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10 Best iPhone Apps for Couples

In this article, you will find a list of 10 best iPhone apps for couples. Explore these cool iOS apps and choose the best one for you.

Here, we have curated a list of the 10 best iPhone apps for couples; these include apps from all the domains for you to lead a successful love life and bring the spice back. Please read this article until the end and check all the apps out.

Have you recently got into a relationship? Or not feeling the intensity of love anymore? Things like these are daily and often due to lack or lack of proper communication.

It’s nothing of a concern anyway unless you think so. But if it makes you uncomfortable, this article is undoubtedly going to be of help to you.

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10 Best Apps For Couples

Here are some of the best apps for couples. These apps will help you manage your life with your beloved more quickly.

This list includes expense trackers, a couple of idea apps, and many utilities you may need as a couple. Let’s have a look.

1. Merge

merge - best iphone apps for couples

Merge is the app you need to avoid forgetting chores. Merge works like a reminder app but with many additional features, making it optimal for couples.

Merge works just like your Phone’s inbuilt calendar. This app’s striking difference is that it integrates your and your partner’s calendar with the events and reminders.

You can add a reminder or lists like Grocery lists, household chores, errands to run, dinner orders, and more.

You can assign any task or errand to a specific partner; further details can be added or clarified. And without calling or asking your partner yourself, Merge will notify them of the task.

2. Kukini

kukini - best ios apps for couples

Kukini is similar to the previous app, merge, just that it’s not just for couples, but when the couple becomes a family.

Kukini organizes what you and your whole family, including kids, do throughout the day. It can handle your shared tasks, including activities, a shared calendar, health tracking, and even a meal planner.

As you open the app, the home screen shows you a summary of your day’s reminders, plans, activities, etc. The calendar provides a detailed overview of the days and the tasks assigned to others.

You can add a task for yourself or your family members, and the app will notify them accordingly.

The meal planner feature is a bit different from the rest, as it allows you to set out a specific cuisine or dish at a particular time and add a shopping list for it as well.

3. Goodbudget


Goodbudget is an accounting and budgeting app that lets you handle your monthly budget but with your other better half.

Like all the other budgeting apps, Goodbudget would require you to fill in specific details like income and expenses, and it will help you track your money and even help you spend it better and more economically.

To use this, you’d need to fill in your income figure and keep subtracting the expenses as they occur while naming them.

You can also reserve specific amounts of money for each kind of expenditure, like $100 for food, $1000 for rent, etc.

Now, to the part where it’s optimal for couples to use it, Goodbudget allows cross-device syncing. With this, if you add or subtract an amount, your partner will be able to see it as well.

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4. Honeydue


Honeydue is another personal plus family finance app. However, there are more features provided with the app with a couple and their needs in mind—one of them being directly connected to your bank’s account.

The most striking feature is letting you choose how much you share with your partner.

You can add and See all your bank account balances across different banks on one screen.

And since it’s a budgeting app, it allows you to set monthly household spending limits on each category and even add custom categories.

And accordingly, the app Automatically categorizes all your spending entries. Honeydue also timely reminds you to pay your bills.

Honeydue only operates in Great Britain, Canada, the US, Spain & France, supporting over 10,000+ banks throughout the region.

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5. Coupleness

coupleness - best couple apps

Coupleness boasts its ability to understand and amend the problems with inactivity in a relationship with helpful tips and topics.

Think of it as your best friend that you ask for tips related to making your partner happy, except for the part where you doubt your best friend.

Coupleness asks questions about your current emotional and relationship state and expects you to answer using emojis (like FB reacts).

Then, the app tries to help you with professionally built “relationship boosters,” which will help you get more quality time with your partner.

The app also has additional questions, articles, and general tips that you could use to Ace your game.

6. Between

between app for couples

Between is a private messaging app made while keeping couples in mind. But what makes it different from any other messaging app?

The answer lies in the features provided by the app. Between blends messaging with integrated calendars and your album as well.

This app offers attractive messaging features like animated stickers and emojis, which is quite a thing between couples; an integrated calendar allows you to set dates, events, or even reminders about chores like shopping for groceries (for your partner).

Between also lets you upload photos of your trips, date nights, holidays, or other events with the date, and the app records it and makes an album for you to relive it.

7. Cobble app

cobble app

Cobble is made to help you and your partner decide on the perfect date night. This app uses the “swipe to like” feature to decide date plans. Dating apps like Tinder greatly inspire the app’s UI.

You and your partner are given many date ideas and told to swipe right to the ones you like. And just like dating apps, the idea that you both swipe right would be your perfect date.

Simple. Before the pandemic, this app mainly gave ideas for couples residing in or visiting NY. But Cobble changed with the world and now has many indoor date ideas that would not require you to adjust romance.

Not just deciding the date, but Cobble also helps you book restaurants, tickets, and even reservations from the app itself.

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8. Love Nudge

love nudge

Based on the principles of “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, Love Nudge is made to solve all your problems with communication and redirect your focus accordingly. Believing in physical touch, acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation, and gifts.

Love Nudge regularly gives you and your partner small quizzes to determine which “language” you must work on.

The app will assign you and your partner a quiz, and According to your answers, it will suggest whether you and your partner need just a compliment or a date night. You can also find a quiz and send it to your partner.

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9. Coral: Relationship Coach

coral relationship coach

Let’s get a little intimate. You and your partner don’t like/ are happy with your current [sex life]. And both of you are uncomfortable with discussing this with someone on the face. Make coral your savior, your sex and intimacy expert to solve this.

If you want to do better to please your partner or want to feel more connected, Coral has you covered. The coral app exists to help you with your problems and improve your overall performance in the relationship.

The app is highly flexible and open and has personalized paths for all genders and orientations. No matter what you are missing, you will likely find answers and tools within the Coral app.

10. Touchnote


TouchNote can be an essential app for lovebirds if they’ve migrated away. That’s right; this app is for the “lucky, yet unlucky” couples in long-distance relationships. Touchnote does the job of a wingman but phenomenally better.

Touchnote is a postcard-sending service provider which offers tons of features. The features offered include sending Exclusive photo cutouts, postcards with Unique artwork, Photo filters, travel stickers, customizable stamps, personalized messages, and much more.

The app delivers Beautifully designed everyday postcards, thank you cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards, wedding cards, and one for every occasion you could think of.

And yes, TouchNote doesn’t disappoint you while gifting your partner across the continent to another side of the world. It provides reliable worldwide delivery.


Thus, we conclude the list of the top 10 best iPhone apps for couples to get their relationship on track. We hope this article helped find you the path and answer to what you and your partner are missing.

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