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4 Best Gambrel Roof Calculator Websites

Here we have compiled a list of 4 best Gambrel Roof Calculators that you can use to check dimensions for roof area, roof rafters, etc.

Here, you will find a list of the 4 best gambrel roof calculator websites. A gambrel roof is a symmetrical two-sided roof that has two slopes on each side. The lower slope is steep, while the upper slope has a shallow angle.

This article will share four websites where you can check dimensions for sweep angle, rafter length, roof area, upper and lower rafter angles, roof rafters, and other details.

Based on the Gambrel roof framing calculator website, you can enter input details like rafter thickness, wall width, rafter width, building length, house wall height, gable overhang, lower slope length, etc., and then calculate the result.

4 Best Gambrel Roof Calculator Websites

Few websites provide an output and sample diagram for the gambrel roof framing calculation. So, let’s know more about these gambrel roof calculator websites.

1. Gambrel Roof Calculator

gambrel roof calculator

This free website provides users with the amount and square of the under-laying materials and roofing ones, the quantity of roof boarding and rafters, and the roof’s square. The materials you choose for your roof depend on your preference and budget.

You will have options like metal sheets, tile, and slate. You can select rolled roofing materials like bituminous slate, shingles, etc.

This free online gambrel roof calculator estimates:

  • The roof surface’s total area, including each eave’s length.
  • The total square area of the garret, excluding space under the side slopes.
  • Amount of the materials required for the rafter system.
  • Quantity of rafters needed for the whole structure.
  • Total amount and square of the roofing materials like tile, metal, slate, etc.
  • Amount of the roof boarding rows in line with the specified parameters of the roof
  • Quantity of the boards needed for the roof boarding of the whole structure.
  • The total area of the under-laying materials takes into account the overlap.
  • Truss design

The website helps you calculate approximate prices and costs by finding the amount of gambrel roofing materials needed.

Visit this website.

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2. Kalk.pro

kalk - gable roof calculator

This gambrel roof calculator will allow you to quickly get all the required design parameters for this type of roof.

You don’t need deep knowledge to calculate the amount of material required for a roof; you can use the algorithm developed by the programmers of this website. It considers all the nuances that may arise during the designing process of a gambrel roof.

This roofing calculator will allow you to plan the whole construction process correctly and help resolve all issues related to the roof system and structure’s reliability.

This online gambrel roof framing calculator uses equal angles between the base of the roof, sides, and end slopes. You will be required to fill in specific primary dimensions like:

  • Linear features of the building – length, width, wall parameters.
  • The roof’s dimensions- width and length of the base, desired height, and the size of overhangs.
  • Data for calculating hip roof rafters and battens – width, thickness, and angles.
  • The settings of sheeting – OSB board are only for soft roofs.
  • Roofing sheets and information on roofing underlayment.

After you enter these numbers, hit “Calculate.” This gambrel roof framing calculator will provide you with the following information:

  • Calculation of the roof with a detailed drawing of the whole structure in general and final data.
  • The roof rafters’ sizes separately, like slope, diagonal, etc.
  • The calculation of counter-battens and roof battens.
  • Calculation of inferior purlins or wall plates in a detailed final drawing.
  • The total volume of lumber for the rafters and batons.
  • Drawings of all types of rafters separately.
  • The hip roof layout diagram.
  • Drawings of the complete framing system from different angles.
  • Interactive 3D model of the roof for clarity.

Visit this website.

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3. Spikevm

spikevm - gambrel roof calculator websites

Spikevm is a handy gambrel roof calculator that calculates a gambrel roof’s square footage.

Understanding the basics provides a sample diagram of a gambrel roof’s upper, lower, and other parts. You can take some time to view it and start with your calculation.

You can provide the following inputs:

  • Building length
  • Gable overhang
  • Lower roof pitch
  • Upper roof pitch
  • Eaves overhang
  • Building width, etc

When you click the ‘Calculate’ button, it will show the result. The output will contain a lower roof angle, root area in square feet, upper roof angle, and lower and upper slope percentage.

Visit this website.

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4. Blocklayer

blocklayer - gambrel roof calculator

This gambrel roof calculator’s unique feature is the animated diagram option. If you change the sweep angle and scale for the roof with the help of sliders, Blocklayer will change the diagram accordingly.

To calculate the gambrel roof frame structure, you can provide input details like sweep angle, wall width, purlin thickness, rafter depth, ridge height, overhang, gussets, etc.

Once done, you can get the output diagram showing the dimensions for the gambrel roof structure. Lower rafter and upper rafter angles will also be visible in separate charts.

Visit this website.

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We summarize our list of the 4 best gambrel roof calculator websites. You can use these online calculators to determine dimensions for upper and lower rafter angles, length, roof rater, roof area, etc. My favorites are Gambrel Roof Calculator and Blocklayer, which offer a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

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