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11 Best LogMeIn Alternatives for Windows [2023]

Here we have compiled a list of the 11 best LogMeIn alternatives for Windows in 2023. Explore these faster and more affordable alternatives.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 11 best LogMeIn alternatives for Windows. Some are paid for, while others can be used free of cost, and not all the alternatives have modern tools but work considerably well.

LogMeIn is a feature-rich remote management tool that enables a team of office workers and managers to work together just like they would have worked in close coordination within four walls of an office.

However, the steep learning curve and expensive pricing model make LogMeIn unattractive for smaller or medium-scale businesses. We have covered you if you want a faster, more affordable alternative to LogMeIn.

11 Best LogMeIn Alternatives for Windows

best logmein alternatives for windows

Here is a list of 10 LogMeIn alternatives that you can select for remote office management:

1. ConnectWise Control

This app was previously known as ScreenConnect. Its superior flexibility and advanced remote-control capabilities are considered a top alternative to LogMeIn. These features enable users to control devices effectively and with ease.

Setting up this app is also super straightforward; one can use this software quickly. It offers reliable performance. Since it works across platforms, the app offers access to different devices, no matter their operating system.

It uses AES-256 encryption and two-factor authentication, making it safe for official work where you may share confidential information.

Try this LogMeIn alternative here.

2. ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

manageengine remote access plus

ManageEngine Remote Access Plus is one of the best alternatives for LogMeIn as it is an enterprise-grade remote access software. IT and system administrators can use Remote Access Plus to troubleshoot remote computers efficiently from a central location.

The best part is that it offers powerful built-in tools such as wake on LAN, seamless access to diagnostic tools like command prompt, and many others. These robust tools reduce the overall time to provide technical support remotely.

Explore all of Remote Access Plus’ features on the cloud or on-premises immediately with a free, 30-day trial. Also, download the mobile app to troubleshoot IT problems on the go.

Other notable features of Remote Access Plus:

  • Advanced remote control and troubleshooting options.
  • Quick access to system manager and diagnostic tools.
  • Perform power operations like shutdown and restart from anywhere.
  • Secure and seamless file transfer.
  • Unlimited voice and video calls.
  • Powerful real-time reports.
  • Cross-platform support.
  • Rebrand and retain your trademark.

3. TeamViewer

This is a highly effective tool and is considered even better than LogMeIn. It offers the perfect solution and advanced safety features to link with office workers, share files, communicate, and hold discussions.

One can launch this tool in no time, and the learning curve for this application is also short. TEAMVIEWER IS a high-quality application with ISO 27001-certified data centers and end-to-end encryption. Another laudable feature of this app is that it allows setting alert thresholds.

Try this LogMeIn alternative here.

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4. AnyDesk

Not only is AnyDesk highly trusted for its features and efficiency, but it is also an affordable tool for dealing with a wide array of office work. This app is a wise choice as it is an excellent alternative to LogMeIn.

It has an in-built file transfer feature, which smoothly transfers files. Online collaboration with this app is also a breeze.

It is possible to hold meetings and discussions and make simple communication hassle-free. It is a very light application with a size of just 3MB.

Try this LogMeIn alternative here.

5. Splashtop

This app was earlier known as Splashtop Remote. It is the best combination of excellent remote desktop solutions and affordability. Because of this, it is also a reliable option for those looking for the closest alternative to LogMeIn.

Launching is easy, and each session is encrypted with TLS, and 256-bit AES adds to its reliability and security against information and data leaks. Users must log in with device authentication and two-step verification for added security.

Try this LogMeIn alternative here.

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6. Parallels Access

Once you know about this app, you will probably not want to use LogMeIn. Its top feature is a universal file manager, which allows smooth management of files stored on remote computers easily, on one’s local device, or in the cloud.

Apart from effectiveness in managing official work, the main focus of this app is to ensure simplicity. It also works very well on 3G, unlike LogMeIn. This is most effective when internet issues or 4G or 5G networks are unavailable. Further, it is way cheaper than LogMeIn.

Try this LogMeIn alternative here.

7. UltraVNC

It is a remote management tool considered a reasonable alternative to LogMeIn. Though it does not have a very impressive interface and a wide range of modern tools, it is popular because of its reliability and ease of use.

To use this tool, one must install a VNC client and run a VNC server on the desktop. The setup and connectivity of this application are smooth, though it may not be the best in its category. It is a good choice as it offers smooth functioning despite being a free source app.

Try this LogMeIn alternative here.

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8. JoinMe

JoinMe is another one of the best LogMeIn alternatives for Windows. It is a remote team management app, and its prominent feature is screen sharing. JoinMe allows users to show their complete screen to other team members in remote locations.

This comes in handy while making presentations or discussing plans with the help of flow charts and diagrams. Smooth functioning, easy setup, and short learning curve make it a reliable alternative to LogMeIn.

Try this LogMeIn alternative here.

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9. WebEx Free

WebEx Free is a Cisco-backed app and works across multiple Operating Systems such as Linux, Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, etc. Its core feature is screen sharing, but it lacks other prominent tools like chat and file sharing.

Thus, it cannot be considered a full-stack remote management application. However, it can suit certain offices looking for an excellent screen-sharing application and an alternative to LogMeIn. It is also suitable as a free source app for remote screen sharing.

Try this LogMeIn alternative here.

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10. Zoho Assist

A tremendous remote management app, Zoho Assist enables businesses that need to interact with customers frequently. It is remote support software with multiple platforms, SSL, and 256-bit encryption.

It boasts numerous features that enable remote managing of several laptops, mobiles, and PCs and even provides the requisite flexibility. Setting up Zoho Assist is a breeze, and it is straightforward to set up secure connections, unlike LogMeIn, which is not equally fast.

Try this LogMeIn alternative here.

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11. SimpleHelp

SimpleHelp is a remote access tool that allows users to handle tasks smoothly. The best part is that it is lightweight, does not affect the device’s performance, and works fast. It has a clean and intuitive interface, enabling users to work on this app quickly.

All types of official work involving file transfer, meetings, sending emails, and rapid information exchanges are possible with this application. It is also considered an excellent alternative to LogMeIn in its category.

Try this LogMeIn alternative here.

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We sum up our list of LogMeIn alternatives for Windows in 2023. LogMeIn is a unique remote management tool that allows innovative office management while maintaining simplicity.

It comes at a monthly cost of $108.25 per month. This may be a bit expensive for small businesses looking for alternatives.

With several apps that offer similar tools, one can find the correct application that performs well.

This is especially important during pandemics when almost all the offices have been forced to work from home and keep the business going while working remotely.

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