10 Best Manga Reading Websites

best manga reading websites

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Here we have compiled a list of the 10 best manga reading websites. Comic books and graphic novels have their fan base. People who are hooked to them find it difficult to let go and are eagerly looking for the latest copies. Many people even like to collect vintage and mint-condition novels.

Manga is a term used for graphic novels initially produced and published in Japan. The Japanese animation comics, known for the short form “anime,” have gained tremendous popularity outside the eastern nation.

Its graphic novel counterpart is known as “manga” and is usually published in black and white. If you have become addicted to them and are looking for ways to read them, several online sites provide you with a digital dose of your favorite manga.

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10 Best Free Manga Reading Websites

best manga reading websites

Are you looking for free manga reading websites? The following sites can help you discover some famous and lesser-known animation series.

1. Comic Walker

One of the most popular sites for manga in Japan, this site offers you a chance to change the language to English, making it easy for you to enjoy several manga comics. Several popular series with the latest updates are available here.

You can even buy some of the series that are not available for free. The scanned chapters of the manga series are of excellent quality, which makes it easy for you to enjoy them. Apart from this, additional information is provided on each page of the manga comic, which assists you in finding similar series.

Try this manga reading website here.

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2. Crunchyroll

While the site is more famous for its anime streaming service, many manga series are available on the platform for manga lovers. The site offers both free and paid manga and anime on its site.

The premium version of the site is available at $7.99 per month, giving you access to anime, manga, and “simulpubs,” where you can read the manga as it is released in Japan.

Try this manga reading website here.

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3. Kiss Manga

One of the sources of free digital manga, the website offers great content. If you are a manga fan and are looking for any specific title, you can effortlessly search for it and find it here.

You can also enjoy some of the most popular series currently being read by fans worldwide. Every manga series offers some information on its pages. Since the entire chapter is available on a single page, you are not required to refresh every time. You can quickly become hooked to this site with many manga series translated to English and high-quality scans.

Try this manga reading website here.

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4. Book Walker

A sister site of Comic Walker, you can buy various manga series from here easily. However, you can enjoy various free titles in the e-book format. The best part is that the free manga series get updated, often providing you with many options to enjoy.

The site is an excellent place to purchase manga as there are amazing discounts available on several manga titles. The downloaded manga can be seen in your booklist and read using a suitable browser.

Try this manga reading website here.

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5. Manga Kakalot

A vast collection of manga series is available on this site. You can surf through more than 40 different genres of manga with many famous and several lesser-known options. Every web page has a manga chapter, making it easy to scan the complete chapter.

Moreover, you can change the image server or the margins around the page to make the reading easier. These features make it one of the popular manga reading sites.

Try this manga reading website here.

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6. Comixology

This website is a subsidiary of Amazon and, as a result, can be considered as one of the largest digital comics platforms. The 30 days free trial before purchasing the manga series is one of the USPS of this website. In addition, the website offers you an unlimited subscription service and the facility to purchase manga books.

Try this manga reading website here.

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7. Manga Owl

With more than 100 genres of manga available on the site, you can easily find something that garners your interest. The website offers a vast collection of romance manga, including popular series like Naruto and many adult-oriented manga series on the site.

In addition, you can register to join the site to participate in discussions and create a collection of your favorite manga. The active community of the site is excellent for animated discussions.

Try this manga reading website here.

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8. Readm.org

If you are looking for a clean formatted site that offers you some of the best and most popular manga series apart from a wide variety of genres to browse through, then you should check out this site.

The scan quality of the series’ is excellent, making it easy for fans to enjoy and discuss their favorite manga with others. Other salient features which make this website popular include an advanced search option and subscription alerts for every new update.

Try this manga reading website here.

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9. Honto.jp

This native manga site is viral in Japan. It is, therefore, no surprise that more than 90% of the readers on this site are from Japan. Manga enthusiasts can enjoy paper books as well as e-books on this site.

Try this manga reading website here.

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10. Manga Reborn

Due to translation issues, many manga series, especially the smaller ones, hardly get translated from Japanese to English and are unavailable to people outside Japan.

However, thanks to volunteer translators, this site provides manga fans an opportunity to enjoy lesser-known series easily. In addition, you can enjoy various free or paid manga series from various small artists and creators.

Try this manga reading website here.

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Wrapping Up

If you have started enjoying manga series and cannot get enough of them, these free manga reading websites can be the ideal way to fuel your passion. So, have fun going through the numerous titles and enjoy healthy discussions with fellow enthusiasts!