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7 Best Free PCAP Analysis Tools for Windows

Here we have compiled a list of 7 best free PCAP analysis tools for Windows. Use them to analyze Packet Capture or PCAP files.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 7 best free PCAP analysis tools for Windows. Using any PCAP analysis tools, you can view Packet Capture file information or PCAP files such as packet source/destination address, MAC address, Packet Size, etc.

Common network issues and downtime can lead to a dissatisfactory user experience. Many businesses fail to convert their leads for this reason. Losing business opportunities constantly is not good, as it affects its reputation.

To monitor network performance and find the root causes of network troubles, businesses can deploy free PCAP analysis tools.

The PCAP analysis tool is known in different terms, as some users also call them packet analyzer, packet sniffer, etc.

The PCAP software can analyze the network traffic and other data. Users can read the data to understand the network’s behavior.

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7 Best Free PCAP Analysis Tools for Windows

Understanding the network behavior helps businesses improve the user experience for their website visitors.

In the following section, find a list of the top eight PCAP analyzer tools for the Windows operating system

1. PRTG Network Monitor

prtg network monitor - free pcap analysis tools

The PRTG Network Monitor is another advanced tool for monitoring the network server. This free PCAP analysis software comes with unique and impressive packet capture features.

The best part is that it has four core sensors, each with a unique capability. Overall, the sensors can sniff traffic, webmail, file transfer, remote control traffic, and infrastructure on a network server.

Instead of packet headers, you can analyze the packet payloads. Windows computer users can use this tool without any hassles.

The software is free for up to 100 sensors and becomes a premium tool beyond 100. For small companies, the software is highly suitable.

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2. Wireshark

wireshark pcap analysis

Wireshark is an ideal tool for Windows computer users to analyze network server performances.

Specifically, the software offers a network protocol exploring features. You can examine the network protocol compliance with this tool and cover the loopholes in the compliance.

The software comes with a dedicated Analyze Field, allowing users to analyze the specific set of a CAP format. You can analyze the enabling protocols, filters, particular streams, and other system parameters.

The system provides detailed statistical data on the network server performance. You can hardly find such detailed reports from other free analyzer tools.

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3. NetworkMiner

networkminer - free pcap analysis tools

You can consider using this software if you want an open-source tool for the PCAP analysis for the Windows operating system.

This packet sniffer tool can detect open ports, sessions, hostnames, and operating systems. Some of the features of the tool are discussed in the following section.

  • In the parameters section, you will find the destination host, source port, HTTP cookie, Query String, etc.
  • If you visit the DNS section, you will find DNS TTL, DNS Query, Transaction ID, and other information.
  • The host section features MAC address, IP address, packets, protocols, file path, etc.

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4. ParserCap

parsercap - best pcap analysis tool

ParserCap comes into the list among the free PCAP analysis tools. The software is compatible with the Windows operating system and has a basic or standard user interface.

Users can quickly load and analyze PCAP files through this tool. The software shows information in table format.

The information includes IP address, packet number, packet size, DNS, MAC address, etc. Overall, this free tool is suitable for those who want a decent application for PCAP file analysis.

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5. WireEdit

wireedit - free pcap analysis tools

Among the leading PCAP analyzer software, WireEdit should find a spot. The software is compatible with Windows OS and allows you to edit the network packet data.

Apart from editing packet data, you can upload PCAP files and analyze the network performance.

This analyzer will help you identify downtime, malware activities, possible network threats, and other components. You can also check the TCP protocol using this software. The software comes for free.

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6. Microsoft Network Monitor

microsoft network monitor

As the name suggests, this tool comes from Microsoft, a globally known software manufacturer. Since it is a Microsoft tool, it features default compatibility with the Microsoft operating system.

You can upload the CAP and PCAP files to the software and analyze those files. The software helps you analyze packet data, destination, time offset, protocol name, and other options.

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7. PCAP Analyzer

pcap analyzer

PCAP Analyzer is a well-known free PCAP analysis tool for the Windows operating system. The software works proficiently as a reporting tool for any malicious network behavior.

The software comes with many features, and some of those features are discussed in the following section.

  • Packet Viewer: The packet viewer feature of the software helps you to check packet destination address, packet source address, protocols, and many more.
  • Stream Viewer: This tool lets users view different stream types on the network server. Those stream types are SSL, NBSS, UDP, TCP, etc.
  • Malware Summary: Is there a malware attack on the network server? The software gives you a detailed summary of the malware attack.
  • Blacklisted Address: The software gives all information of the packets which come from the blocked addresses.

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We summarize our list of the seven best free PCAP analysis tools for Windows. You can use free PCAP analysis software to examine PCAP files to identify malicious behavior.

My favorite from the list is WireShark, which offers a modern UI and comprehensive analysis features. Let us know which one you like the most by writing to me at [email protected].

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