5 Best Free Redis GUI Clients for Windows

best free redis gui clients

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Here we have compiled a list of the 5 best free Redis GUI clients for Windows. While Redis began as a caching database, it has come a long way to emerge as a primary database. Currently, several applications have been built using Redis as the primary database.

It helps applications retrieve the data stored in the cache memory to be more responsive. Managing different databases is easier with Redis GUI tools that help you connect any Redis instance.

Additionally, they help you visualize and edit existing keys and delete keys stored in the database from the UI. If you are looking for Free Redis GUI Clients for Windows, here is a comprehensive list of the best five options available.

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5 Best Free Redis GUI Clients for Windows

Let’s now explore these best free Redis GUI clients for Windows.

1. Another Redis Desktop Manager

another redis desktop manager

This is one of the best free Redis GUI, allowing you to manage Redis databases easily. The Redis client allows you to connect to several local and remote Redis databases. With a CLI window within the UI, you can quickly run Redis commands for a connected dataset.

You can also use multiple tabs to run different Redis sessions for various purposes. Listing, creating, editing, and deleting keys stored in the dataset of the running Redis server can be done easily using this.

Additional information like used memory, connected clients, Redis version, total commands, number of keys, etc., can be seen. Irrespective of your operating system, the software can be downloaded and used to connect to a remote or local Redis.

Get this Redis GUI client here.

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2. Redis GUI

redis gui

You can use this open-source, free Redis client on your PC easily. You can connect with multiple Redis databases simultaneously. The built-in search tool helps you quickly find the specific keys despite the presence of millions of keys stored within the database.

If there are multiple connection profiles, the Redis console offers to run commands against the connected database. Once downloaded from the link, the software can be used by adding connection parameters for remote or local Redis databases.

You can visualize the stored keys on the left, and by clicking them, you can view their associated values. Editing the set values, setting a TTL, copying things to the clipboard, or deleting any key can be done with a click.

While inserting a new key to the database on a Redis server, you can mention the data you wish to save. It supports list, hash, set, strings, and zest. To run native Redis commands, you can open a console window from the toolbar present on the top.

Get this Redis GUI client here.

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3. P3X Redis UI

p3x redis ui

This is another great Redis client that serves your purpose. All essential features required to manage single or multiple Redis servers are available here. Connecting with local or remote Redis and managing databases is accessible using the keys stored in them. Moreover, you can add new keys or modify the existing ones.

The software supports data types, including sets, lists, strings, hashes, sorted sets, etc. An additional feature is that you can see Redis statistics, including processor usage and memory, apart from adding modified keys.

Once you have downloaded the link, you can open the software on your device to add the Redis server credentials. After this, database retrieval can be done using all the keys. You can see all the keys, and clicking them will show their stored values.

Inserting new keys and assigning TTL to exist and new keys is possible. The search tool within the software makes it easy to find specific keys in the database. This simple yet powerful Redis GUI can help you manage several Redis databases simultaneously.

Get this Redis GUI client here.

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4. Redis Desktop Manager

redis desktop manager

This is an excellent option to access a database from any platform to view the keys or execute any command.

You can connect to local or remote Redis servers and alter the connection settings, including the host address, database name, authentication password, etc.

This free-to-download software can be installed on a 32-bit version of different Windows OS, although it works equally well for Linux and Mac.

Get this Redis GUI client here.

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5. QuickRedis


The best part of this Redis GUI is its amazingly more straightforward interface. It is an excellent way to connect to local Redis servers. However, the remote connection was not exceptionally good. Most of the features of this software are similar to those mentioned previously.

Once downloaded, you can easily connect to the local Redis server without any authentication (unless required). Managing the database is easier since you can modify, add, or delete the keys remotely. You can connect multiple Redis servers to do the same task using this program.

Get this Redis GUI client here.

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Most of these websites have open-source software and work for not just Windows but also Linux and Mac. Once you connect with Redis locally or remotely, with or without authentication, you can easily manage the keys stored in the database. Thanks to them, you can easily connect and manage the Redis database and servers locally or remotely.