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5 Best Free Online AI Editor Websites | Edit AI Files Online

Here we have compiled a list of 5 best free online AI editor websites that you can use to edit AI files online on the go without requiring any software.

Are you looking for a way to edit AI files online? If yes, then you are on the right blog. We have compiled a list of the 5 best online AI editor websites. You can use these online image editors to edit your .ai files seamlessly.

The best part is that all these online AI file editors are free to use and offer advanced features such as special effects, history, layers editing, and much more.

Online Adobe Illustrator (AI) editors let you change the AI files layer by layer. Compared to Adobe Illustrator, these online editors are free, and the best part is that you can use them on any device with a web browser.

The best part is that most of these online AI photo editors don’t require login or signup. So, every time you have an AI file to edit, you can visit any of these online AI editor tools and perform any editing task.

Above all, there is no lag in performance, and you don’t have to download and install heavy and resource-intensive software.

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5 Best Online AI Editor Websites, Online Adobe Illustrator Tools

This article will mention four free online AI editors that allow you to modify Illustrator files. These editors come with a solid collection of editing tools, including standalone programs for all major operating systems, including Windows and Mac.

Let us have a look at some of these free online AI editors.

1. Photopea

photopea - online ai editor

Photopea is one of the best free online AI editors out there. It resembles Adobe Photoshop in appearance and functionality, which is fantastic for designers. You’ll be able to get right into Photopea if you’ve used any picture editing program with a comparable interface.

You can perform global and specialized modifications, such as altering an image’s HSL or brightness or picking an image from a background. It works with both raster and vector images and supports various file formats.

Photopea can be opened instantaneously on almost any machine, including PCs running Windows 10 in S Mode and even Chromebooks, thanks to how it operates. It works well with PSD files and also supports the great majority of image editing file formats.

It’s a fantastic picture editor for working across platforms and editing on any device without downloading anything. Photopea is quite simple to use and is its most prominent selling feature.

It has excellent support for PSD files, including layer editing and the ability to save a file as a PSD file. That means you can edit a file stored on the cloud, a USB drive, or any other device without downloading anything.

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2. Online Inkscape Editor by OffiDocs

online inspace editor by offidocs

Next on our list of free online AI editors is Inkscape. It is a fantastic free program for making vector images. Using this website, you can create scalable visuals that won’t blur when resized.

It’s so good that it’s a serious competitor to high-end software like Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape is a free vector illustration program that can accept EPS, PostScript, JPG, PNG, BMP, or TIP pictures and export them in PNG or other vector-based formats.

Inkscape has several tools: shapes, paths, text, markers, clones, transparency effects, transformations, gradients, patterns, and groups.

You can alter image shapes by filling them with gradients, applying filters, grouping them with other layers, converting them to paths, distorting them, and many other things.

Inkscape’s latest version supports mesh gradients, has a checkerboard background to make transparency easier to view, and has enhanced spray and measure tools.

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3. Gravit Designer

online ai editor - gravit designer

Gravit Designer is a compact graphics design solution for product, web, and graphic designers. The best part is that it lets you view and edit AI files online. Start with an open layout and then import an AI file into it.

It has various sophisticated tools (like structure, vector, layout, precision, style, and text) that allow you to unleash your creativity when creating beautiful and detailed vector imagery.

Gravit Designer can revolutionize your work with tools like UI design, icons, graphics, animation, and presentation. Furthermore, this cross-platform program is free to use.

It runs nicely on Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, and Mac platforms as an in-browser or desktop program. Even though Gravit Designer is free, it offers tools and capabilities that rival those in more expensive programs.

You can choose your document height and width on the advanced and welcome dashboard. You can also leave these fields blank to create an unlimited canvas, which is useful when you’re unsure of the size of your design.

Furthermore, the welcome screen offers a variety of predefined dimensions. There are 19 print presets, 15 social media content and cover presets, eight web design presets, seven tablet presets, and six watch and phone settings.

Because everything is accessible, the platform is a fantastic choice for newcomers. Furthermore, the application includes a user-friendly and highly customizable interface. You can open numerous documents and quickly access them using the visible tabs in the top right corner of the UI.

The UI contains three tabs on the left-hand side: libraries, layers, and tutorials. The tutorial page is a beautiful place to look for help when starting this platform.

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4. Vectr

vectr - online ai photo editor

The following free online AI editor on our list is Vectr. It also offers an App for Windows, Linux, macOS, and ChromeOS. So, you can use it in a web browser or download the program to your computer.

In terms of functionality, this editor comes with an essential collection of editing tools that are enough for most editing tasks, but don’t expect anything more advanced.

Vectr does not directly support AI files; instead, it converts them. When you load an AI file into this editor, it converts it to SVG immediately and places it in the workspace.

All the elements in the AI files, including layers, are in the converted SVG file. You can resize any element/layer from here and change its background, border, shadow, and opacity. After making the necessary changes, you can save the design as an SVG, PNG, or JPG file.

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5. Lunacy

lunacy - free design software

Lunacy is a free, super-fast graphic software for UI, UX, and web design. It has everything you are used to in other similar apps and goes beyond. With Lunacy, you will save tons of time that you usually spend googling for graphics.

Thousands of icons, illustrations, and photos are available inside the app. Moreover, Lunacy is charged with handy AI-powered tools to automate routine tasks: background remover, image upscaling, avatar, and text generators.

Unlike Figma, Lunacy is not addicted to the internet, and most of its features work offline. If you prefer online collaboration with fellow designers, it is also possible.

Unlike Sketch, which runs only on macOS, Lunacy natively handles .sketch files on all the primary platforms. The app interface comes in 21 languages.

Platform: Mac, Windows, and Linux

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We summarize our list of the 5 best free online AI editor websites. You can quickly edit AI files online using any of these online tools. The best part is that most of these online AI editors don’t require signup or login. You must visit their website, open your AI file, and start editing.

My favorite is Photopea, which offers modern UI and delivers the most optimized performance. It provides the most comprehensive features and can be your default online AI editor.

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