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11 Best Magnet Downloader Software

Here we have compiled a list of 10 best free magnet downloader software for Windows. Check out these free software here.

This article will tell you about the 11 best free magnet downloader software for Windows. Magnet links are one of the most widely used methods to share files, videos, documents, music, software, and any files via torrent.

Magnet files have taken over torrent files in usage as they are more efficient and faster. With torrent files, you first had to download a file and then upload it to a torrent downloader software/client to download the actual file. 

With Magnet files, however, you can avoid all this hassle, and all you need to do is copy the link and paste it into a magnet downloader software to download or click on the link. An already installed magnet downloader software will automatically trigger and download the file for you.

Doesn’t that sound unique to you? Well, it is. Let’s proceed with our article without further ado and look at our list of the 10 best free magnet downloader software for Windows. 

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11 Best Magnet Downloader Software

Below is a personally curated list of the best free magnet downloader software for you; these software can download torrents quickly and is widely prevalent among users. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Utorrent


Utorrent is the first magnet downloader software that should come to your mind when we talk about torrents as it is one of the first ones ever to come and is most widely used to download torrents from magnet links. It allows you to download torrents in bulk and is well-optimized for download speeds.


  • Bulk Downloading: You can simultaneously continue with multiple downloads so that you don’t have to wait for other downloads to complete when you wish to add another.
  • Operate Remotely: You can use Utorrent remotely, too. This means you can start or schedule a download on your computer from anywhere in the world with Utorrent’s web client. 
  • Bandwidth Optimization: Utorrent helps you optimize your bandwidth by adjusting the download speeds according to your internet connection’s speed and ability to provide a seamless downloading experience. 

Get this magnet downloader software here.

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2. Folx

folx 5 for mac

Folx is a file downloader for Mac with a Mac-style interface. With Folx, you can manage all your downloads in one place, and there’s the choice of a free or Pro version. Folx is fast, intuitive, and well-designed, and it’s the only downloader you’ll ever need for a Mac.


  • Multi-threading: Folx splits torrent files into multiple threads for faster downloads (up to 2 threads for free, up to 20 for Pro)
  • In-built torrent search: With the Pro version of Folx, you can search for torrents from multiple sites from the Folx interface.
  • Tagging: Folx allows you to set multiple tags for files, making it easy to find and organize all your downloads.
  • Proxy and magnet links: Folx supports direct downloads using Proxy and also supports magnet links.
  • Pro features: Other features include intelligent speed control, automatically adjusting download and upload speeds to prevent hogging bandwidth, task scheduling, Apple Music integration, and a built-in password manager.

3. qBittorrent


Open source projects are the epitome of trust and transparency, as are the qBittorrent magnet downloading software for Windows.

qBittorrent is an open-source magnet downloading software loaded with many features and is light in size.

Unlike Utorrent, qBittorent does not serve ads and offers many other features. This software even features a torrent creator and lets you search for torrents on other websites within the app. You don’t need to pay to remove the ads.


  • No Ads: qBittorrent has no ads, so your downloading experience stays flawless and non-spammy. 
  • Inbuilt Torrent Search Engine: qBittorrent features an inbuilt torrent search engine where you can search for millions of books, videos, files, software, and many more from the top torrent websites. 
  • Multiple Torrent File Types Supported: This software supports the most popular torrent file extensions, including magnet files, private torrents, DHT, PEX, LPD, etc.
  • Great control over downloads: You can have great control over downloads with qBittorent as this software allows you to download them sequentially, control bandwidth, schedule downloading, advance tracking, and much more. 

Get this magnet downloader software here.

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4. Tixati


Tixati is yet another Magnet downloader software that promises no ads, no spyware, and ultimate fast downloading speeds. All this is because it uses an advanced algorithm to boost download speeds.

Tixati claims to be much more secure than other Magnet downloaders since the software has RC4 encryption to provide you with complete safety. Tixati is easier to use and supports DXT, PEX, and Magnet links.


