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8 Best Free Websites to Swap Faces Online

Discover the top 8 free websites to swap faces online. Unleash your creativity and transform photos with ease using these powerful tools.

This blog post explores the 8 best free websites to swap faces online. By uploading two photos of people, these tools will automatically swap and merge the faces to create funny new images.

Whether you want to prank your friends or create memes, face-swapping is a fun way to manipulate photos.

You can generate hilarious results by sharing a laugh or making viral jokes in seconds. If you’re looking for an entertaining trick to play with pictures, swapping faces online is a great option.

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8 Best Free Websites to Swap Faces Online

Here, we have curated the Top 8 Websites that will allow you to swap faces on photographs online; these tools are technically superior and work well for their respective purposes. Let’s have a look.

1. ChangeFaces

changefaces - face swap online tool

ChangeFaces.com is another free online image face swap website that provides an excellent background and faces to make compelling images of your choice.

With a wide variety of options such as hundreds of scenes, adjustability for flipping the face vertically/horizontally, zooming in or out the photos, and adding bubbles and texts, it allows users to create beautiful interactive pictures!

You can also import from the computer and save them in PNG, JPG & PDF formats – making this service ideal for sharing purposes, too!


  • Hundreds Of Scenes To Choose From
  • Adjust Faces Vertically Or Horizontally
  • Zoom In And Out Pictures Easily
  • Add Texts And Bubbles
  • Import Images From Computer
  • Save As PNG, JPG & PDF Formats
  • Send Directly By Email


  • Free Service
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Wide Variety Of Options


  • Limited Choices For Customization

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2. FaceSwapOnline

faceswaponline - swap faces online

Faceswaponline.com is a free online image face swap website that enables users to upload images and easily create stunning swapped creations!

This site allows you to insert two different photos, crop the faces as desired, adjust them for better positioning on the other photo if needed, and add additional stickers or props to make your picture look more extraordinary.

All of this can be done without prior knowledge about editing tools while only needing basic computer skills required when working with simple programs.


  • Uploads pictures from URL or Computer
  • Crops Face & Adjusts Them In Place
  • Ability To Add Stickers/Props For Extraordinary Results
  • Easy-To-Use Interface With Basic Editing Skills Required


  • Free Of Cost Website
  • No Installation Needed


  • Limited Tools For Advanced Image Editings

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3. PhotoFunia

photofunia - swap faces online

PhotoFunia is a free online image face swap website that offers an easy and convenient way to switch faces.

It allows users to create stunning images in no time, with its automated facial detection system for pairing base images with face shots of their choice.

The site also provides options like color matching between different photos so you can get your desired outcome every time!


  • Automated facial recognition & swapping capabilities
  • Ability to crop or match colors on chosen faces
  • Generate the final photo in JPG format
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Easy to use – perfect for beginners
  • No registration required


  • Limited editing tools

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4. My Heritage

my heritage - face swap online

MyHeritage is a free online image face swap website that lets its users animate old photos.

The app’s ‘Deep Nostalgia’ feature has become immensely popular since it allows you to record animated versions of the images with realistic facial expressions, eyes, and mouth movements like they were straight out of Harry Potter’s magical newspaper – Daily Prophet!

All one needs to do here is upload an image onto their platform, after which clicking the ‘animate button’ will bring your photo to life in just a few seconds.


  • An animated version of uploaded photos produced using Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Ability to create video clips from multiple frames up to 20-sec long clip duration
  • The app supports all kinds of various file types, including .jpg/.png/raw files, etc
  • Easy, intuitive interface allowing smooth user experience


  • A free plan is available without any subscription fees
  • AI-powered animations provide more natural movements
  • Allows social media sharing directly from the application


  • No control over the generated animation speed
  • Limited editing options such as color changes or zooming

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5. Deepfakesweb.com

deepfakesweb - online deepfake maker

Deepfakesweb.com is a free online image face-swapping website that enables users to create deep fake videos on the web by leveraging its robust Deep Learning algorithm and GPUs in the cloud.

It takes up to 4 hours to learn and train from videos/images, while another 30 minutes is required to swap faces using trained models – the resulting video is available within five hours with the free version (the premium version cuts down this time significantly).


  • Ability to switch between different images without compromising quality
  • Support multiple formats, including PNG & JPEG format
  • Easy-to-use interface allowing the replacing one face with another
  • Streamlined workflow through which you can quickly process your data


  • Fast rendering of results
  • A free basic plan offering enough features


  • Slow processing speed as compared to paid versions
  • No support is offered for audio files

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6. Craiyon.com

craiyon - swap faces online

Craiyon.com is a free online image face swap website that allows users to create fun, humorous images easily and quickly with just the click of a mouse or touchpad! Craiyon’s advanced technology can automatically detect faces in photos, so you don’t need manual cropping for your pictures.


  • Automatic Face Detection allows the automatic detection of any photo without needing complex editing tools
  • Easy Upload & Download to easily upload and download created files from device storage as well as cloud services like Dropbox


  • Free to use
  • Simple interface – no complicated software installation required


  • A limited number of options are available (no 3D face swaps)

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7. Icons8

face swapper by icons8

Icons8 is one of the best free websites to swap faces online. It offers a tremendous AI-powered face swapper tool that lets users make quality, high-resolution swaps quickly and conveniently.

This website also has an easy-to-use multi-swap feature, which lets people upload multiple pictures simultaneously to swap facial features or expressions on them.

Furthermore, Icons8 provides its customers a three-day free trial period to get familiarised with the application before signing up for it as paying subscribers ($19 per month/$99 yearly).


  • Easy & convenient Face Swapping using AI technology
  • Multi Swap function allows uploading pictures together
  • High-Resolution Quality output images ∙
  • 3-Day Free Trial Period Available


  • Accessible through the web browser
  • Extremely user friendly
  • A variety of editing tools are available (Apart from just FaceSwapping)


  • Payable subscription plans after the expiration of the trial

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8. FaceSwapper.ai

face swapper online

Faceswapper.ai is a unique free online image face-swapping website with a wide range of features that make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to experiment with their pictures and images quickly, easily, and without spending money.

It allows users to upload or drag & drop images onto its interface to select faces from pre-provided lists. It offers options for users who prefer uploading their original image into Faceswapper’s database instead of selecting one from existing ones provided by the service.


  • Easy Interface allows you to upload or drag &drop your photos
  • Select Face List to choose between male/female (or both) lists while also being able to use your own uploaded photo if desired
  • The swap Now button allows you to click this button after making selections before downloading the final result


  • Fast Processing Time Swaps are completed within seconds
  • Free Service. No sign-up required
  • Safe Usage


  • I never found it yet!

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This article reviewed the 8 best free websites to swap faces online. Having a layer of fun and laughter is essential in conversations. We hope you found this article to be insightful. Please make sure that you share it with everyone.

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