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10 Best Free PDF MetaData Editor for Windows

Here we have compiled a list of 10 best free PDF metadata editor for Windows. Use these software to edit metadata of PDF files.

Every PDF document we create, edit, and view on our laptops/desktops carries metadata information. The file’s metadata includes title, author, creator, subject, created date, modified date, keywords, etc.

The ones listed here are elementary metadata tags; some advanced information in the PDF file can also be present.

Information like Copyright, Identifier, Ratings, PDF Cover, Comments, etc., will be enhanced metadata.

A few editing operations that typically get done on metadata are as follows.

  • Edit all PDF metadata in a bulk operation
  • Remove the original metadata of the PDF and add new metadata to the file
  • Copy of the metadata from the PDF
  • Export metadata from the PDF file into another externalized file

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10 Best Free PDF MetaData Editors for Windows

The users are sometimes required to edit the PDF file for operations such as ‘adding PDF security,’ ‘signing PDF documents,’ and ‘extracting images from PDF.’

Several free PDF editor software is available as remediation for doing these edits on the PDF file and editing its metadata.

Let’s explore the best among them – a list of free PDF metadata editors for Windows.

1. Calibre


Calibre was primarily launched for e-book management but has proven an efficient PDF metadata editor for Windows. You can install the Windows version on your machine from their proprietary site.

Being an e-book management software, all PDF e-books supported by devices like Kindle, WordProcessor, etc., can be edited for their metadata (like Author, Keywords).

One can edit the PDF metadata in bulk, add a cover to the PDF files, copy the metadata of a PDF file, and download the metadata from online sources.

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2. BeCyPDFMetaEdit


This application comes with all the needed features to edit the metadata of PDF files. Besides editing the Title, Author, and Keywords metadata, the application can delete the XMP metadata while saving the changed document.

Also, other options for changing Viewer preferences and adding more security and page labels are available on this application.

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3. Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor


Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor’s features go beyond just single PDF edits. Download and install the PDF Editor for Windows from their official site and explore the capabilities of this editor to edit PDF documents in bulk (on their free edition, the bulk limit for editing is set to 5).

The metadata editor capability lets the user edit information like Keywords, Creator, and Producer of the PDF file.

Other attractive and beneficial features of this software include clearing the original metadata of the files, loading the metadata from external metadata files, and saving current metadata information in an XML format in an external document.

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4. PDF Shaper


This versatile software provides many options for editing the PDF and its metadata. This software has numerous ways, from converting PDF files to text or image to splitting or cropping PDF and from PDF encryptor to PDF decryptor.

You can choose the metadata edit feature from its menu, and the information appearing on the Fields tab can be changed to desired values.

Author, Producer, Title, and Keywords are some fields that will be seen under the metadata edits. Download this software from their official site.

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5. iSafePDF


This software lets you edit the basic metadata of a PDF file. After successfully downloading and installing their site, one can launch it to select the PDF to be edited. The source file can be browsed and picked from the local directory on the launch window.

It shows all the file metadata; you can modify them according to the new values needed. You must mention the target file name and location on the same form.

Once complete, process the modified information at the click of a button, and the information gets saved to the specified target file.

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6. Debenu PDF Tools


You can download the Debenu PDF Tools from the CNET website. The benefits that one gets through this brilliant PDF metadata editor are varied.

The software does not just limit itself to metadata changes such as editing the Subject, Author, and Keywords. It also provides PDF split and merge tools, PDF security features like Signature, and PDF to-image or text conversion.

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7. PDF Info


A single screen with simple options on a simple interface – this best describes the PDF Info software available for download. On the one-page screen of this application, you can browse the PDF file from the local machine and load the metadata that belongs to the chosen file.

The metadata fields are editable on this application, and you can change them according to the new values needed. Hence, using this easy-to-use interface, one can edit metadata fields of the PDF file, like Author, Title, Subject, and Keywords, on the Windows machine.

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8. SoftDigi PDF Viewer


SoftDigi PDF Viewer is a free PDF Viewer and a PDF Editor application that works efficiently on Windows machines. You can use it to edit PDF metadata such as title, creator, author, etc.

You can invoke the option to edit from the ‘Settings’ tab of the SoftDigi PDF Viewer application. There are add-on features for adding security to the PDF file.

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9. 4dots Software


An easy-to-use and bulk metadata editor of PDF files is available from 4dots Software. All basic metadata edits of a PDF file, including Title, Author, and Keywords, can be modified. This software has multilingual features for people of different regions to utilize for their PDF files.

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10. AutoMetadata


Another recommended software for PDF metadata editing is AutoMetadata, which is freely available for download. You can change the metadata of PDF files in bulk with the help of this application, and restoration of the original metadata of the files is possible at any point in the process.

A search and replace feature is handy for replacing recurring words in PDF files. Sift through the benefits of each PDF metadata editor and choose the one suitable to your current needs.

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Wrapping Up

We sum up our list of the 10 best PDF metadata editors for Windows. Use these tools to edit the metadata of PDF files quickly. My favorite PDF editor tools from the list are Calibre, Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor, and AutoMetaData. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive such articles straight to your inbox.

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