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5 Best GIF Overlay Websites To Add Images On GIFs

Here we have compiled a list of 5 best GIF overlay websites. You can use any of these websites to easily add images to GIF files.

Here, you will discover the 5 best GIF overlay websites. Using these websites, you can quickly overlay any image into a GIF.

Still, images are boring at times, so GIF images have become popular among many computer users. Images are required for many purposes. For example, some people need images for their websites or blogs.

Instead of still images, GIFs can enhance websites, blogs, social media posts, etc. The big question is how to create the GIF images. For GIF overlay, you can use some online tools.

Most online GIF creator tools are free, though some premium tools are also. Some of these free or premium tools offer GIF overlay features.

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5 Best GIF Overlay Websites

What is a GIF overlay? How does it work? Overlay image over GIF is a process of adding a watermark on the GIF files. Nevertheless, you can add a still image to the animated GIF background.

You need to find a GIF editor with such a feature to create such image overlay GIF files. In the following section, some of the best tools for image overlay on GIFs have been listed. Find the most highlighting features of these tools.

Let’s now explore these best GIF overlay tools.


EZGIF is one of the oldest online tools for creating GIF files and overlaying images on GIFs. Users can deploy the tool for creating GIFs from images and videos. Nevertheless, you can also edit your existing GIF through this tool.

Some of the critical features of this tool are:

  • You can upload and split the existing GIF on your computer. It will save each frame of your GIF file in separate JPG and PNG file formats.
  • From an existing GIF, you can remove the unwanted part. You can optimize, edit, and cut the length of your current GIF.
  • You can decide the animation speed after creating a GIF through image overlaying. Multiple options for customizing animation speed are there.

Some positive things about the EZGIF are no watermarks, zero subscription, and high-quality GIF developing features.

The major drawback is the old and primary interface of the tool. Once you create a GIF after overlaying the image on the GIF background, you should download the file. There is no option for saving the GIF online.

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2. ImgFlip


If you are looking for a reliable, simple, and feature-rich online tool for creating GIF files, ImgFlip is the best tool. You can upload an image on an animated GIF background using this tool.

Apart from images, you can add text and watermarks to the GIF. Some of the tool’s key features are discussed in the following section.

  • ImgFlip offers a user-friendly interface. Users can create GIFs with images, videos, URLs, etc.
  • The tool offers a feature to change the GIFs’ height, width, and resolution. You can easily adjust the speed of animation.
  • After finishing the GIF overlay process, users can download the files on their local computer. You can also share the GIFs on your social media platforms, blogs, etc.

ImgFlip is a free online tool, though it has a premium version, too. The premium version, ImgFlip Pro, offers more custom settings for creating GIFs. Nevertheless, the free version has a default watermark, while the premium version does not come with watermarks.

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3. Kapwing


Kapwing is another online GIF editor tool that one can use to overlay images on a GIF file. The website has arrays of tools and features for the users.

These features and tools ensure quick and easy image overlay on GIF files. Using the website, one can add filters, texts, images, and watermarks to the GIF files. To add an image to the GIF, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, upload the GIF file on the tool interface from your local drive. One can also provide the URL of the GIF to upload it on the tool.
  • The next step is adding an image to the GIF background. If the image is in PNG format with a transparent background, creating the GIF overlay will take only a few seconds.
  • If you do not have the PNG image, use an image with a white background for the overlay process. Using an overlay filter will remove the white background. Thus, the image will look naturally placed on the GIF background.
  • You can rotate and resize the image as per your requirements. When you finish the editing process, save and download the file.

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4. OIE – Online Image Editor

OIE (Online Image Editor) is a free tool for editing images and creating animated GIF files. You can upload images and obtain an animated GIF file. At the same time, you can add photos and text to the existing GIF file.

This tool has two ways of obtaining image overlay on a GIF background. You can select and upload the GIF image on the virtual interface or dashboard of the tool. Alternatively, you can use the readymade GIF files of the tool.

Select the GIF and upload your image to place on the GIF background. For using the tool, no registration and login are required. So, anyone can use the tool for overlaying photos on the predefined GIF background.

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5. Gifntext

Gifntext is a free online tool for editing GIF files and overlaying images on GIFs. You can upload a GIF file from your computer drive. After uploading the GIF file, users can add pictures to the file.

This free online tool offers the following features:

  • You can add moving images to the GIF.
  • It also lets you add moving text to the GIF.
  • Users can easily customize the text color and size on the GIF.
  • After adding an image to the GIF, you can resize the image as per your requirement.

Apart from these text and image overlay features on the GIF files, the tool offers many other GIF editing options. One can reverse and resize a GIF. Users can speed up and slow down the GIF, too.

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With these GIF overlay websites, you can quickly add photos to any GIF file within a few seconds. All you have to do is upload your GIF and the picture you want to overlay; these online tools will do the job on the fly. And at last, you can save the edited GIF on your PC.

My favorites from the list are Kapwing, EZGif, and Gifntext.

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