6 Best Free Online Manga Maker Websites [2021]


free online manga maker

Are you looking for some of the best free online manga maker websites? If yes, you have landed on the right page as here I have compiled a list of the 6 best free online manga maker websites.

Using these free online manga makers, you can design anime characters and export them as SVG, PNG, or JPG file formats. All of these apps are pretty easy to use, and you will be able to create cool manga within a few minutes.

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6 Best Free Online Manga Maker Websites

Most of these online apps let you customize various aspects of your anime character. You can pick different shapes of eyes, jawlines, hair, clothes, etc. I have also included some games that you can play to generate manga.

Do check out this list until the end, and I am sure you will love these apps.

Let’s now explore these apps and games.

1. Face Your Manga

face your manga - online manga maker

Face Your Manga is one of the best free online manga maker apps that you can use to design your anime character.

The main reason that this app is on top of the list is that with this manga maker, you will be able to fine-tune even the minute details of your characters, such as moles, beards, etc.

You will have to enable the flash to load before being able to use it. Once it is done, you can start customizing your manga as per your requirements.

On the left side, you can select which element of your anime avatar you want to customize. From the main interface, you can then test each design to see how your character looks.

After your design is complete, click on the Save button to download the manga. However, you will have to provide your personal information for it.

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2. Manga Maker by Scratch

manga maker by Scratch

Scratch is one of the best programming languages for kids. Not just kids, even adults, use Scratch to create games and animated stories. On the platform, anyone can create projects for the community members to enjoy.

While searching for some of the best online manga makers, I stumbled upon a Scratch project that you can use to design anime characters from scratch.

Visit the project here and click on the green flag. After that, you can start creating your manga character by selecting eyes, eyebrows, hairstyles, etc.

With this free online manga maker app, you can customize every finer detail of your anime character’s appearance. You can make your manga character wear classic spectacles or a cute necklace and even clothes.

Additionally, you can also change the background of the character. After your manga design is complete, you can save it by taking a screenshot.

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3. Cartoonify

Cartoonify is another one of the best free manga creator app on this list. What separates it from other free manga generator apps is that it gives you the option to export the designed anime character as SVG and PNG formats.

There is no need to create an account to use Cartoonify. Get started to design your next iconic anime character by visiting the website. Do note that it also requires Adobe Flash. Therefore, enable Adobe Flash from the site settings.

All the options to customize the look of your anime character is available on the main interface itself. Select the design types for eyes, hair, eyebrows, mustache, beard, clothes, etc., to start the design process.

The best part is that you can see the changes in real-time. Additionally, there is an option to reset the design and download it as SVG or PNG file once you are done. Apart from all the basic features, you can also generate random manga characters for fun.

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4. Mangao

avachara - manga maker creator online

Mangao is another good online website to create manga characters. Whether you want to create a male anime character or female, you can use this manga maker to design your character in a few minutes.

Access the app from the link above and start designing your manga by selecting the eyes, face, hair, and other visual elements. As compared to other manga maker apps in this article, it offers a wide variety of customization, especially when it comes to clothing.

The hilarious part is that it allows you to add goods such as guitars, football, baseball, and other instruments. Besides goods, you can also add pets to your anime character design.

If you want, you can also pop chat bubbles in your manga. Once you have designed your manga, click on the Make Picture button. After that, you can save your manga as an image.

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5. GamesGames

gamesgames - manga generator

GamesGames is an online gaming website where you can play browser-based mini-games. During my research, I stumbled upon a manga maker game on this website.

The game works similarly to other manga creator apps on this list. The interface is intuitive and pretty easy to use. However, to play this game, you will have to enable Flash from the site settings.

If you are looking for an app to design manga of kissing couples, this game is perfect. Visit the game using this link and start customizing your manga characters. You can change eyes, hair, and even change the background.

The only limitation is that it doesn’t offer you an option to save the designed anime character, but you can still take a screenshot.

6. Manga Creator by Wootragames

wootragames - manga creator

Manga Creator by Wootragames is another flash-based game that you can play to create manga characters online. The anime character that you can design using this game have a Halloween theme.

From customizing different hairstyles to make your anime character wear glamorous clothes, you can design a classy anime character while playing this game. Once you have created the manga, you can take a screenshot to save your character.

Play manga maker game.


In this blog, I introduced you to the 6 best free online manga maker websites. Using these websites, you can design your own manga and anime characters. Out of these free online manga maker websites, my personal favorites are Cartoonify and Mangao.

Do check out these manga generators, and let me know which one did you like the most in the comments section below.