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15 Best OCR Software for Windows 10

Here we have compiled a list of 15 best OCR software for Windows 10. Check out these OCR software to extract text from images effortlessly.

Are you searching for a free and easy-to-use OCR software and couldn’t find it online? If yes, then in this article, we have compiled a list of the 15 best OCR software for Windows that you can check out and quickly extract text from images.

OCR, or Optical Character Reader Recognition, converts images to printed text. People need these tools to extract text from images and turn them into searchable files.

With the help of these tools, one can convert various image types into formats like Excel, word, or plain text.

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15 Best OCR Software for Windows 10

There are many OCR software available that have helpful features. One can get these types of software from commercial or paid sources or open or free sources.

Let’s now explore these best OCR software without any further ado.

1. FreeOCR


FreeOCR garners all the brownie points. It is considered one of the best OCR Software. This tool uses HP’s Tesseract Engine and is maintained by Google.

If this is overlooked, FreeOCR is pretty impressive in other sections. The application can scan any document, convert PDF into different formats, open PDF files, etc.

Get this free OCR software here.

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2. Easy Screen OCR


Easy Screen OCR is a great tool that lets users grab screenshots and extract text. The converted file is in editable format. The files have to be dragged and dropped for conversion. The uploaded files get deleted after 30 minutes.

No need to create an account or register to do the job. One can add up to five pictures for conversion. Easy Screen OCR can identify over 100 languages.

Get this free OCR software here.

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3. Readiris


Readiris extracts text in the scanned images of paper documents or images and creates documents of various formats, providing outputs in numerous formats.

It works on both Mac and Windows platforms. Readiris also allows editing of the text in an image after conversion. You can convert the files into Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc.

Get this free OCR software here.

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4. Boxoft Free OCR


Boxoft Free OCR is one of the most preferred free OCR tools. The tool is perfect for extracting text from image formats of every type.

It has a clean and organized interface, which is the most significant characteristic of Boxoft. However, it can only do functions related to OCR, lacking the converting feature.

Get this free OCR software here.

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5. Simple OCR


Users searching for OCR software capable of working on nonstandard font color images, multi-column content, and low-quality images can try SimpleOCR. It has many top features, including high-speed performance, as it scans documents in almost no time.

Simple OCR is free software, but it has nearly all the features that one may expect in the applications in its category.

Users can extract text from images. They use options under text editing, such as the spell checker integrated into the software, to correct spelling mistakes.

Get this free OCR software here.

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6. TopOCR


TopOCR is not a free tool, but a free version is also available. This app is slightly different from other tools in its category, as it works with images that scanners and digital cameras have captured.

It implies that it supports only images that are high in quality. The tool may not work well with low-quality images to extract text. It can convert files into HTML, PDF, RTF, and TXT formats.

Get this free OCR software here.



This software lets users extract text from an already scanned image. YAGF OCR is the best choice for scanning and picking up text from specifically selected areas for conversion. Further, it is also possible to translate the selected text into a different language.

Get this free OCR software here.

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8. OneNote


OneNote can recognize text in an image and enable users to copy text from a picture or a printout. The converted document is also editable, and users can make changes too.

It is simple and requires just one click to convert the image into text. It is also possible to extract text from business cards and receipts. You can do the copy-paste function by using the keyboard.

Get this free OCR software here.

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9. OnlineOCR


Online OCR can identify characters and text present in PDF files and images. It can read over 46 languages, including Chinese, English, and French.

The tool can convert over 15 images every hour into editable text formats. It can convert PNG, BMP, Zip files, etc. With the help of this tool, users can add converted files to their websites.

Get this free OCR software here.

10. Nanonets


Nanonets allow accurate detection when a specific category of text is selected. You can simultaneously change over 100 scanned documents into PDF, XML, and more formats. One can upload as many as 50 images of various text categories.

It takes only a few hours to do numerous conversions. It is beneficial for extracting information integrated into the images. Characters present in the captured images are automatically typed out. It can transform the text readable by human eyes into structured data using OCR.

Get this free OCR software here.

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11. LightPDF


You can avail of LightPDF service online. It enables you to transform and manage scanned PDF files into editable text files.

Users can add files with just a click. It recognizes multiple languages, which is handy when converting text images to editable documents.

It converts PDF and image files into formats of TXT, PPT, RTF, etc. Additionally, it offers online protection as it encrypts user information.

Get this free OCR software here.

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12. Symphony

Symphony enables text extraction from PDF and TIFF files that may contain images. A back-end OCR engine produces converted files to perform various tasks.

After the conversion, copying, and pasting text from the documents and searching the papers for the required text is possible. It is possible to integrate it with Share File, SharePoint, etc.

Get this free OCR software here.

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13. OCR.Space


OCR.space allows users to convert images with text into editable and searchable documents using OCR. Users can also extract text from PDF files using this service and screenshots.

To extract text from an image or PDF file, one has to select a language from a list of 24 languages. Registration is unnecessary, and the site does not store user information.

Get this free OCR software here.

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14. ABBY Cloud Reader


This is a handy tool as it recognizes even handwritten and printed pages. It can identify over 200 languages and transform PDF or images into searchable documents like Excel, PDF, and MS Word formats.

It works on both mobile and desktops. Likewise, it can identify business cards and receipts and convert the data it recognizes into XML format. It comes with Java, .Net, iOS, and Python libraries.

Get this free OCR software here.

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15. Softworks OCR

The program allows users to convert text images into editable and searchable documents. It can detect the text present in the document or picture.

One can expect better results as the program automatically improves the image quality containing text. It utilizes a computer vision algorithm to analyze the processed image. It accepts inputs from numerous sources.

Get this free OCR software here.

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In this blog, you explored the 15 best OCR software for Windows. Using these OCR software, you can effortlessly extract text from images. The best part is that some OCR software is also available online. Hence, you don’t have to download or install any file to get

This technology breaks the barrier that prevents easy extraction, editing, and information transport. Instead of copying text from images, You can easily extract it into usable formats. With the availability of numerous free OCR software for Windows, one can use one of them to complete their task.

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