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9 Best Network Mapping Software for Windows

Here we have compiled a list of 8 best network mapping software for Windows. Use these software to efficiently manage your network inventory.

Here, you will find a list of the 9 best network mapping software for Windows. Working without the internet or network connectivity seems impossible, especially now.

However, piggybackriding on someone else’s network is easy to do. It would be best to have network mapping software to find the devices connected to your network.

They scan your network to identify connected devices like routers, printers, computers, etc. The software displays the connected devices through a network map showing the physical connection between the various instruments.

You can use the software to discover devices attached to a specific IP address range using different techniques like Traceroute, Ping, etc.

With a graphical network map showing the connecting lines between the various components, the software provides information regarding the connected devices (name, IP address, connection type, etc.).

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9 Best Network Mapping Software for Windows

Most software allows you to customize the network map by modifying the device image, shape, and color scheme, adding a new device, inserting text, connecting lines, etc. You can save the network map as a graphics file or take a printout.

You can also monitor and control the different devices connected to the network. If you are looking for some of the best network mapping software for Windows, here are some excellent options:

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1. ManageEngine OpManager – Network Mapping Software

manageengine opmanager - network mapping software

ManageEngine OpManager is a widely used SNMP tool that offers advanced network mapping 

Using ManageEngine OpManager, you can efficiently manage large corporate 
networks that cover a wide geographic area.

It makes it easier for network admins to 
understand the structure and operations of these networks quickly.

Additional features of ManageEngine OpManager – Network Mapping Software:

  • In-built network topology tool
Export network diagrams to Microsoft Visio
  • Visualize your complete network infrastructure
Organize computer network geographically
  • Identify network issues
  • Quickly identify network devices facing any technical issues

2. Nmap

zenmap - best network mapping software for windows

This open-source, free network mapping software for Windows provides a detailed account of the scanned network, including all host details and services available (HTTP, SSH, MySQL, SSL, etc.).

It also allows you to export the network map as SVG, PDF, or PNG files. You can use this software for different tasks, including network inventory, host monitoring, security audit, network discovery, etc. Although it is essentially a command-line utility, a GUI version (Zenmap) is also available.

This software lets you quickly scan the connected devices and view the network map. The software comes loaded with several features that allow you to view the various hosts, their details, command information, and services available on the network.

You can also compare the results of previously performed scans and search for specific scan results using keywords, profile name, date, etc. The software also allows you to save scans in Nmap XML format.

Get this network mapping software here.

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3. NETGEAR Genie

netgear genie - network mapping software

This free software can help you connect to your home network to monitor and control it. The software has a separate module where you can view the network map of all connected devices in real time through automatic scanning.

All information regarding the connected devices (type, name, connection type, status, IP address, etc.) can be viewed and modified by clicking on the specific device. You can even turn on the notification to get information if any new device is detected on the network.

Other features in the software include testing the ISP connection speed, managing the router, WiFi settings, etc.

Get this network mapping software here.

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4. Net-Probe

netprobe - best network mapping tool

This is another excellent network mapping software currently available in the market. The free version of the software can be used for scanning and mapping as many as eight devices.

Once you have provided the IP address range, the software can scan the devices present on the network using Traceroute and Ping and display the results in real time.

Once the scanning is complete, the network map with all related information regarding the various devices is displayed on the interface.

Moreover, with this software, you can customize the network map by adding any new device or customizing the properties of the newly added device.

This software lets you set the graph refresh rate and print the network map. This impressive network monitoring software has several valuable features like Alarm Messages, Log Viewer, etc.

Get this network mapping software here.

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5. Spiceworks Desktop

spiceworkds - free network inventory software

This network mapping software requires you to register the account to download and use the software. Once the software is launched, you can scan all devices within the IP address range.

Once the scanning is complete, the details regarding IP address, device type, OS, model, etc., can be seen in the dedicated section.

Spiceworks Desktop can display the network map for all devices by selecting a specific device. You can also get information regarding the various nodes.

The software allows you to arrange the network map in different shapes (radial, tree, hierarchal) and take a printout of the same. With a dedicated SNMP manager, monitoring network devices becomes extremely easy with this software.

Get this network mapping software here.

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6. MyNet Toolset

mynet toolset - network mapping software

This simple network mapping software allows you to discover all devices in a local network and display them on a network map. The software scans the connected devices once you have specified the IP address.

It shows their type, name, location, IP address, device information, etc. The network map can be viewed by Location, Status, or Node Type, with the option to remove any inactive nodes from the map. You can also manage SNMP profiles using this software.

Get this network mapping software here.

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7. Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor

solarwinds network performance monitor

This is an excellent software for network mapping and performance determination. The software contains a feature called NetPath that, after mapping the network, provides you with all the information on the traffic, network performance, and configurations.

You can visualize the performance metrics and data between central servers and satellite offices in a graphical or chart form. The software is available for a 30-day free trial to help you access its utility before investing.

Get this network mapping software here.

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8. Network Topology Mapper

solarwinds network topology mapper

This software provides the users with only network mapping without any provision for measuring network performance capabilities.

The best part of this software is that it can automatically plot the network to create different types of network maps from a single scan.

If you have an established network that requires proper mapping, the automatic scanning function of this software can come in handy.

Any changes in the network topology are automatically detected, and the map is updated. Different types of network detection (SNMP, CDP, WMI, ICMP, etc.) are available. Moreover, the software offers a 14-day free trial.

Get this network mapping software here.

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9. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

paessler prtg network monitor

This software is top-rated for network monitoring and performance mapping. The dashboard and reporting features make it one of the most sought-after software for network mapping.

You can get live status information about your network while creating a map showing all devices and connections.

This allows you to visualize and determine any problem in the network and troubleshoot accordingly.

The software allows you to customize the map using HTML and share it externally. However, manually creating a map using a drag-and-drop editor is slightly time-consuming.

Get this network mapping software here.

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Wrapping Up

Though several network mapping software are currently available in the market, their functionality has slight differences.

While some allow you to map the network independently, others do so automatically. You can choose one of the network mapping software mentioned above to get the details as required.

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