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8 Best Free PC Part Picker Apps For Android

Here we have compiled a list of 8 best free PC part picker apps for Android. Use these apps to build your dream PC. Learn more here.

When you want to build a personal computer for yourself, you generally look for PC parts and accessories on different websites or e-commerce platforms, which is time-consuming and irritating.

Then, let the PC parts picker app help you. Instead of searching for PC parts on different websites and e-commerce platforms, download the PC part picker app for Windows and build your dream personal computer in no time.

These PC parts picker apps have all the computer parts in one place, allowing you to compare and purchase them accordingly.

These apps categorize each part and accessory of the computer in different sections along with their price so that you can buy them under a pre-set budget.

It includes CPUs, GPUs, motherboards, memory, storage, video cards, power supplies, peripherals (headphone, keyboard, mouse, webcam), and other accessories.

After going through the selection procedure, the checklist would appear in order if you want to change, and finally, you can buy it.

8 Best Free PC Part Picker Apps For Android

To ease out which PC parts picker app you should use, we have enlisted 8 Best PC Part Picker Apps for Androids.

1. PC Builder

pc builder android app

It’s the most popular pc parts picker app in its genre. You can easily count on it with its straightforward interface. Download this free app from the Play Store or visit its website for further process.

In its pocket, it has all the data regarding personal computer parts, from old to the latest. It shows all the information related to the computer parts and generalizes them according to your budget.


  • Freedom to choose categorized PC parts like CPU, GPU, Motherboard, power supplies, peripherals, and storage, among others
  • Build guides to tell you about Desktop/Gaming/Streaming setups
  • It calculates the wattage of each product automatically to help users estimate the wattage
  • You can build different budgets for multiple parts of the computer at the very same time

Buy Now

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2. Build PC

build pc

Next in the kin is Build PC, an ultimate app for PC parts. It also establishes an easy user interface to reach every corner of the app without difficulty.

The best thing about this app is it comes in a dual mode that is dark and normal for fantasizing consumers.

Above this, it also bags these features, which you will not find anywhere else in the backup list tool; once you create your wishlist, you can restore it in the app. Further, it also helps in estimating wattage to support your buying option.


  • Help to create various budgets for different PC parts
  • The description available of all PC parts, along with the price
  • Categorized in Intel and AMD so that you don’t buy incompatible PC parts
  • It gives the estimated wattage of all the PC parts


  • The dual color mode screen interface
  • Easy to install


The latest generation PC parts are not available

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3. Build My PC

build my pc

One of the best-rated PC part picker apps for Android. Build My PC app has the best site map to find the best parts for your personal computer.

The full description, the price of the products, and ratings are also available for you to decide promptly. This app allows users to adjust the price range according to their budget.


  • It helps to build multiple builds and maintain them at the same time
  • Create your wishlist and then later have access to it
  • Parts are categorized into different sections for easy access
  • Shows estimated wattage for different parts of the computer


  • The highest number of users
  • Pretty simple to use

4. BuildCores


BuildCores is a highly advanced PC parts picker app for Android. It is free, and one of the innovative features is that it comes with a preprepared PC parts list that you can customize according to your choice.

The other alluring feature to customers is that you type your budget, which will automatically prepare a PC build list.


  • The app helps to download a PC build list in text and picture format
  • Description of the products along with price range
  • Different sections for CPUs, GPUs, Power Supply Units


  • It comes with a prepared PC build list
  • Free to download
  • It varies in price range depending on the region where you live

5. PC Studio

pc studio

PC Studio is a website developed for the same purpose as other PC part pickers apps. The only difference is that it allows you to purchase PC parts at an affordable price.

Also, if you find building a PC on your own, you can contact them and order a custom-made high-tech personal computer.

Yes, they establish PCs on online orders, deliver them safely to the doorstep, and install them.

Apart from this, they are tied up with every small and big enterprise that makes PC parts and accessories.

Its most considerable flex is that it sells gaming chairs, which is rarely possible for any other app or website. Hence, they take orders seriously and deliver pre-set PCs before the threshold.


  • Description of the products along with price range
  • It helps to store your wishlist
  • Provide five years warranty


  • Sells pre-build PC on the online order
  • Tied with all PC parts-making company
  • Astonishingly good in service

6. Newegg

newegg - pc part picker apps for android

Highest-rated PC part pickers app for Android with 4.5 ratings. This app will give you a new aesthetic and pleasing experience while choosing parts for your PC.

You are categorized into sections for various parts like CPU, GPU, storage, mouse, and keyboard.

Very easy to access, and with the help of Quick filters, users can narrow down the search results. It gifts amazing offers when selecting the product and automatically generates discounts.


  • Create multiple PC builds and save them for later
  • Shows estimated wattage after selection of products


  • Accurate time tracking of orders
  • Easy, fast, and secure

7. PC Builder and PC Part Picker

pc part picker

Next are PC Builder and PC Part Picker, which make shopping more accessible with their interface. It has all the computer parts in one place, allowing you to compare and purchase them accordingly.

It includes CPUs, GPUs, motherboards, memory, storage, video cards, power supplies, and peripherals (headphone, keyboard, mouse, webcam).


  • History so that you can check on search products
  • You can export your wishlist


  • Easy to download
  • Free app


  • It does not deal in an older version of computer parts

Buy Now

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8. Cheap laptops and PC parts

cheap laptops and pc parts

Last but not least, Cheap Laptops and PC parts by the IDAFN team. It is the only app that deals in laptop gears and PC parts.

It lets you compare the prices of the products with different websites and e-commerce platforms—deals in exclusive categories of CPU, CPU cooler, Motherboard, etc.


  • Helps to download PC build list in text and picture format
  • The detailed description, along with the price


Will discounts be available while shopping from these apps?

Yes, these apps provide quality products at a lower price comparatively.

Are NVIDIA and RYZEN CPUs, GPUs, and Motherboard available on these apps?

Yes, of course, without any doubt.

Is it safe to buy products from these apps?

Undoubtedly, these apps allow you to buy bundles of PC parts without searching here and there.

Wrap Up

These were the eight best free PC parts picker apps for Android users. I hope you have been through this article before downloading any PC part picker app.

These apps are a blessing in disguise for those who used to search before buying products for their devices, but now they are just one click away from their dream personal computers.

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