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20 Best Online Coding Camp For Kids [2023]

Here we have compiled a list of the 20 best online coding camps for kids. Explore these various coding camps and choose the right one for your kid in 2023.

Coding is the latest trend. Many kids learn to code at a very young age. As part of the coding lessons, kids also learn to polish their skills with logical thinking. It helps them develop their problem-solving.

It is not difficult for parents to introduce their kids to computer programming early. They can look around for the best coding classes online. Coding is more helpful for kids as they learn to express themselves and their thoughts.

Parents can search for hundreds of online coding websites and lessons for their kids. Most websites offer coding lessons for the six-year-old kid as well. Some of the coding lessons online are also provided free of cost.

So, if you have a kid, you too can search for the best online coding camp where your kid can learn coding skills. Below is a list of the top 20 online coding camps for kids.

20 Best Online Coding Camps for Kids

best online coding camp for kids

1. iD Tech

If you want one-on-one coding lessons for your kid, then iD Tech is the best option. They offer the best one-on-one practice sessions for kids on request. You can learn coding in groups or person.

The sessions are open for kids between 7 to 19 years of age. Besides coding lessons, your kid gets the best website design and development training.

They offer many other programming languages for kids. You can select any advanced language, including Python, CSS, and HTML.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

2. Create & Learn

Create & Learn organizes coding camps for K-12 grade students. The most crucial benefit of being a part of the Create & Learn group is that your kid gets trained by top computer programmers.

Most teachers linked with Create & Learn come from different parts of the US. The online website also offers kids twenty-five other computer science topics. Your kid can learn to develop his gaming skills using advanced coding.

Create & Learn is also a part of top gaming apps like Minecraft and Roblox. This means your kid can be a part of gaming projects under expert supervision.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

3. Code Advantage

Code Advantage offers Live coding classes for kids. You can register your kid at Code Advantage for online coding sessions if your kid is 6 to 13 years old. Sessions are organized for kids in groups. They learn to be imaginative and creative.

Besides coding sessions, kids can also be part of the Robotics classes. They can learn to design and create their own fun games.

You can also request private lessons for your kid. Code Advantage is the best online coding camp for kids.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

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4. Code Academy

Code Academy offers online coding classes to kids free of cost. Kids who need to test their learning skills can start with free courses. Once interested, they can decide to go for an advanced-level course.

One of the main features of Code Academy is that they offer lots of practice and quiz sessions for kids. Your kid will also be exposed to other computer science and web development areas.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

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5. Code Monster

If you are passionate about developing your gaming app, Code Monster is the right place. They offer basic and advanced-level courses in Coding. The most crucial feature of Code Monster is exposing kids to text-based coding.

They follow a simple format so kids can grasp the skills and techniques of coding. The sessions are organized Live online. Under expert supervision, your kid will learn everything from essential to advanced levels.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

6. Code Wizards HQ

Code Wizards HQ offers Live coding lessons for kids till 12 grade. Your kid will also learn CSS and HTML basics during the coding sessions.

If you want the kid to pursue his career as a Web developer, then Code Wizards HQ is the best option.

When learning to code, a professional team monitors the kid’s performance. Kids are also offered training by participating in Live projects. They can work in big or small groups during the learning process.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

7. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a professional platform for kids of all age groups. They offer Coding lessons along with other programming classes. You can quickly go through the Live lectures and tutorials when learning to code.

This means that kids get exposed to the correct type of coding they should learn. Khan Academy is the best platform for kids with a flare in computer programming and science.

The sessions are organized online. Video tutorials and Live interactive sessions are offered to the kids interested in taking up coding as their career.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

8. Code galaxy

Code Galaxy offers interactive STEM and coding classes. It is the best online coding camp for kids between 7 to 18 years of age. Regular camps are also organized for kids who want to learn Python and Gaming skills.

You can also earn a lot related to web development and design. If your kid is a part of the Code Galaxy coding program, they may learn to design and develop and design a website from scratch.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

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9. Tynker

Tynker offers self-learning sessions for six and 7-year-old kids. It is the best place to start if your kid is new to coding. The best thing about Tynker is that they do not have any minimum age criteria for kids.