  • Efficient Peer Selection:  Efficient peer selection ensures fast download speeds and optimum bandwidth use 
  • Advanced features: Advanced features such as IP filtering, RSS, and Event scheduler make it one of the best. 

Get this magnet downloader software here.

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5. Reel Downloader


Reel downloader is an open-source magnet downloader software. The best thing with open-source software is that there is nothing behind the scenes, which means that this software does not track you and does not serve ads.

With Magnet links, you can download Youtube videos and music, convert downloaded videos to mp4, etc. All thanks to the integration of the youtube-dl project into this.


  • Multiple formats supported: The software supports multiple download formats: magnet downloading, torrents, p2p, videos, music, and many more. 
  • MP3 converter: Reel downloader features an inbuilt MP3 converter that lets you convert downloaded videos to MP3. 

Get this magnet downloader software here.

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6. Vuze


Vuze offers greater control when managing your downloads as the software features advanced tracking tools. You can also continue multiple downloads simultaneously, and the software works flawlessly with magnet links and torrents.


  • Inbuilt media player:  The software offers an inbuilt media player to play the files right after downloading them. 
  • Remote Control And Inbuilt Search: You can download the software remotely via the website and use the built-in search to search content across torrent websites. 

Get this magnet downloader software here.

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7. Motrix


Motrix is yet another magnet link downloader. What makes this application distinctive and slightly better than some is the clean and straightforward interface, which is regularly updated.

The software is also open source and does not track users or serve ads. The software can continue 10 downloads simultaneously and also supports dark mode.


  • Supports BitTorrent and Magnet: The software supports BitTorrent, Magnet links, and torrent formats. 
  • Dynamic Download Progress Display:  The software has a dynamic download progress display, which helps you track downloads more easily. 

Get this magnet downloader software here.

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8. Transmission


Transmission is one of the most influential and feature-packed software on the list. The interface can be a bit confusing for regular users. But the software has all you need.

The software has BitTorrent client encryption, tracker editing, watch directory support, and supports downloading formats like Magnet links, peers, DHT, UPMP, NAT-PMP, and many more.


  • Feature loaded: The transmission torrent downloader is packed with many powerful features that are not enabled by default, but you can enable them according to your wish in just a few clicks. 
  • Lightweight and no ads: Like other software, transmission is lightweight, open-source, tracker-free, and ad-free. 

Get this magnet downloader software here.

9. Bittorrent Classic 


BitTorrent Classic is one of the oldest torrent and magnet link downloaders. The software is jam-packed with features. The only turndown is that the software serves ads in the free version and is not open source.

You can schedule your downloads, manage them remotely, bulk download, control bandwidth, and more with the software.


  • Faster and bulk downloads:  With its advanced algorithm and bulk download feature, you can download your torrents at blazing fast speeds and have greater control over them with many features. 
  • Save Data: You can restrict download speeds to save internet connection speeds for other tasks on your computer. 

Get this magnet downloader software here.

10. Deluge


If you need something that does the job, does not take up much space on your computer, and works flawlessly, this is the right call. The software does not have ads, is fully encrypted, and supports various formats.


  • Lightweight and practical: The software does not have much user interface but is highly efficient at doing its job.
  • Comprehensive plugin support: If the software is too simple, you can always add various plugins to improve functionality. 

Get this magnet downloader software here.

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11. BiglyBT


BiglyBT is almost a 2-decade-old magnet link downloading client and has been ad-free and open source.

The software packs a simple interface and is very effective. There is an inbuilt media player and transcoder for files.


  • Open-source and ad-free: The software is entirely ad-free and open-source, so you don’t have to worry about spam and have a pleasant downloading experience. 
  • Faster Downloads: The software supports swarm merging to complete downloads much faster. 

Get this magnet downloader software here.

Closing Thoughts

This was all for our article on the best free Magnet downloader software. Remember that piracy of copyrighted content is a serious offense, and one should not use torrents. We hope you liked the article. Please make sure you share this with everyone who might find it helpful. 

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