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2 Best Morse Code Audio Decoder Websites

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Do you have a Morse audio file and want to transcribe it into text? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. We have compiled a list of the 2 best Morse code audio decoder websites.

You can upload your Morse audio file on these websites; these online tools will decode them. If you don’t have an mp3 file, then you can also play your Morse audio code recording, and these websites will record it to produce the text output.

The best part is that these websites can record Morse code in mp3 or WAV file and then translate it into text format in real-time. After that, you can copy the text and use it anywhere.

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2 Best Morse Code Audio Decoder Websites

morse code audio decoder websites

Let’s now explore these free Morse audio code translator websites.

1. Morse Code Adaptive Audio Decoder

morse code adaptive audio decoder

This is best if you want a free Morse code translator website.

You must put up the audio file in it, or else you can also play the recorded audio. Further, it will transcribe the audio into any language, such as Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, and Cyrillic.

There is no need to sign in to make the website work. You must upload the recorded audio file, and your translation will be done quickly.

The translated code will be shown on the respective site. You can copy it from there.

There is no limit to the length of Morse audio code you can translate using the Morse Code Adaptive Audio Decoder online tool.

Along with the decoding function, the website also shows audio features such as words per minute, maximum and minimum volume, frequency, etc.

Make sure to be quiet when the audio is being played.

Use Morse Code Adaptive Audio Decoder here.

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2. DataBorder Morse Code Sound and Vibration Listener

databorder morse code sound and vibration listener

Another free Morse code-detecting website you can try is the Morse Code Sound and Vibration Listener by DataBorder.

Its only dissimilarity is that this website also supports recording Morse code.

You can also put an audio file and upload it to the website. After that, it will be detected and translated into the language of the texts you want.

When the result is ready, you can duplicate the text and will be able to use it.

This website also generates a graphical representation of the texts you can analyze. It also shows the audio’s frequency, volume status, and other properties.

This website also has no limit on the length of the Morse code recording.

Always remember not to add any noise from the background; otherwise, your decoding might get affected.

Use DataBorder Morse Code Sound and Vibration Listener here.

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Wrap Up

With this, we summarize our list of the 2 best online Morse code audio decoder websites. Use any of these tools to decode Morse audio code files.

Both of these websites on this list are pretty straightforward to use. Visit any of the tools and upload your Morse audio code file. After that, these tools will produce the text output in real-time.

My favorite tool from this list is Morse Code Adaptive Audio Decoder, which offers a modern interface and takes less time to decode Morse audio code.

However, you can use DataBorder Morse Code Sound and Vibration Listener if you don’t have a Morse code audio file. Play your Morse code audio file; this tool will first record the Morse audio and then translate it into text.

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