10 Best Online Coding Games For Kids

Honestly, coding can be challenging for kids to learn, especially those just 6 years old. If you kept pushing them, they would not like to learn the art of coding. So, what’s the best way to go about it? The answer is just a single word – games. Several online coding games for kids can simultaneously enhance their learning journey and activate critical thinking.

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10 Best Online Coding Games For Kids

Here I have compiled a list of the ten best free online coding games for kids. Some coding games are blocks-based, where kids have to arrange blocks to play with the main character. In some online games, kids have to write some lines of code to solve a maze or puzzle.

While exploring these games, I will share which game is most appropriate for which age group.

Let’s now start exploring these fantastic coding games for your kids.

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1. Scratch

scratch - free online coding game for kids

Scratch is one of MIT’s best free online coding games for kids. The interface is pretty straightforward and engaging for kids. It works like jigsaw puzzles as your kids have to arrange blocks to control the game’s sprites or characters.

For example, to move the sprite 5 blocks, they have to drag and drop the Move X Steps block to the main window. Next, they must select the default value (10) and change it to 5. Moving forward, now ask them to click the Go button to see the sprite move in action.

The online coding game has many animation blocks, from basic movement to complex events like moving closer to another sprite and saying hello. While your kids can easily understand how to play Scratch, it can take a while for them to build some cool projects as there are just way too many options. However, the best part is that there are more than enough resources on the internet for your kids to follow and master Scratch.

Play this game.

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2. Blockly Games

blockly games - free online coding game for kids

Blockly Games is another best free online coding game for kids and adults that focus on block-based programming. The best part is that the website has various games such as solving maze puzzles, helping birds go to their nests, etc.

The games are available in multiple languages such as Spanish, Italian, English, etc.

All coding games that your kids can play on Blockly Games:

  • Puzzle
  • Maze
  • Bird
  • Turtle
  • Movie
  • Music
  • Pond Tutor
  • Pond

All games are based on block-based programming, i.e., your kid has to arrange blocks to perform a specific task, whether it is to solve a puzzle, maze, or move the turtle to a position.

Age: 8+ years

Pricing: Free

Play this game.

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3. Tynker

tynker - free coding game website for kids

Tynker is another excellent gaming platform for kids that teaches them how to code interactively. The best part is that games are segmented as per age groups and interests. Tynker offers coding games for all age groups, including 5-7, 8-13, and 14+.

Additionally, you can choose the interests of your kids. From storytelling to barbie and game design, you can choose topics your kid is interested in the most.

Following are some of the games available on the platform:

  • Monster High
  • Hot Wheels
  • Nature Walk
  • Dance with friends
  • Dragon Blast
  • Space Quest

After you are done with the initial wizard, you will see the dashboard of Tynker, where you can explore various games and courses to teach coding to your kids.

Play this game.

Age: Suitable for all

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4. CodeCombat

codecombat - free coding game for kids

CodeCombat is another one of the best free online coding games for kids. Like other coding game platforms for kids on this list, CodeCombat doesn’t require any login to play the games, which is good if you want to try it out before buying its subscription.

The UI of the platform is attractive and will make the kids excited to play different games. The game has various levels, and as your kids progress through these levels, the difficulty will increase. Each stage will teach your kids different programming concepts such as syntax, methods, loops, etc.

Apart from that, some stages are dedicated to game and web development. Various levels of these stages will introduce your kids to the world of developing games and web apps.

Play this game.

Age: 8+

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5. Codemoji

codemoji - free online coding games for kids

Codemoji is another of the best free websites for kids to learn coding by playing various games. It is suitable for kids above 8 years who want to learn programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, etc.

While exploring Codemoji, I found an interactive gaming exercise to learn HTML tags. I enjoyed the gaming exercise as it explained the concepts most coherently. If your kids are bored with puzzles and drag and drop online coding games, Codemoji can help them upskill their coding mindset.

Play this game.

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6. Code.org

code.org - best online coding game for kids

Code.org is another of the best free resources for kids to learn block-based programming enjoyably. There are several games on the website that you can make your kids play and see if they are interested in basic coding or not.

The best part is there is no need to create an account to play coding games on Code.org. Apart from that, it makes it easier for parents to find suitable coding games for their kids. You can filter games based on various age groups, proficiency levels, technologies, topics, and other attributes.

Some of the interesting coding games that your kids can play on Code.org:

  • Minecraft Hour of Code
  • Mario’s Secret Adventure
  • Make a flappy game
  • Dance Party
  • Make shapes with code
  • Kodable
  • Blocks Jumper

Visit the link below and apply the filters to find a suitable coding game for your kid and start teaching them how to code interactively.

Play this game.

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7. CodeinGame

codingame - online coding game for kids

CodeinGame is a hardcore online coding game for teenagers and adults who know basic programming concepts. You can learn various programming languages such as Java, C, Python, Swift, and many others by playing different quests on the platform.

The game offers a full-fledged IDE to pick a programming language to complete the quest. After writing the code, you can test if it works or not. If your code can complete the quest shown in the preview window, you will pass it and move to the next quest.

Above all, you can also participate in multiplayer code clashes. In these code clashes, you will compete against other players around the globe. Besides, your kid can also get good job opportunities as the platform also invites tech companies for hiring.

Play this game.

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8. Swift Playgrounds

swift playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is an iPad and Mac app that your kids can learn Swift programming language by playing various mini-games. It requires no prior coding language, so it is perfect for anyone starting.

Solve the puzzles by writing code and interactive walkthroughs designed by Apple. Use the actual code to guide characters in a 3D map to solve the puzzles. With each puzzle, the complexity will increase. Thus, helping your kids to develop critical thinking ability and problem-solving skills.

Play this game.

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9. Codewars

codewars - online coding game for kids

Codewars is a community-supported online platform primarily for software engineers to kickstart their careers or advance through their careers by upskilling. Their users designed all the challenges and assigned a kata number from 1 to 8.

A higher kata number means a complex challenge. The best part is that it supports many programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, Swift, etc. Once you have completed a challenge

Play this game.

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10. Learn Coding With Roly

learn coding with roly - online game

Learn Coding With Roly is another online coding game for kindergarten and early grade kids. This game will teach your kids how to code by arranging blocks together, which controls Roly (the animated character of the game). By arranging these blocks, your kids feed Roly by navigating him towards the apple. However, it is not that simple as there are several worms along the way which your kids have to avoid.

Play this game.

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Final Thoughts

We compiled a list of the 10 best online coding games for kids in this blog. If you want to introduce your kids to the world of coding, then these games will help you. These games are fun to play, and you can pick a suitable game based on age groups and interests.

Most of them use block-based programming where your kids will have to drag and drop blocks to control the character and complete objectives or solve puzzles. Do check out these online coding games and then make a final decision on which games you want to make your kids play first.

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