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7 Best Free LAN Speed Test Software For Windows

Boost your network performance with our top picks for the best free LAN speed test software for Windows. Measure your LAN speed!

This article will look at some of the best LAN speed test programs for Windows. We’ll also review these programs’ features and how they can help you get a better internet connection.

You must check your LAN speed frequently to ensure you get the most out of your connection.

A Lan speed test can be performed in a variety of methods. If you’re looking for a way to test your internet connection speed or see if you’re experiencing any slowdowns, a speed test is one of the best tools for the job.

Numerous speed test software applications are accessible, so selecting the one best suited to your demands is critical.

Some popular options include Speedtest.net, Web Speed Test, and Speedtest.net Lite. All these programs can help you test your internet connection speed and check for any potential problems with your connection.

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7 Best Free LAN Speed Test Software For Windows

If you want to benchmark your home or office LAN connection, consider using a network benchmarking tool.

These tools can assist you in finding any potential network issues and give you an idea of your network’s general performance.

One approach is to establish a wired connection with the target machine. Utilizing a wireless connection is another option.

There is a variety of LAN speed test software available for Windows. Here are seven of the best:

1. Tamosoft Throughput

tamosoft throughput - lan speed test software for windows

This software allows you to measure the maximum throughput of your network connection.

If you’re in doubt about which plan speed test software to choose or want to be sure you’re getting the best possible results, then the Tamosoft throughput software is a great option.

It’s reliable and has various features, including the ability to test wired and wireless networks.

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2. Lite LAN Speed Test

lite lan speed test

This software includes several capabilities, including the ability to measure speeds. You must copy and paste the file into another PC within the same local network. Then browse the folder of the other PC and click on the start test feature available.

3. Handy WiFi

handy wifi - lan speed test

It is a handy tool that allows you to test your WiFi speed and compare it to other networks.

The software also offers a variety of other features, including the ability to monitor your internet usage and see which websites are loading the fastest.

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4. Aida64

aida64 - lan speed test software

It can run a LAN speed test using a wired or WiFi connection. Various information, such as the system hardware, the hardware configuration, and the device information, can be obtained from the system. The setup process and USB drive speed can also be monitored.

5. Helios LAN Test

helios lan test

The Helios LAN test is the next best software for testing the LAN Speed test for network speeds. It is also another popular solution to check the system’s reliability and the performance of your network on both Windows and Mac clients.

It is simple and quick to use, making it one of the best network speed test programs. You need seconds to handle and start it all. It has a native scale, which you can use from a single local disk up to network volume performance tests.

It can also test multiple user (concurrent) clients on the same server volume. In short, you get to enjoy simple, effective, efficient operations.

6. Intruder

intruder - wifi lan speed test tool

The Intruder is a cloud-based network sensitivity scanner that allows you to detect the cyber security weaknesses of the most exposed systems to prevent costly data breaches.

It is truly remarkable to use for network testing. This tool offers over 9000 Security Checks that are accessible, and some of these are Application Errors, CMS Issues, Missing Patches, Configuration Weaknesses, etc.

If you are looking for the best tool that helps in finding a security solution, then Intruder. This tool is ideal for companies of any size. It makes your development process go more smoothly and saves you time.

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7. Netperf

netperf - test speed of network

It is a well-known open-source network performance benchmarking tool that may be used to assess network efficiency.

Unlike Lan speed tests, which rely on a direct connection between the tester and the target, Netperf uses packets sent through the network to calculate performance.

This means that Netperf can test networks of all sizes and types. Open-source software can be viewed, modified, and distributed by anyone.


There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with a slow computer. Not only does it impact your productivity, but it can also make doing even the simplest tasks a real hassle.

One of the first steps you should take if you’re having trouble with poor speeds is to test your LAN speed. By doing so, you’ll be able to identify the problem’s underlying source and take the necessary steps to fix it.

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