7 Best Free Spacebar Speed Test Websites

Here we have compiled a list of the 7 best free spacebar speed test websites. The spacebar speed test measures how many times you can click the spacebar in a given amount of time. Do you want to see how quickly you can press the spacebar? Take the Spacebar speed test on any of the free websites listed below.

Spacebar is the most frequently used key while typing. Besides, if you play a video game, this is the key you would use to leap or shoot most of the time. And that is the reason; your spacebar speed should be fast.

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7 Best Free Spacebar Speed Test Websites

Let’s now start exploring these spacebar speed test websites. Most of these websites are pretty simple to use, and you will quickly discover the speed of your spacebar button click.

1. ClicksPerSecond


The website offers an intuitive and modern interface. ClicksPerSecond is a click speed test game that allows you to test your spacebar clicking speed. The Spacebar Test developed by ClicksPerSecond is one of the internet’s most popular spacebar testing tools.

All you need to do is click the start button and hit the spacebar. Your time will be recorded and displayed in clicks per second. This is a really simple and fun test that anyone can take.

Finally, ClicksPerSecond’s Spacebar Test determines your ranking based on your spacebar clicking speed and provides your results, as shown above.

2. Click Speed Test

click speed test

Once on this website, at the top of the page, you will see tabs like ‘clicks per second,’ ‘clicks in 10 seconds, and so on. You need to click on any one of them. Click on ‘Click here to start the test on the next page.

Now start tapping your spacebar as fast as you can. A countdown timer will indicate how much time is left. The ‘Click to See Your Score’ button will appear after the expired timer.

To find out how many times you pressed the spacebar, click on it. You can apply your score and save your Best scores for your Spacebar speed test. If you want to retake the test, you can click ‘Retry’ to get more practice and improve your spacebar tapping speed.

Check out this website.

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3. Spacebar Test

spacebar test

Once on this webpage, you will notice words like 1,3,5,10, and so on. They denote the number of seconds you would like to speed test. Please select any one of them.

Once selected, you must tap your spacebar as many times as possible. Your data will show up in the form of a graph. You are free to play as many rounds as you want.

The highest CPS result represents your actual CPS (click per second). After each attempt, there is a ‘Try Again’ button to retake the spacebar speed test.

Check out this website.

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4. Click Speeder

click speeder - spacebar counter

Click Speeder is yet another website where you can take the spacebar speed test. On the website, go to Spacebar Clicker, and set your Spacebar timer to whatever time you want to fix it.

The tool provides various time options; you can select or set the time limit for the spacebar speed test as required. If you want to see how many times you clicked the Spacebar in a minute, click on the ’60 seconds’ tab.

The website will take you to a screen where you have to click on ‘Click me” and then click the spacebar as many times as you can in a minute. The spacebar timer will stop after 60 seconds, and you will be able to see your Spacebar pressing speed score.

Check out this website.

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5. Spacebar Counter

spacebar counter

When you first enter the website, you can see two things. The ‘space bar counter’ and the ‘second counter.’

Select the time frame you would like to test for from the ‘second counter.’ Then click on “Click here to start timer.” You need to press the spacebar button as often as possible until the timer stops.

spacebar speed test results

Once the timer stops, it will show your score on the screen along with your rank. There is also a button to restart the game.

Check out this website.

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6. ClickSpeedTest

spacebar speed test website

This website has a calculator that plots the rate at which you tap the spacebar against time.

Many users choose the 1-minute test, the longest, but 10-second and 5-second tests are available.

After the timer has expired, you can see how many times the spacebar has been tapped in a certain amount of time.

Check out this website.

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7. Sporcle

sporcle - spacebar speed test

Another free website on our list for the spacebar speed test is Sporcle.com. In this, you must tap your spacebar 300 times in under a minute.

To start the game, click on “Play Quiz.” It has six rows of 50 rectangular shapes and a total of 300. The shape shrinks to its smallest size with each press.

You can see your score and the remaining time in the upper right corner. If you don’t think you’ll be able to finish the challenge, press the ‘Give Up’ button below the timer to end it.

Once you accomplish your first challenge, it takes you to the other one.

Check out this website.

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Final Thoughts

We summarize our list of the six best free spacebar speed test websites. My favorites are Click Speed Test and Spacebar test, as these websites are very straightforward. Check out these spacebar speed test online tools and let us know which one you like the most.

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