9 Best Manga Downloader Software for Windows


In this blog, you will find the 9 best free manga downloader software for Windows. Using these free manga downloaders, you can watch manga online or download them. If you want to create or design your manga character, check out these online manga makers.

Manga is quite popular worldwide, and everyone, including children, teenagers, and adults, loves reading it. It is a creative way to spend time, and it is almost a passion for many people. Using these manga downloader software, you will be able to download manga comics from popular websites.

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9 Best Free Manga Downloader Software for Windows

Many individuals participate in Manga marathons and even hold contests with prizes. However, reading manga online is a hassle because it hampers your reading momentum if your internet connection is slow.

This is why it is in your best interest to download it first and then read it. These days, various Manga downloading software are available on the internet to assist you with that.

With these software, you can quickly search and download any Manga you like. Have a look at the list below to find out some of the best Manga downloader software.

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1. Manga Downloader

manga downloader

Manga Downloader is free software that allows you to view manga online and download it. The interface of Manga Download is easy-to-use and user-friendly. Additionally, you can quickly download and read any Manga that you want to.

It allows you to make a ‘favorite list’ so you don’t have to search for a particular Manga every time you want to read it. It also displays the most famous manga of the time, which can be downloaded and read with a single click. It’s bilingual, supporting over 40 languages, and you can change the language of the software.

Get this software.

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2. HakuNeko

hakuneko - best manga downloader

HakuNeko has many options, which is why it could easily earn a spot on this list of best manga downloader software.

It can get Mangas from MangaHere, MangaReader, MangaFox, MangaHead, Batoto, and KissAnime. To find the available comics, you must search and select the source. After that, you can choose which cartoon and which chapters you want to download.

After you’ve completed all of these steps, you may start the downloading procedure, which will save chapters as JPG images one by one. Unfortunately, you can’t control the number of download threads, but it’s still a helpful Manga downloader.

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3. Manga Bot

manga bot - best free manga downloader

Manga Bot is a downloader that works similarly to a torrent. The software can download up to 10 Mangas at a time, and if you utilize the ‘Add to Queue’ function, you can download an unlimited amount of them.

From within the software, you can create ZIP or PDF files of your downloaded manga. You can also have the software shut down automatically once all of your Mangas has been downloaded. This auto-shutdown functionality comes in handy for individuals who conduct their downloads at night.

The software is freeware and lightweight, allowing it to run on a wide range of operating systems. All these features make it worth mentioning in our list of best Manga downloader software.

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4. Manga Z

manga z - manga comic downloader

Manga Z is a PC-only Manga download and reading software that works with Microsoft Windows 8.1 and RT. It allows you to read and download manga at the same time.

While you’re reading one chapter, the next one can be downloaded in the background, allowing you to read multiple chapters in a row without pausing. So, if you want to marathon a Manga, this is an excellent app to use.

History allows you to keep track of the Manga series you’ve read, so you don’t lose track of your to-read list. The software is available for free download from the Microsoft Store.

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5. MangaRipper


MangaRipper is one of the best Manga downloaders for downloading all or just a few chapters of a Manga comic in bulk. The best feature of this software is making up to five simultaneous connections to download chapters.

Its user interface is straightforward, which I believe is beneficial to all. On the bottom left of its interface is a list of all the supported websites. To copy the URL of a specific Manga comic, go to any of these websites.

After that, go to that URL, and it will pull up all of the chapters for that comic. When you’re finished, you can choose how many chapters you want to download. It’s an excellent Manga downloader for you because it supports many famous sites and has many valuable features.

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6. Manga Crawler

manga crawler

Manga Crawler is a simple software that allows you to search for Mangas online. The software is connected to several prominent Manga websites, and it pulls data for your desired manga from all of them.

If a Manga is accessible on more than one site, the site’s name will appear next to its name, and you can choose which website you want to download it.

It currently supports Manga Fox, Anime Source, Manga Run, Manga Share, Manga Toshokan, Manga Volume, Otaku Works, etc.

Download Link:

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7. Manga Blaze Plus

manga blaze plus

Manga Blaze Plus is a Windows-only program that is a lot of fun to use. It has many functions, and the user interface is quite user-friendly for everyone to understand and read.

The best part is that it lets you customize different parameters and create a custom profile to fit your needs. You can keep track of your favorite manga because it provides all of the information about new releases.

Furthermore, you can also enable it to auto-download so that the most recent release gets downloaded immediately.

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8. Eden Batch

eden batch downloader

Another one on our list of best manga downloaders is Eden Batch Downloader. It’s a basic Manga downloader that only requires the URL of the comic you want to download.

However, there is one restriction: you may only download comics from one website: www.Mangaeden.com. You should check out this website because it also has an excellent selection of Manga comics.

You may browse all chapters of that comic after uploading the URL. Select some or all of the comics chapters and click the download button to begin the download process. This downloader also allows you to save all chapters as a single file or as separate files.

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9. Dom Dom Soft Manga Downloader

dom dom soft manga downloader

Dom Dom Soft Manga Downloader is another free Manga downloader that does an excellent job. User feedback has been positive so far as it continues to develop.

Like most other Manga downloaders, the software is linked to many major Manga sites from which you can directly download Mangas.

When you search for any manga comic, it displays all of the websites available; you can then choose which website you wish to download your manga.

Get this software.

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With this, we sum up our list of the nine best manga downloader software for Windows. Using any of these manga downloader software, you can download manga comics and read them offline. Do let us know which one did you like the most by writing to us at [email protected].