7 Best Online DAT File Readers

In this article, we will be going over the top 7 best online DAT file readers. These websites will make opening and viewing a DAT file easier and don’t require installing additional software.

There are plenty of times when you come across various types of files and their extensions. Each type requires different software to open, read or run the file. The DAT file is no exception and is a common type of file referred, written, and read by many programs.

But, what is a DAT file? A DAT file is a generic file type that stores information related to the program which creates it. This file is mainly created and used by software applications themselves.

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How To Open a DAT File?

There are quite a few ways to open a DAT file. If the file contains simple data, like text, pictures, PDFs, audio, or other similar data, it could be opened using just the built-in Windows apps.

Right-clicking on the file and selecting the appropriate app for the supported data type will do the magic unless the DAT file contains some complex data. Now, you have to choose another option, going online.

Many websites allow you to open, read and view DAT files for free. Most of them work for other file extensions as well, DAT being one of them, similarly. We recommend you review the entire list to determine which website would be an excellent choice.

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7 Best Online DAT File Readers

Below is a list of the 7 best websites to open, read or view .dat files online (without downloading any software). Check them out since each has features that make them stand out.

1. ReadFileOnline

readfileonline - online dat file readers

ReadFileOnline, as the name suggests, is a web-based tool that reads files online. This online file reader supports the .dat extension along with many others.

One of the catchy features of this tool is that it shows files in 10,000 bytes of sections(blocks) and allows you to search the content or a word in the file using the search function provided.

Readfileonline is also the fastest tool for reading files regardless of size, as a 32GB file took less than a second to be read entirely.

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2. RollMyFile

rollmyfile - online dat file reader

RollMyFile is another web-based file viewing tool, supporting various types of files, .dat being one of them. To use this, you have to go to the website.

Then It asks you to upload the desired file and open it in its file viewer tool. One can browse through the computer or use the drag and drop function to select and read(view) the file and its contents.

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3. Fileproinfo


Fileproinfo is the most versatile website out there when it comes to file reading and opening. This website provides a tool to open all kinds of files. This website supports every type of file with every kind of extension, be it an image, audio, data, or encoded file.

To use this, you need to go to the website and scroll down till you find the online’s tools section, which is also loaded. You can view, convert, merge, split and even edit files. Once you reach that section, select the file viewer tool and “open data file,” then scroll down to the “DAT file opener” and upload the DAT file.

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4. Anyconv

anyconv - dat file reader

Anyconv is an online file converter that allows you to convert DAT files to TXT format. Using Anyconv, you can convert the file to TXT format in just two clicks. To use this, you need to go to the website, upload the DAT file, click on “convert,” and download the file.

Apart from the DAT files created by software and applications for referencing for future use, there is another type of DAT file called the Winmail DAT file. The Winmail DAT files generally appear in emails.

This happens when a person uses an email client with Rich Text Format, such as Microsoft Outlook, to send emails, and the recipient’s inbox can’t support or handle it. The recipient gets a Winmail.dat attachment containing the Rich Text Format data in such cases.

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5. Winmaildat


Winmaildat is an online web tool explicitly made for opening winmail.dat files. To use this, you need to first go to the winnaildat.com website. Then, it allows you to either upload the winmail.dat file or its URL.

After you’ve uploaded the file or URL, click on “start,” and It will show you the contents of the email; by converting them into different types of files, the text gets converted into a .rtf file, and the attachments get reconverted into their original formats. But, this website only supports files up to 10MBs.

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6. Web.letteropener.app


One of the best software for viewing emails, a letter opener, is now available on the internet. The letter opener is the most secure and privacy-respecting platform to view your winmail.dat files online without having to download any software.

To use this, you must go to the website above and upload the file simply using the drag and drop feature. This web app will then show you all the email’s content and the attachments.

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7. Winmail-dat.com

winmail dat reader

Winmail-dat is another website that only allows you to open winmail.dat files for free. To use this, you must upload the winmail.dat file on the website by either browsing through the local storage and then clicking on “decode.”

This will allow you to access the email’s content, including text and attachments. The text appears in the “body” text placeholder, and the attachments get listed below it. This website is designed to look and work like a complete email viewer.

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Wrapping Up

We conclude the list of the 7 best online DAT file readers. Whether it’s a data file created by an application or software for referencing or an unsupported mail, I hope this article has helped you find the most appropriate online tool for opening the files you wanted.

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