Millions of kids have already learned coding at Tynker. Kids are also offered projects during Live coding classes to test their learning and creativity skills.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

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10. Solo Learn

Solo Learn is one of the unique coding camps for kids. They offer online sessions for kids. The main advantage of being a part of Solo Learn coding sessions is that kids can refer to coding programming created by expert programmers.

Kids can use the codes as a reference to develop their coding skills. They can participate in different projects, including animator programs, ATM programs, etc. Kids can practice their skills for developing new mobile apps as well.

Solo Learn is also one of the best platforms for learning Ruby, SQL, and Python skills. They offer good collections of tests and quizzes for kids to polish and test their learning abilities. Kids can also be a part of their Java training sessions.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

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11. Code For Life

You can check out Code For Life for free to test your coding skills. They have been offering free coding sessions since 2014. So far, they have managed to train thousands of kids.

Your kid can join as a beginner and then move to the advanced level. Learning is fun for kids at Code For Life, especially between 6 to 13 years of age. You can also actively develop your skills in computer science subjects.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

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12. BYJU’S Future School

BYJU is a well-known name online. They provide live interactive coding classes for young kids.

They also organize summer camps for kids. You can search for Byju’s online coding camp for kids. The camps are organized as summer camps for kids.

Kids can participate in gaming activities and create their own space games. They will also learn to develop their mobile app from scratch.

The camps may start at a fixed date and time for kids. It would help if you kept checking the official Byju website.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

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13. Free Code Camp

You can register with Free Code Camp to participate with a non-profit organization to learn to code. They will expose the kids to the basics of coding programming.

Kids have the convenience of checking in with online video tutorials. They can use the same skills to develop their coding programming. They can also work on any project online.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

14. Code Combat

Code Combat is the best place for kids to learn coding. They have experts who will teach kids the core skills of coding language. You can actively participate in analytical and logical skills programs.

This means your cognitive and logical reasoning skills can be developed while learning to code. You can participate individually or in groups.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

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15. Code Moji

Code Moji is the best online platform for your kid to learn CSS, Javascript, Coding, and HTML.

Your kid can also know other computer programming languages when focusing on coding. The Code Moji offers kids an easy-to-use Text Editor for writing codes.

The techniques are accessible for any kid to learn. Code Moji is the best online platform if your kid wants to be a web developer.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

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16. Coder Kids

Coder Kids is based in Texas but offers Live interactive learning for 4- to 18-year-old kids. They teach the basics of coding. The sessions are highly interactive, and kids can develop coding skills to their potential.

Kids can take up coding with Coder Kids even when in academic school. They can enjoy coding within big and small groups.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

17. Coding With Kids

Live coding classes with Coding For Kids are open to everyone. It would help if you met their age criteria to participate in the Live sessions.

You can develop educational and other gaming apps as a part of the comprehensive project work.

Coding with Kids is the best online coding camp for kids between 5 to 18 years of age. You can learn basic and advanced-level coding programming.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

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18. Code Ninjas

Code Ninjas organizes coding camps for K, Canada, and the US kids. Kids can also be a part of these camps online.

They will learn STEM skills. They also learn to develop apps and games. Code Ninjas organizes hundreds of coding camps for interested kids.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

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19. CodaKid

CodaKid is active in over fifteen countries. They are the most reliable platforms for learning coding at a young age. Kids will learn to work with different media, including Minecraft.

If you feel coding is the best option for your kid, you can search online for CodaKid. This is also the best place for kids to learn Python and Java.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

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20. Kids 4 Coding

Kids 4 Coding organizes live camps online for kids. They have been in business for over twenty years. The sessions are usually scheduled on weekends or after school times.

Expert trainers monitor live coding sessions. The best part is that they are also associated with leading universities for live coding lessons.

If your kid is between 7 and 16, they can register for an online coding camp at Kids 4 Coding.

Check out this online coding camp for kids here.

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Wrapping Up

Enrolling your kids in a coding course is an excellent way to gauge their interest in the field and see if they should continue in the future or not.

In this article, we created an extensive list of the best online coding camps by reputed organizations so that you can pick the right one.

You may enroll your kids in any of these coding camps based on your requirements.

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