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10 Best Free VNC Software For Windows

Here we have compiled a list of 10 best free VNC software for Windows. Read this article to know more.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 10 best free VNC software for Windows. Do you ever feel frustrated getting stuck on the computer while transferring files, troubleshooting, or diagnosing?

And in the meantime, there is nobody to help you there? You feel like how to overcome such a situation. The answer to such problems is Virtual Network Computing(VNC) software.

Generally, these are computer software that gives you the power to operate any client’s computer with a remote computer on a solid network connection without asking you to physically check the client’s computer.

Here is how it works: you would require a VNC server on your computer and a VNC viewer on the client’s computer; through this, you could share a desktop screen or view the client’s desktop screen for the respective purpose, requiring a well-built network connection.

You can operate the system with a mouse and keyboard with the help of the Remote Frame Buffer Protocol(RFB).

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10 Best Free VNC Software For Windows

It is not only limited to Windows, but you can use it for Android, MAC, and IOS devices, and for that, you need a VNC viewer on your device.

Therefore, we have created a list of 10 Best Free VNC Software for Windows.

Let’s look through it once!

1. Real VNC

real vnc

First on the list is RealVNC software. It is first featured in the list because it has several features that allow smooth functioning on remote and client personal devices. Free software is divided into VNC Connect (server) and VNC Viewer.

To operate it, you need to download VNC, connect it to another computer, which you need to control for individual purposes and connect the VNC viewer to your computer.

After installation of the VNC server, you need to set its password. Further, you have to add the IP address of the controlling computer and set a password to the VNC viewer. After all the login procedures, you are good to go.

The best feature is that you can reach 5 remote computers simultaneously as their thumbnail appears on the VNC viewer screen, and you can change the remote computer accordingly by double-clicking on the thumbnail.


  • Complete end-to-end session encryption
  • Cloud and direct LAN connectivity


  • Free to use
  • Hassle-free


  • None

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2. Tiger VNC

tigervnc screenshot

TigerVNC software by RedHat is the best in business software with its large community of consumers.

It helps to enhance the performance and rigor of the security system without interrupting and offers freedom to transfer heavy files while working on the client’s or your PC’s screen.

This software also works on the same principle: VNC server and VNC viewer.

You have to download and install it on both server and viewer devices. You have to install the VNC server on the remote computer. Just set its password along with secure encryption and authentication methods.

Conversely, you must provide a VNC server password and computer IP address so the VNC viewer can easily connect to a remote computer. It even allows a remote user to run 3D games and video files on a client’s computer.


  • Useful in OS systems
  • Easy installation


  • Free software with a warranty
  • Strong network connection
  • Huge users


  • Interface is confusing

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3. AnyDesk

anydesk vnc client for windows

It is a multi-purpose VNC software that works efficiently on Windows, macOS, android, IOS, Linux, Chrome OS, and Raspberry Pi. Compatible enough to function well with previous versions of Windows without any lagging.

It also works on the same principle: download and install the VNC server and VNC viewer on a remote and host computer. Then, the remote user needs to send a password and IP address to the client VNC viewer to connect.


  • Work on all platforms and all devices
  • Offer chat services on both sides
  • Guidance support


  • Free updates
  • Light design
  • Smooth remote desktop connections


Work not well with weal connections

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4. Team Viewer

teamviewer - best vnc clients for windows

Another remote desktop software in the list is Team Viewer, which helps access another computer quickly. Famous among beginners who are new to the software. Please help them to understand every function with ease.

You can download TeamViewer software on both remote and client computers. Further, share the VNC server address and password to the VNC viewer for an impregnable connection.

It features cross-platform support, which means you can access the client’s MAC, Windows, or Linux device.


  • Simple interface
  • Cross-platform support
  • TeamViewer assist AR


  • Instantly solve IT problem
  • Digitize entire workflow

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5. UltraVNC

ultravnc viewer

It is one of the best VNC software used worldwide by multinational IT companies to resolve their clients’ problems.

There is no doubt that it is not meant for a beginner, but if you are familiar with VNC software, you will not face any such problems related to the functioning of the software.

You will follow the same principles and guidelines for its sound operation. After installing Ultra VNC software on both computers and transferring the address and password to the VNC viewer, you will work on a computer.


  • Follow RFB protocol
  • Remote PC access software


  • Beneficial for IT departments
  • Remote computer access


User interface

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6. TightVNC


For easy and hassle-free functioning, TightVNC software is the best for you. It also comes with a not-so-likable interface because of its advanced version.

Hence, anyone aware of this software has an unprecedented advantage on Tight VNC.

The last to the latest launched version of this software can run on flavors of Windows. Along with this, a Java version of TightVNC viewer is also available on the site.

It works the same as other VNC software, and the operating scheme is the same for this software.


  • Readily available for 32-bit and 64-bit windows
  • Cross-platform support


  • Faster and secure
  • Easily configure remote machines
  • Easy to download


  • Not-so-easy interface
  • Lags at updates
  • Lacks chat and guiding features.

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7. mRemoteNG


This VNC software is a multi-protocol9 (including VNC, RDP, Telnet, and SSH) and remote connections manager for Windows.

Easy to update, and if by chance any virus settles itself in the software, the bug fixes function can help you get rid of them.

An open-source VNC network lets you connect faster to the client VNC viewer. Overall, it is good in all spheres, and its eco-friendly user interface is even more intriguing.


  • It comes in multiple languages
  • N numbers of supported protocols


  • Easy interface
  • Open source VNC

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8. Chrome Remote Desktop

chrome remote desktop

You can depend on this remote-sharing desktop because it is free and Google Chrome owns. It is the highly trusted VNC software among the listed VNC software.

It is a web-based VNC viewer, so if the requirement of such software is minimal, you can easily access this service by browsing.

Another reason to trust this software is its end-to-end encryption, which means your device and files are secured.


  • Web-based VNC viewer
  • Helpful interface


  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Convenient
  • Fast


  • Do not offer chat and guidance feature

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9. Ammy Admin

ammy admin

Ammy Admin is one of the oldest VNC software. Considering its interface, it is not as good as the interface of the latest software in the market.

One unique feature that is rare to find in the latest VNC software is that you can check the connection speed.

Its function on two types of connection:

1. Like the old traditional operation of having access to another computer.

2. Watch only where you can see what the VNC server is doing on the VNC viewer screen.


  • Zero-config remote desktop software
  • Easy to set without installing


  • Built-in voice chat and file manager
  • Highest level of data transfer security
  • Control of unattended computers


  • Old interface

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10. JollysFastVNC


jollysFastVNC software favors both Windows and Mac. Its innovative function is a conference tool where Windows conferencing programs are way more secure than Mac-based.

This software uses an encryption system while conferencing to save data information.


  • Conferencing program secured with encryption
  • Fast
  • Secure- SSH tunneling, SSL, and SOCKS support inbuilt
  • Smart zoom for viewing the sizeable remote desktop


  • Highly secured

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Does all the VNC software work on the same operation?

Yes, Almost all VNC software works on the same principle: download and install software on both computers, then transfer IP address and password from server to viewer computer, except Chrome Remote Desktop because it is a web-based service.

Are all the VNC software can be downloaded for free?

Not all, but we can say that some work on a subscription basis.

How do you decide which one is the best VNC Software?

The 10 best free VNC software for Windows are already listed in the article. Please go and check.

Wrap Up

I hope you have been through the whole article if you are searching for free VNC software for your device or corporate-related work. It would help you out. So far, these were the 10 best free VNC software for Windows.

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