8 Best Free Websites to Extract Text from Image Online

Welcome to our blog! Today, we will explore the best 8 websites that let you extract text from images online for free. Are you tired of manually typing out important text from images? Image-to-text extraction tools can make this process much easier for you. These online services allow you to extract text from images and convert it into editable text documents.

These tools can save time and improve accuracy, especially when dealing with difficult-to-read text. Our blog has researched and compiled a list of the top 8 free online image-to-text extraction tools. These websites have various features, such as extracting text from various image formats, recognizing multiple languages, and saving the extracted text.

With these free online image-to-text extraction tools, you can easily extract text from images and use it for your projects or documents without manually typing it out. So, let’s dive into the top 8 best websites for extracting text from images online for free!

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8 Best Free Websites to Extract Text from Images Online

1. i2OCR

i2ocr - extract text from image online

The first on the list is the website named i2OCR.com, which can extract text from images in more than 50 languages.

First, you have to upload the image for extraction. Then, the text extracted will be visible on the screen afterward. You can either note down the text or duplicate it on your writing board.

Another way of taking the text is by downloading it in the given formats, such as TXT, DOC, PDF, etc.

However, there is no option for batch extraction on this website.

The website also provides you with translating the text into other languages unavailable in the system.

Some features are Cloud Integration, Free Quotes, Data Privacy, etc.

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2. Online-convert

online convert - extract text from images online

Online-convert.com is another encounter in terms of website, which helps in converting files. Extracting text in over 70 languages from the image is accessible on this website.

When you upload the image, it will accept the image as input. Then it will take out the text and store it in a TXT file format. The number of images that can be extracted at one time is three.

The download options, such as TXT, ZIP, Google Drive, Dropbox, and QR Code, are different. You can also import the images from Google Drive or Dropbox with the help of cloud integration.

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3. PrePostSeo

Another free website for converting images to text format is PrePostSeo.com.

To extract the text, you either must add the image or you can patch the URL. After recognizing the language to be extracted, it takes out the text from the image.

After that, you can remember, copy, or download the text in the available formats, TXT or DOC. You can edit the text if you want to.

Here, you can also upload three images at a time. But as for the language, you do not have to select it. It will get detected automatically.

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4. OCR2Edit

This website provides a free service for extracting text from the image. The text generated can be in more than 70 languages with the help of the OCR technique.
To start, you have to add the images.

You can add up to three images in one go, but a maximum of nine files per day only, which can be imported or uploaded. Then the text will be extracted. After the extraction, the text file can be exported to Google Drive and Dropbox.

The file also generates a QR Code to share easily with others.

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5. OnlineOCR


OnlineOCR.net is a free service for extracting text from images in 45 languages.

You have to add the photo to the website. Then, you have to select the source language, and the text will be extracted.

In terms of the output produced, you will choose in which format the output will be saved, i.e., TXT, DOC, or XLSX file.

The number of files that can be extracted at one time is one. Thus there is no batch extraction, but 15 images can be extracted in one hour.

There is no cloud integration on this site.

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6. DupliChecker

dupli checker - online image to text converter

While the list is going long, DupliChecker.com is another free text from the image-extracting source in this list, which is backed by the OCR method.
The number of languages available in this tool is more than 15.

You have to fetch the image one at a time. Then the extraction will begin, and the result will be displayed. However, the output will not be saved in any file format.

Therefore, you have to copy the text. There is no data privacy on this website.

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7. SmallSeoTools

smallseotools - image to text online ocr tool

SmallSeoTools.com is the following website on this list of free text from the image extraction website list. This tool goes well with the English language.

To add the image, you can add the local image, paste the URL, or import the image from Google Drive or Dropbox. One image will be processed at one time.

Then, after the extraction, the text can be downloaded in the TXT format, or you can copy it.

The language available will be auto-detected.

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8. EasyPDF

easy pdf - online ocr tool

Last, this list of free websites for the text from image extraction is EasyPDF.com.

The technique used in this website is OCR, and it goes well with the language of English.

One file during a period will be extracted. You have to take the photo from Google Drive or Dropbox. After the extraction, the output can be taken in the downloaded formats of TXT, DOC, and XLS.

There is no batch selection of images. Also, you will not be able to select the source language.

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Wrap Up

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the best 8 free online image-to-text extraction tools available. These websites have features that let you extract text from various image formats, recognize multiple languages, and save the extracted text in different file types.

With these free online tools, you can make your life easier by quickly and accurately extracting text from images without having to go through the hassle of manually typing it out. Whether you need to use the extracted text for a project, document, or anything else, these online tools will be helpful.

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