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8 Best Maze Maker Software for Windows [Maze Generators]

Here we have shared a list of 8 best maze maker software for Windows. Use these maze generator tools to create maze puzzles.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 8 best maze maker software for Windows. Solving a maze puzzle is loads of fun.

Everyone, from a small kid to a grown-up adult, loves to indulge in enjoyable, mind-involving activities and pass their time through maze puzzles.

Several websites allow you to play maze games online, while there are others where you get a chance to create your maze!

Several maze-making software available for Windows allows you to create a maze puzzle per your specifications.

8 Best Maze Maker Software for Windows

1. Amaze

amaze - maze generator

This cross-platform maze maker software can help you design mazes on Windows and Linux. You can create a maze, save and print it, or make a model of the maze.

The unique part of this software is that you can customize the tile shapes (triangle, square, hexagon, or octagon).

Although you cannot change the sizes of the individual tiles, the maze’s size determines the tile size.

While designing the maze, you can specify the dimensions (height, width, tile shape, wall, and path thickness), the complexity of the game, and alter the door position.

You can also change the background and wall colors and the color of the solution path. The software also has a provision for inserting text and messages between the maze. You can change the font style, color, and size of these letters.

You can save the maze in VRML/X3D formats or export it as PNG, JPG, TIFF, PPM, etc. For old-school maze lovers, taking a puzzle printout is also an option.

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2. Maze Maker Plus

maze maker plus

If you love mazes, you should try this free maze-creating software. The software supports Windows 7, XP, Windows 10, Windows Vista, and several other versions. You can use the mouse to create a path for the maze.

The homepage is divided into several boxes you can fill to generate the maze. With clear instructions, making the maze is child’s play.

Once you have created it, you can play the maze game and even save the progress by picking up where you left off. Alternatively, you can take a print of the same and enjoy it anywhere.

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3. Maze Maker

maze maker software

This free software allows you to create mazes of different difficulty levels. Besides customizing the difficulty and complexity level, you can also alter the grid size, thickness, and entry and exit paths.

You can change the background color with color schemes and provide a different color to the visited route. If you are stuck and unable to find a way out, Show Solution can provide you with the maze solution path.

The game can be played on the system using arrow keys or take a printout for offline playing. You can play the game on different Windows platforms.

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4. Maze Creator Pro

maze creator pro

This is an excellent maze maker software that offers several customizations. You can choose from different difficulty levels (accessible, medium, hard) and maze sizes (10×10 to 60×60 and anything in between).

Moreover, you can customize the colors in the maze to change the background color, the color of the visited path, the solution path, the current location, etc.

The entry and exit positions can vary, but limited options are available for them. Once the specifications are entered, you can play the game using arrow keys or the built-in navigation buttons.

The solution path helps assist you whenever you are stuck. You can also export the maze to a Word file and play it there.

However, since the software is not free but donationware, an unregistered version might be regularly interrupted by registration prompts.

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5. Amazing Workshop

amazing workshop

This free maze maker software allows you to make puzzles for kids (child mode) and adults (advanced mode).

You can unleash the artist within to make the maze borders using icons instead of solid lines to make it more playful for kids.

The software allows you to choose the difficulty level, and once you have designed the maze, a printout can make your kid busy for hours. On the other hand, you can save it to print or reprint later.

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6. Dino’s Maze Generator

Regardless of age, you can enjoy the mazes created using this free maze-making software. You can create mazes of different shapes (cross, peace, circle, crescent, cross, square, and even different alphabet shapes).

To make things enjoyable for kids, you can create exciting outlines (vehicles, animals, etc.), enable animation, and specify the grid size.

Once you have entered all specifications, clicking the Generate option will help you obtain the maze puzzle you can solve on the PC or take a printout.

The software works well with most Windows platforms, including Windows 10, XP, and Vista.

7. Maze

maze software download

Suppose you are looking to work sometime constructively. You can use this easy-to-use free maze maker software to design and solve mazes on your computer.

While solving on the computer, you can use arrow keys or the mouse, or always take a printout of the maze and solve it at leisure.

All mazes generated using the software have a specific maze number that you can use to re-create a previously solved maze.

Although many options are unavailable, you can choose the maze size and difficulty level per your preference.

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8. Maze Creator

This maze-creating software is one of the best options for any maze enthusiast, whether a parent, teacher, or publisher. You can easily create a variety of puzzles automatically using this software.

If you look forward to engaging students with maze puzzles, this software can make some easy and quick. You can print the mazes along with their solution.

You can use Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Publisher software to create puzzles for your advertisements, newspapers, books, etc. Parents and puzzle lovers can use this software to create fun activities at home.


Most of the software from the set allows you to alter the grid shape, size, number, complexity, thickness, width, height, background color, difficulty level, and entry and exit path.

Some software allows you to enter text in the maze and solve the maze automatically, too.

While all these can be printed, some software will enable you to solve the puzzle using a keyboard and mouse. You can also export the maze in BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG, etc.

If you want wholesome fun involving exercising your mind, you can choose any software to create and solve your maze puzzle.

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