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7 Best Instagram Automation Tools for Marketing

In this article, we have compiled a list of 7 best Instagram automation tools for marketing. Learn more about these tools here.

To up your Instagram game and engage more users, you must leverage marketing automation sooner or later.

An excellent social media automation tool should offer features like scheduling posts, follower analytics, creating workflows, managing social content, etc.

In this guide, we have shared a list of 7 best Instagram automation tools that you can use to make your social media marketing more efficient. Explore these tools and their features before deciding which one is the right fit for your business.

Instagram automation tools are plentiful. But how do you know if the Insta follow bot you use is legit?

The point of these tools is to help you improve the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing efforts. Still, if you’re not careful, you’ll violate Instagram’s increasingly strict anti-automation rules.

Luckily, there are Instagram automation tools that can help you optimize your Instagram marketing without annoying the Instagram administration. This article will introduce you to our favorite Instagram automation tools.

However, before we get to the tools, let’s talk about automation.

What do we know about Instagram automation?

This is the possibility of using various software unrelated to this social network, which helps to manage your page. This can mean scheduling posts, liking, commenting, reporting, etc.

Instagram automation is usually done with the help of bots. Instagram has been battling careless bot activity for several years. This included shutting down several Instagram automation tools and bots that go against Instagram’s best practices.

Remember that not all tools that help automate your Instagram profile are spam. The automation tools used to schedule posts, find the right hashtags, and so on are great ways to automate your Instagram marketing efforts.

Best Instagram Automation Tools

Currently, there are many different ways to automate your Instagram.

Many have the same or similar features, but a closer look at each tool will reveal the nuances that will let you know which tools are right for you.

1. AgoraPulse

agorapulse - instagram automation tool

It is a full-service social media management software. You can use it to preload your Instagram posts, scheduling them to be posted whenever you want.

Agorapulse can also help you with other social networks, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, and provide you with the necessary interaction reports.

Key features:

  • Centralized communication center so you can reply to comments on your organic and paid posts
  • Community management options allow you to hide and delete comments manually or automatically
  • Optimized answer functions with saved answers and “assign” functions
  • Bulk download posts from desktop or RSS feeds
  • Publish content immediately or schedule it for later
  • Carousel & Stories Schedule
  • Manage username tags and hashtags

Agorapulse is a social media management platform with individual, business, and business features. The added listening tool helps users track brand mentions. Features include various ways to publish content, reports, analytics, and more.

2. Social pilot

socialpilot - best insta automation tool

One of the best Instagram automation tools available. This tool can be helpful for you not only on Instagram but also on other social networks.

SocialPilot can help you manage over 100 social profiles, analyze and report on your performance, find and share content, and even upload up to 500 posts with the bulk scheduling feature.

Key features:

  • Create custom posts for multiple social media accounts
  • Analyze and report on the performance of your content on social media
  • With a virtual calendar, you can organize your content for a long time.
  • Get Content Suggestions with Content Curation
  • Download 500 Bulk Planning Posts
  • You can set up the necessary functions to help manage your team.
  • Access your social media conversations from one social box
  • Seamless management of approval workflows
  • Canva integration

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3. Kicksta

kicksta - instagram marketing tool

It is a growth-focused Instagram automation tool. It uses artificial intelligence technology to create authentic interaction. Kicksta does not guarantee a certain number of followers because it does not work with bots.

Instead, Kicksta’s targeting options help you interact with real accounts to build followers organically.

Using the dashboard, you can create a list of accounts with your target audience, including brands, influencers, and competitors. Then, you create high-quality Instagram content to reach those people.

Key features:

  • Target niche hashtags and accounts
  • Chat Support
  • Target users based on multiple factors
  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Do not post or comment on your behalf
  • Excellent analytics

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4. Inflact

inflact - insta marketing automation tool

It’s an Instagram automation tool that makes it easy to send direct bulk messages, automatically follow or unfollow people like posts, find the right Instagram hashtags, schedule posts, and comment on your target audience’s posts.

It offers targeting filters to find and interact with the right users, building a loyal fan base.

Key features:

  • A user-friendly dashboard that can be customized to suit your niche and industry
  • Smart unsubscribe to keep your account clean
  • You can schedule your content to be published at the best and most convenient time.
  • Perform over 1250 auto likes and auto-follow per day
  • One direct chat for all accounts

Because this tool is about auto-subscription, you must be vigilant about your participation. Remember that Instagram automation tools are supposed to help you, not ban you.

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5. Upleap


This is another Instagram automation tool that will help you grow your followers organically. It uses multiple algorithms to narrow the target audience with filters like hashtags, subjects, locations, etc.

When you sign up for Upleap, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager to oversee your account and help you customize Upleap to suit your unique needs.

Key features:

  • Only interact with real accounts based on your target audience
  • Automatically view Instagram stories of people you don’t follow yet
  • Account manager interacts with posts that bring results

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6. Jarvee

It is an Instagram automation tool that helps you follow, repost, like, reply, unfollow, delete posts, reply to comments and direct messages, and do user and hashtag research.

You can use it for other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube. Jarvee is a Windows-based tool with a steep learning curve, so you must take advantage of its tutorials.

Key features:

  • Schedule posts on multiple social networks
  • Find and post high-quality posts in your niche or industry
  • Search for Instagram users in your niche and follow them automatically
  • Search for high-quality Instagram images and like them automatically
  • Dynamic hashtags feature to find related hashtags in your niche
  • Automatically comment with Spin Syntax to customize your posts to be authentic

7. Instavast

Instavast is an Instagram automation tool that automates comments, likes, and messaging. It offers several methods for targeting specific users so you can focus on your target audience.

Instavast includes an analytics feature and filtering options to help you understand and improve Instagram follower growth while developing meaningful relationships.

In addition, Instavast has a good image editor, which makes it an excellent promotional tool.

Key features:

  • Set goals and define your target audience with niche filtering, language detection, fake account filtering, and more.
  • Uses AI to interact with active followers of the target account
  • Control panel available in 16 languages
  • Choose the automated features you want
  • Create a custom list of users you don’t want to interact with

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Instagram is a fantastic platform for building your business. This allows potential customers and employees to see what you’re doing and learn about your brand’s unique offerings.

They can also get a good idea of your market position as they see how your longtime followers interact with your account.

Your Instagram posts hold great promise for attracting new customers, but you need to be smart about managing your influencer business.

Using one or more of the Instagram automation tools on this list will help you stay on top of Instagram marketing while developing genuine relationships with your subscribers, attracting more subscribers, and expanding your reach.

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