone, PC, or laptop.

Hidden object games suit you if you want your keen eyes busy with something enjoyable. You will find online games available under different categories.

Some categories are popular among kids, while adults like a few specific types of games. The good thing about online hidden object games is that such games are suitable for both kids and adults.

So, what are the hidden object games all about? As the name suggests, the gamer has to find the hidden objects on the screen.

Under different game scenarios, you must find the invisible things to score points and win the games. Playing hidden object games can boost your brain’s reflexes. But, most importantly, these games provide exceptional enjoyment.

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10 Best Free Online Hidden Object Games

You should know the types of hidden object games available these days. Online games have two categories. You will find some games compatible with your smartphone and need to download them.

On the other hand, some games do not need to be downloaded. You can play them online. While most games are free, you will discover some paid hidden object games.

Find a list of the best online hidden object games in the following section. All the games listed below are available for free to the gamers.

1. Gardenscapes

gardenscapes - best online hidden object games

At the top of the list is Gardenscapes, which falls under the thriller genre of hidden object games. You will find a wonderful garden on your screen while playing the game.

The nooks and corners of the park are filled with mysterious hidden objects. You need to find those objects and ensure you find them quickly.

The clock will tick, and you have to complete the missing of finding hidden objects within a stipulated time.

The difficulty level will keep increasing, and you will find more hidden objects in the unusual places in the garden. With increasing difficulty, the time for searching for things will gradually reduce.

Some of the notable features of the game are as follows.

  • 1000+ unique hidden items
  • Tons of accessories are available to decorate the garden
  • A super addictive gameplay mode
  • Compatibility with Windows 10 PC

2. Hidden Folks

hidden folks

The classic cartoons in the New York Times are famous worldwide. You will find the vintage charm of the New Times’ cartoons in this hidden object-finding game.

As the name suggests, you must find hidden folks from the complicated New York Times cartoons. Due to monochromic minimalism, finding the hidden objects is difficult.

This is one of the most suitable online hidden object games for those who want to exercise their brains. You can play the game while enjoying a short break from your work.

Both kids and adults can play the game, though this particular hidden object-finding simulation is more prevalent among adults.

3. China Temple

china temple - best hidden object games

China Temple is a time-based hidden object-finding game. If you click randomly on the screen, the game will detect that and punish you by reducing five seconds from the stipulated time.

It comes with three hints to make it easier for the gamers. Using hints will help you to find hidden objects easily. For every level of the game, you will get three fresh suggestions.

This is a simple hidden object game developed on a unique Chinese theme. The game will fill the screen with various traditional Chinese hidden objects. You have to find all those objects to pass the game missions.

The game comes with ten unique levels with various challenging scenarios. Finding the hidden objects is tricky on the screen as you move to the higher game level.

4. Adam Wolfe

adam wolfe - android hidden object game

If you like mysterious, hidden games, Adam Wolfe is an excellent gaming option. Gamers will meet various supernatural objects while playing the game.

It would be best to solve challenging puzzles; your keen eyes must be ready to discover the hidden things on the screen.

You will keep encountering the mysteries as you uncover the mysteries through finding hidden objects and solving the puzzles.

Overall, the game is engaging and suitable for both kids and adults. The game comes with many challenging puzzles. The game is compatible with Windows PCs; you need not download it.

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5. Medieval Castle Hidden Numbers

medieval castle hidden numbers

If you love history, you can give it a try to the Medieval Castle Hidden Numbers. You will find many medieval hidden objects on your screen. You can expand the screen through a long click, while the long click will also help you to zoom out.

Playing on the full-screen mode is recommended to help you quickly find hidden medieval objects.

This one of the most exciting online hidden object games comes with ten levels, with 30 hidden objects.

For spotting the location of the numbers, you can use the virtual magnifying glass of the game. However, using the magnifying glass will deduct 500 points from your wallet.

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6. The Palace Hotel

the palace hotel - best online hidden object games

The Palace Hotel has ten levels, each with a unique time length for the game you will lose.

Suppose you fail to find all the hidden objects without the tickling clock’s time loss. If a user loses, he can replay the same level. But there is no provision to skip a level and play another one.

In each level, you will find 12 objects. The game screen will reveal the six objects among those 12. So, make sure that you find those six objects quickly.

When you complete collecting the known objects, you should move to collect the unknown things. The Palace Hotel is a free game, and you can play it without downloading it on your device.

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7. Drawn: Dark Flight

drawn dark fight

Big Fish Studios, an exciting puzzle game for kids and adults, developed drawn Dark Flight. The game comes with complex and interesting puzzles. At the same time, you need to find hidden objects to pass various gaming levels.

The Dark Flight is a point-and-click adventure game. Through the fairy tales, the game will progress. Thus, it will be an exciting journey.

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8. Travel to USA

travel to usa

If you are searching for simple and enjoyable online hidden object games, Travel to the USA is the right option.

The game starts with a family going on a trip to the USA. During their trip, they will discover various hidden objects.

Discovering those objects will make their trip even more enjoyable. So, are you ready to help the Hudson family to find those hidden objects? Start playing this game now.

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9. Legacy: Witch Island 2

legacy - witch island 2

Legacy Witch Island 2 is a popular hidden object-finding game. Using any standard web browser, you can play the game on your Windows 10 desktop or laptop.

The game takes you to a mysterious island with many hidden objects. Finding those hidden objects to progress in the game would be best.

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10. The Hope Lake

the hope lake

The Hope Lake is an abandoned boarding school, and your game will start from this school. Why did the school become abandoned? Play the game to uncover the mystery.

Through an engaging gameplay scenario, you will come across various hidden objects. The game is compatible with the Windows 10 device.

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With this, we summarize our list of the ten best online hidden object games. Enjoy playing these awesome, graphics-rich hidden object games on your phone or desktop.

My favorites are China Temple, Medieval Castle Hidden Numbers, Adam Wolfe, and The Palace Hotel.

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