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10 Best Novel Reader Apps for Android

Here we have compiled a list of 10 best novel reader apps for Android. Use these apps to read your favorite novels.

You will find a list of Android’s 10 best novel reader apps here. People fond of reading often search for eBook readers that can help them pass their time while traveling or waiting in line for their work to be done.

Although eBooks cannot replace the old-world charm of novels, they have certain advantages that render them popular among bibliophiles.

They can store an extensive collection of books on a single device, thereby replacing the need to carry several novels.

You can adjust the font, size, brightness, etc., per your requirements. You can download most eBook reading apps on your mobile to provide you access to numerous stories on the go.

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10 Best Novel Reader Apps for Android

If you are looking for the best novel reader apps for Android, these are some of the most popular options:

1. Kindle

amazon kindle - best novel reader apps for android

The best and most popular eBook reading app, Kindle, is well-known to all bibliophiles. With access to a massive array of magazines, books, novels, and newspapers that can be read on any device, including your Android smartphone.

The app has impressive features, including access to Wikipedia, highlighting phrases, and syncing last-read pages across different devices.

Additionally, regular features include altering the font size and style, adjusting screen brightness, free samples of several eBooks, etc.

You can download several books using this free app and read to your heart’s content. The app provides you with numerous free and paid eBooks.

2. FBReader

fbreader - novel reader app

This is one of the best free ePub readers for Android, which you can also use on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, etc. Since this novel reader supports different eBook formats, there is no shortage in the number of stories you can read.

This versatility makes it a top-rated eBook reading app. The other features that make it worthy include the ability to read in 34 languages, synced reading positions, bookmarks, and organizing library based on author, title, etc.

It comes with cloud storage, synchronized reading across different devices, adjustable screen brightness, font style, and size.

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3. Fox Novel

foxnovel - read novels and books

This is another free novel reader app for Android equipped with its library. The novels here get updated constantly to provide the readers with new and trending titles. You can easily browse through the library to select any title you wish to read.

Thanks to ranking, you can quickly determine which novels are trending. The algorithm also helps you find novels similar to your interests (determined by previously read novels). Browsing through chapters is easy with features like jumping between chapters and browsing through novel pages.

The app offers two reading modes in the daytime and at night. You can also leave comments and read those left by others while going through the novel.

4. Kobo Books

kobo books

This is another well-known free eReader app that provides you access to a community equally passionate about reading as you.

The app’s ‘Reading Life’ feature allows you to discuss books with friends within the community and share quotes and notes with them.

With around a million titles available here that can be read online or downloaded offline, you are set for a long trip.

Other features that make it extremely popular include an easy-to-use audio player, touch navigation of audiobooks, synchronization across multiple devices, thousands of free novels, different reading modes, and font style and text adjustment.

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5. iReader

ireader - read novels android app

Android’s free novel reader app is perfect for reading fiction, as several novels are available here. With this advanced novel reader, you can bookmark the chapters, add notes, make corrections in the text, adjust the font size and paragraph, and do much more than merely read.

The app has a library of several free novels to add to your bookshelf for reading at leisure. Easy toggling between day and night mode allows readers to switch the mode per their environment.

Another feature that makes it better than the other eBook readers is that it reduces backlight and blue light to reduce strain on your eyes while reading extensively.

You can add comments for the benefit of other readers, too. Unfortunately, the free version of the app has ads on the interface. You need to purchase the premium version if you dislike interruptions while reading.

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6. Wattpad

wattpad - novel reader android app

This is the ideal app if you are fond of books but uncomfortable with technology. This simple eReader app allows you to search for books using an internal browser with several new and upcoming authors’ work available here.

Apart from this, the free app also allows you to share your written work within their community. Several valuable tools help readers have a wonderful time.

These include sync of your favorite book across devices, account sync to remember the page you left the story on, adjusting font size, discussing the novel in the community, and sharing your curated library with other app users.

7. Libby

libby - novel reader android app

This is a free eReader app that is ideal for smartphone users. You can buy or borrow books easily with millions of eBooks and audiobooks available here.

If you have sufficient space on your device, you can download the books or even send them to your Kindle.

Other essential features of this app include sync across different devices, zoom-in option, search for specific words, text size adjustment, background color, book design, etc.

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8. Webnovel

webnovel android app

This is another free novel reader app for Android that provides a massive collection of eBooks of different genres.

A distinctive feature differentiating it from other eBook readers is that this app allows you to write and share your novel with other app users! You can access novels of different genres, including comics, here.

Moreover, you can also create a library of your preferred eBooks. There are two reading modes (light and dark), adjustment tools (for brightness and font size), and other features, including bookmarking, switching chapters, changing pages, etc.

You can also go through the synopsis of any chosen book and the comments of other users to choose whether the book is worth your time. This easy-to-use app also allows you to download novels locally.

9. ComiXology

comixology - read manga novels

This is the perfect eReader app for people who love to read comic books. You can have a great time with a fantastic collection of more than 100,000 Manga, digital comics (Marvel, DC, Image, etc.), and graphic comics.

The app has the usual features, including brightness and font size adjustment, different reading modes, etc.

The zoom feature with Guided View provides magnified individual panels for a better reading experience on smartphones and tablets. You can also create a wish list and share it with your loved ones.

The app syncs your purchased comics across various devices while allowing you to read them via the Amazon app.

You can also save the books for offline reading while traveling. Unfortunately, the app is not free and comes for $5.99 monthly.

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10. Scribd

scribd - android app

A fantastic collection of eBooks has given the app its nickname ‘Netflix for books.’ With several bestselling titles available here, you can sort books from their library and download them to read offline.

Different genres can be found here, including children, entertainment, current affairs, true crime, science fiction, etc.

The app, priced at $9.99 monthly, allows you to read ad-free books, add notes, and bookmark them. Additional features include customizable font type, size, page alignment, background color, etc.

The app also allows unlimited audiobooks, articles from top magazines, and downloading or printing of ePub titles.

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With these fantastic novel reader apps for Android, you can read an impressive array of stories from different genres.

While some apps allow you to store your favorite books and navigate through the stories easily, almost all provide the freedom to select the font size and screen brightness.

Enjoy reading the best and most engaging stories with these eBook readers with a vast collection of stories.

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