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10 Best Gerber Viewer Software for Windows

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 best Gerber viewer software for Windows. Use any of these tools to view Gerber files.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 10 best Gerber viewer software for Windows. Gerber format is the preferred format for printed circuit boards (PCBs) that are essential in fabricating circuit boards.

They are one of the essential items for designing a circuit board. Most Gerber files are composed of different layers of components, which may require separate viewing.

Gerber Viewer Software can help you with this. To open the Gerber files, you must install Gerber Viewer Software on your Windows operating system.

With this software, you can easily open and view the files. Some software applications also allow you to edit the Gerber PCB designs.

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10 Best Gerber Viewer Software for Windows

Rotating or flipping the design, zooming in or out, and moving the design are some of the various possible features of Gerber Viewer Software.

Many also allow you to determine the distance between two components and export the design in different formats (PDF, SVG, JPEG, PNG, etc.) or take a printout.

Some of the best Gerber Viewer Software for Windows are:

1. GC-Prevue

gcprevue - best gerber viewer software for windows

This free software lets you view and print Gerber files and other standard CAD-generated drawings.

The software allows you to hide or view the different layers, including and exclude various lines and points, and measure the distance between multiple parts in different units.

You can also select and change the color of elements, routes, and holes in the circuit diagram. The diagram on the Gerber file can be rotated mirrored, and layers can be managed (imported, deleted, etc.).

The software allows you to open files with GWK, XWK, PWK, CWK, EDF, JOB, and UCM extensions and export the files in GRB, GBX, LST, HPG, PLT, APT, NI, etc. formats.

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2. GerbMagic

gerbmagic - gerber viewer windows

This free Gerber viewer software is straightforward to use and offers several options to its users. You can select different layers to view them and later deselect them to hide.

The software also allows you to Zoom in, move and align the design, mirror, scale it, and measure the distance between two objects.

With this software, you can print the Gerber files and save the open files in different formats (PDF, TIFF, BMP, EPS, GBR, etc.).

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3. ViewMate

viewmate - gerber viewer

This free GRB viewer software attracts numerous clients due to its excellent features.

The selection tools allow you to select components, add, hide, or delete layers, measure the distance between different parts, add paths and text to the diagram, etc.

Although saving the drawing is not an option, you can take a printout of the same.

4. ZofzPCB

zofzpcb - gerber viewer

This is one of the advanced software available for viewing GRB files. You can peel every layer of the PCB design to study the layout of the various components.

The software allows you to perform multiple actions (zoom, peel, and spread) using mouse scrolling or specific function keys.

You can selectively view or hide the components and blank spaces on the design board, view the design with its various parts, etc.

The software also helps generate a detailed report of the multiple components, nodes, and errors.

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5. GerberLogix

gerberlogix - best gerber viewer

This simple GRB file viewer for Windows allows you to easily manage the different layers of Gerber files.

The software comes with various tools that enable you to view all layers, zoom, select and move the objects, and measure the distance between two points, objects, and center.

You can also change the color of layers and preview the circuit drawing before taking a print. Additionally, you can export the Gerber file in BMP, PNG, JPG, and TIFF format.

6. Viewplot


This paid GRB editing software allows you to view the GRB files for free. You can get an excellent layer-wise view of Gerber files, with each layer depicted in a different color.

The software allows you to add text and other shapes to the file. You can turn the grid view on and off and change the dpi of the diagram (from 300 to up to 2,400). However, you cannot save any changes made in the file.

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7. LayoutEditor

layout editor - gerber viewer

This simple free software allows you to view and edit Gerber files. With this software, you can selectively view the various layers of the PCB design. The zoom feature allows you to have a magnified view of the board.

The software also has tools that make it easy to move and rotate objects and measure the distance between any two things.

Several options for editing Gerber files are available here, including adding paths, text, boxes, and cells and copying, deleting, mirroring, adding, and merging layers. This software can open files of different formats (CIF, SVG, CVS, GDS, GER, etc.).

8. FlatCam

flatcam - pcb prototyping

This is the best option if you want software to help you view, edit, or create a PCB board from scratch.

You can view the different layers of the design and select any specific component to view its property.

The software also allows you to measure the distance between any two elements on the board. You can open and edit the Gerber file (add shapes, paths, and merge polygons).

The software also has built-in tools to create double-sided PCBs by merely inverting layers. The designs generated can be exported as SVG files.

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9. DFM Now

dfm now - gerber viewer

This software lets you look at the Gerber files with different sections and layers of the file easily visible. Having a slider zoom makes it easy to view Gerber files in detail.

You can easily add, delete, move, mirror, rotate, or flip the components, but saving the file is impossible.

However, you can take a print of the same. If there is an error in the PCB design, generating an Excel or PDF error report is possible.

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10. Gerber Viewer

This open-source Gerber viewer for Windows is a simple tool that allows you to import and view the designs of the Gerber files.

You can import the files as 724-X and IPC2581 files and view or hide the layers by selecting and deselecting them. Standard operations are available in this software, making it an easy-to-use option.

Get this software here.

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These are some of the best Gerber viewer software for Windows that can come in handy for people who wish to view or edit PCB boards.

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