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10 Best Free Websites To Draw Activity Diagrams Online

Here we have compiled a list of 10 best free websites to draw activity diagrams online. Use these diagramming tools to design activity diagrams.

We will share the 10 best free online websites to draw activity diagrams here. Using these online UML diagramming tools, you can effortlessly design activity diagrams and export them as PNG, JPG, PDF, HTML, and many other formats.

Most of these UML diagramming tools offer various templates for activity diagrams. You can use these templates and customize them as per your requirements. You can also use their free-flow canvas and editing options to design UML activity diagrams.

The best part is that most websites are free but have limited features. We have mentioned their pricing plans and all the features so that you can choose the best tool for all your UML diagramming tools.

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10 Best Free Websites To Draw Activity Diagrams Online

Let’s now explore these free websites to draw UML activity diagrams online.

1. Visual Paradigm Online

visual paradigm online - draw activity diagrams online

Visual Paradigm Online is one of the best tools for drawing UML activity diagrams online. It offers a modern diagramming user interface.

The best part is that it provides several activity diagram templates for different use cases. So, if you want to design activity diagrams instantly, you should check out Visual Paradigm Online.

Getting started with Visual Paradigm Online is pretty straightforward. Visit the tool using the link provided below.

After that, create a free account and log in to your account. From your main dashboard, draw a new diagram and select an activity diagram template.

Once you have selected an activity diagram, you will access its diagramming interface. You can access all the symbols you can drag and drop to its main interface to draw an activity diagram on the left-hand side.

Visual Paradigm Online Features

  • Basic templates and diagram symbols
  • Chart tools
  • Free stock photos
  • Export activity diagrams in JPG, PNG, or PDF formats
  • Basic form builder
  • Real-time collaboration and spreadsheet editor

Try this tool to draw activity diagrams online here.

2. Diagrams.net

diagrams - draw activity diagram

Diagrams.net is another free website to draw UML activity diagrams online. The best part is that it supports integration with Google Drive and Google Workspace.

It also offers real-time collaboration options and commenting to brainstorm your ideas coherently. After designing your activity diagram, export it as PNG, SVG, PDF, HTML, XML, and other file formats.

Diagrams.net Features

  • Desktop app for offline support
  • VS Code plugin available
  • Supports Google Drive and Google Workspace
  • Notion Chrome extension to draw activity diagrams directly in Notion workspaces

Try this tool to draw activity diagrams online here.

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3. Lucidchart

lucidchart - activity diagram

Lucidchart Features:

  • Three editable documents
  • Hundreds of professional templates
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Various style shapes
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts
  • Organizer your diagrams with containers
  • Presentation mode
  • Add comments to brainstorm ideas
  • Publish diagrams

Try this tool to draw activity diagrams online here.

4. GenMyModel

genmymodel - draw activity diagram

GenMyModel Features:

  • Easy to use and real-time collaboration for diagramming
  • Online repositories to quickly and collaboratively save, search, and browse models and artifacts.
  • Code-free meta-model customization
  • Export activity diagrams in UML, JPG, SVG, and PDF formats
  • Validation mechanism to ensure you draw UML-compliant activity diagrams

Try this tool to draw activity diagrams online here.

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5. yUML

yuml - activity diagrams

yUML Features:

  • VS Code extension available to draw activity diagrams and other UML diagrams
  • Use yUML syntax to draw class, and activity, and use case diagram
  • Export activity diagram as PDF, JPG, SVG, and PNG image
  • Use plain text or CI scripts to draw activity diagrams
  • Easily share activity diagrams and embed them in Wiki, Slack, and blogs

Pricing: Free plan with five saved diagrams

Try this tool to draw activity diagrams online here.

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6. Miro

miro - activity diagram tool

Miro Features:

  • Design activity diagrams with a modern diagramming interface
  • Three editable boards
  • Premade templates
  • Core integrations with Slack, JIRA, and other productivity tools
  • Basic attention management
  • Collaboration
  • Authentication via Google, Office 365, and Slack

Try this tool to draw activity diagrams online here.

7. SmartDraw

smartdraw - draw uml diagrams online

SmartDraw Features:

  • Intelligent formatting engine
  • Automatic spacing, color schemes, sizing, and alignment
  • Supports integration with Jira, AWS, MS Office, Google apps, and more
  • Thousands of symbols and templates to draw UML activity diagrams online
  • Supports Visio export and import
  • Collaborate anywhere, anytime
  • Enterprise-level security and administration

Try this tool to draw activity diagrams online here.

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8. Moqups

moqups - draw activity diagram

Moqups Features:

  • Free plan available with two projects and 400 objects
  • Real-time editing and comments
  • Flow diagramming
  • Upload your designs
  • Annotate diagrams and take notes
  • Thousands of icons from popular libraries
  • Easy link sharing and export to Google Drive
  • Download activity diagrams in PDF or PNG format
  • Supports integration with Trello and Slack

Try this tool to draw activity diagrams online here.

9. Creately


Creately Features:

  • Items in a workspace are data-linked and context-aware
  • Add notes, data, tasks, workflow statuses, and more
  • Free-form canvas for diagramming
  • Get more things done with My Tasks and workflows
  • Visual workspaces and custom databases
  • Multi-player collaboration
  • Wiki and Notes
  • Modeling and Diagramming

Pricing: Free plan available with three workspaces and a limited number of shapes

Try this tool here.

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10. Cacoo

cacoo - online activity diagram

Cacoo Features:

  • Multi-user editing and comments on diagrams
  • In-app video and chat with screen-sharing
  • Easy to use editor to draw UML diagrams online for free
  • Start from a template or free-draw on a blank canvas
  • Presentation mode to showcase your diagram
  • Share diagrams with a link or email
  • Export activity diagrams as SVG, PDF, and more
  • Easy to organize and effective team management
  • Other handy features include revision history, AWS importer, dynamic charts, embedded diagrams, etc.
  • Support integrations with Google, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Confluence

Try this tool here.

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Wrapping Up

In this blog, we shared a list of the 10 best free websites to draw UML activity diagrams online. Use any of these websites to design activity diagrams in an instant.

The best part is that you can pick from various templates to draw activity diagrams. You can also choose to draw activity diagrams from scratch.

Most of these online UML diagramming tools offer a modern editing interface. You must drag and drop activity diagrams onto their free-flow canvas and connect them. Once done, you can export the diagrams as JPG, PNG, PDF, or other supported formats.

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