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10 Best Music Players with Lyrics for Windows

Here we have compiled a list of 10 best music players with lyrics for PC. Use these music players to get lyrics of songs in your playlists.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 10 best music players with lyrics for PC. Use these music players to get live lyrics of playing songs.

So, if you like to sing along while listening to your favorite music, you will love these music players for Windows. The best part is that they offer a modern user interface; some are compatible with Linux and macOS.

Have you observed the song lovers who sing along with the music or song? They tend to get engrossed feeling the melody and the music that, at times, they don’t mind forgetting the lyrics to the song.

But what if they had music players that displayed the lyrics for them to enjoy the song to its fullest?

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10 Best Music Players with Lyrics for PC

Here’s what many music player software with lyrics do:

  • Display synchronized lyrics for your music
  • Fetch the lyrics from an online database of songs
  • Display lyrics as a separate component in the desktop bar – distraction-free viewing of lyrics while you can still be doing certain other activities on your PC
  • Permit display settings so you can customize the appearance of the lyrics
  • Saving song lyrics in an external file
  • At times, edit song lyrics and write lyrics in the music tag

These features make the entire software more intriguing, don’t they? Let’s explore some of the best music players with lyrics for PC.

1. GOM Audio


GOM Audio is a renowned music player with playlist support, equalizer, and visualizer. The lesser-known fact is that GOM Audio has a lyrics feature that helps display it while the song is being played.

The lyrics display in desktop mode to continue the regular tasks while working on the PC. Editing the display preference (such as keeping it transparent), the color, and the font settings are some of the add-on features of the software.

If the song’s lyrics are available in a .lrc file, they can be added to be synchronized with the song. You can use the software to add the lyrics manually and synchronize them with the song’s track.

Get this music player with lyrics here.

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2. Mp3nity


Mp3nity can be another music player to get the associated lyrics displayed in a separate segment of the player software. Exporting the lyrics to an external text file is easily achievable in Mp3nity.

The song lyrics are mostly taken from online web servers, and the software keeps trying until it finds the right one. An acclaimed feature of this software is the album art grabbing’ and ‘batch audio tag editing’ – you can efficiently manage the music files’ metadata.

Get this music player with lyrics here.

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3. ALSong


ALSong is another music player software for Windows that displays the lyrics in a distraction-free mode on the desktop bar. You can enable this mode separately. When the song misses being tagged with a lyric, it can be prompted to check the online databases.

Adding lyrics through manual editing and synchronizing is also possible because of its ‘Sync Song Lyrics Editor’ available in the software.

Interestingly, the software has translation and pronunciation assistance for other language lyrics (besides English).

Get this music player with lyrics here.

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4. Zortam Mp3 Media Studio


Zortam Mp3 Media Studio, like the other music player software we have seen, displays the tagged lyrics of a song and the artist’s information when it is played on the software.

Additionally, the music player software gives the flexibility of saving the lyrics into a metadata file.

Other add-on capabilities of editing the ID3 tags in the songs, normalizing the track’s volume, and fetching cover art from the albums are possible here.

The only disadvantage is that the application’s usage is limited to MP3 files (as the name suggests).

Get this music player with lyrics here.

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5. Jaangle


Try the Jaangle music player for simplified functions of displaying the lyrics tagged to the music track.

All basic functionalities of a music player and specific features of organizing the tracks in collections and volume equalizing are available in this user-friendly application.

Jaangle also displays the artist’s picture, artist biography, and the album picture on the song’s screen with the lyrics information.

Get this music player with lyrics here.

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6. Lyrics Finder


This music player application can easily replace your regular music application. All expected functionalities with the specific feature of displaying lyrics are available.

You can control the display of lyrics, font, and size efficiently. As the name suggests, the application can find the lyrics for music tracks from the online web.

Get this music player with lyrics here.

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7. MeaModPlayme


Get this efficient music player with lyrics display software to play the tracks and display the lyrics in a separate application tab.

If the song lacks an associated lyric, you can use the ‘fetch’ option to connect online and fetch the lyrics. Copying the lyrics to an external text file is possible on this music player application.

Get this music player with lyrics here.

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8. Amarok


Amarok is an exciting and intuitive music player application for many operating systems. The lyrics are displayed on the same screen as the music player application, and the display settings (font and alignment) can be edited.

It initially throws up a ‘Lyrics Not Found’ message for missing lyrics, but the application lets you add them manually. Basic music player features of the equalizer, cover manager, and playlist manager remain intact.

Get this music player with lyrics here.

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9. Clementine


Clementine is also another music player software that is installable for different OS. The features of this software are managing playlists, organizing music, and displaying the lyrics of the music tracks.

Various online sources like lyrics.com and lyrics.wikia.com are used for fetching the lyrics to be displayed on the application.

The metadata of the song, like the ‘Written By,’ ‘External Links,’ ‘Artist Information,’ etc., get displayed along with the album’s lyrics. Choose the Windows version for download and installation.

Get this music player with lyrics here.

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10. Musique


A good user-experience music player can be found in Musique, and the free lyrics display when the songs are playing.

The music player lets you import collections into the application’s playlists, and you can play them while displaying lyrics. Along with the lyrics, the artist’s information is also displayed.

Get this music player with lyrics here.

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We summarize our list of the 10 best music players with lyrics for PC. Use these music players to see the lyrics of songs you listen to. My favorite music players from this list are GOM Audio, Lyrics Finder, and Musique. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive such posts straight to your inbox.

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