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5 Best Mouse Click Counter Software for Windows 10

Here we have compiled a list of 5 best mouse click counter software for Windows 10. Use these tools to count left, right, and center mouse clicks.

Here you will find a list of the 5 best mouse click counter software for Windows 10. A mouse-click counter tool is required for many reasons.

For example, programmers may need such software to monitor the mouse click rate on a software interface. The programmers can reduce the users’ mouse clicks by counting the mouse clicks.

Reducing the mouse click requirements will increase the user experience of the software. To count mouse clicks accurately, you need professional and reliable software. Using a suitable tool will help you to obtain authentic mouse click information.

When you receive accurate information, decision-making becomes more accessible. Moreover, it becomes easier to make tool changes to make it more user-friendly.

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5 Best Mouse Click Counter Software for Windows

For counting the mouse clicks, you have many tools in hand. The following section has provided a list of the five free and reliable tools.

1. Mouse Clickr

mouse clickr

Mouse Clickr is one of the best mouse click counter software for Windows 10. The software does not need installation on your system.

Thus, it is recognized as one of the most straightforward tools for counting mouse clicks. All you need is to save the tool on your desktop, and you can click it anytime to open the interface.

The interface is also simple and appears in a small pop-up window. Thus, you can use the software while keeping the other programs active on your Windows 10 computer.

Another notable thing is that you can add the tool to the system tray of your desktop. Click the mouse on the system tray icon to view the number of mouse clicks on your computer.

The software includes many unique features and intends to provide detailed mouse-click information. For example, you will find a separate counter for left and right mouse button clicks.

You can turn the counter zero to start a new counter session. The system will stay active if you do not exit the program from the desktop tray.

Get this software.

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2. Gabe’s TypOmeter V2


If you want reliable mouse click counter software, Gabe’s TypOmeter is a suitable option. The software is compatible with the Windows 10 operating system only.

This versatile software can count the number of keyboard clicks and calculate the mouse clicks. Moreover, it can also count the words you typed using the keyboard.

The most important feature of this mouse-click counter is its user interface. Users can change the themes as per their requirements.

You can download a theme patch to apply other themes to the interface. Overall, this contemporary software is user-friendly, functional, and innovative.

Get this software.

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3. WhatPulse

whatpulse - best mouse click counter software

WhatPulse is one of the most reliable software for counting the number of mouse clicks on your computer. Along with the mouse clicks, the software can counter the keyboard strokes.

Thus, it can help a person to judge typing speed. Nevertheless, programmers can use the software to check mouse clicks and keyboard presses.

One of the mouse click counter software’s unique features is the heatmaps’ support. You can find the number of left, right, and center by clicking the heatmaps.

Moreover, heatmap helps you find the keyboard keys used most frequently. For checking the keyword function, you can use the tool. One can quickly identify the inactive key of a keyboard.

Get this software.

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4. OdoPlus

odoplus - mouse click counter

Do you need a keyboard and mouse counter tool? You can use OdoPlus if you have a Windows 10 operating system.

The software comes with unique and innovative features. Compared with similar tools, you will notice a few interesting features from this tool.

For example, you can find a mouse-click heatmap using this tool. The heatmap helps you understand the parts of your monitor that received the highest clicks.

You can find a separate counter for left and right mouse clicks and the heatmap. The software offers two sets of data to the users.

You will get an overall counter, which features the number of total mouse clicks. The other set of data represents the mouse clicks that have been recorded after creating a new session.

Get this software.

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5. Mousotron


Mousotron is an advanced tool for counting mouse clicks. The software offers many unique features, and it is highly user-friendly. But, most importantly, the tool is available without any cost.

Windows 10 users can use the software without facing any hassles. You can keep other programs active while using this software. Minimizing the interface will create a small system tray icon.

Click on the system tray icon to open the software interface on your desktop monitor. You can start a session by counting the mouse clicks anytime.

Apart from offering a left and right mouse click counter, it also provides wheel scrolling data, speed, and distance crossed by the mouse pointer.

Get this software.

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In this blog, you explored the five best mouse click counters for Windows. My favorite tools from this list are Mouse Clickr and Gabe’s TypOmeter V2, which offer many features and modern UI. If we missed adding any of your favorite mouse-click counter software, write us at [email protected].

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