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7 Best Free Movie Organizer Software

Here we have compiled a list of 7 best free movie organizer software. Automatically pull movies information from IMDb and other sources. Read here.

Are you looking for a good and 7 free movie organizer software? If yes, we have easily compiled a list of the best free movie managers or catalog software.

Do you have an extensive collection of TV series and movies? If yes, then I am sure you might be spending a lot of time figuring out which you have watched or should watch next. Sometimes, you might want to know the names of the movie characters you watch.

It’s easy to find all the movie information on the Internet, but why not keep every piece of information in a single place?

Keep your movie collection organized. Quickly find movies by applying filters based on genres, IMDb ratings, etc. And most importantly, find all the information, such as plot, cast, directors, etc., from a single dashboard.

If you want these features to streamline your movie-watching experience, check out these best free movie organizer software.

7 Best Free Movie Organizer Software

Most of the free movie organizer on this list allows you to specify movie folders. Once you select the movie folders on your PC, they import movies.

After that, you can use these software to manage your movie collection. The best part is that they can automatically get all the information related to the movies from various authentic sources on the Internet, such as IMDb.

Let’s now explore these free movie manager software.

1. Personal Video Database

personal video database

Personal Video Database is one of the best movie organizer software. The best part is that it directly integrates with IMDb. All you have to do is search for a movie, and it pulls all the information, such as cast, plot, etc., directly from IMDb and other databases.

Apart from that, it also provides a software development kit and supports plugins to extend its functionality.

This movie catalog software interface is intuitive and makes it easier to manage large movie databases. With all the sorting, grouping, and filtering options, you can quickly find movies to explore their details or start watching them.

Other features of Personal Video Database:

  • Play movies directly inside the software using the in-built media player
  • Loan management
  • Full Unicode support
  • Detailed filmography of cast members
  • Download DVD covers and posters
  • Plugins to quickly import/export movie data from various database sources
  • Supports multiple languages apart from English – Russian, German, Dutch, etc.

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2. GrieeX

grieex - free movie organizer software

GrieeX is another of the best movie organizer software here on this list. It is your go-to movie catalog software to sync your movie collections on your smartphone and PC.

The interface of GrieeX is pretty straightforward. Choose a folder where you have stored all your movies and automatically import them into the software. Once you import all the movies, you can grab their information from  IMDb or TMDB.

Other features of GrieeX:

  • The Android app is also available
  • Various video file formats and codecs are supported
  • Export your movie collection as an Excel file
  • Create your movie rankings
  • In-built media player

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3. Ant Movie Catalog

ant movie catalog - free movie manager software

Ant Movie Catalog is another freeware to organize your movie and TV series collection on PC, DVD, and tape. The best part of this free movie organizer software is that it can extract movie information from multiple sources, such as IMDb,

To import your movies into the Ant Movie Catalog, go to File > Import > Media files and select your movies folder. Once you have imported all your movies, you can effortlessly organize your movies.

If you want to extract complete movie details, right-click on it and select Get information> From Internet using a script option.

Other features of Ant Movie Catalog:

  • Supports multiple languages such as Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, etc.
  • Stores movie catalogs in XML and binary formats
  • Export movie collection to other formats such as HTML, SQL commands, CSV, and Excel
  • Supports PNG, GIF, and JPEG
  • Works on Windows 7 or higher
  • Loan management
  • Statistics with charts and pies

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4. My Movie Manager

my movie manager

My Movie Manager is another easy-to-use open-source movie catalog software that you can use to organize your movie collections.

It is one of the best movie organizer software as it can instantly extract information about all your movies from the Internet.

The interface is pretty straightforward and makes managing movies an effortless task. Specify the movie folders and then start organizing them in the software.

You can also rate movies out of 10. Best of all, it also provides sorting and filtering options.

Other features of My Movie Manager:

  • Scan your computers to import all movies
  • Accurately extract movie information such as actors, directors, IMDb, Plots, etc., from the Internet
  • Filter movies by genres
  • Sort movies by titles, years, IMDb rating, etc.

5. Free MovieDB

free moviedb

Features of Free MovieDB:

  • User-friendly interface that makes it easier to organize movies
  • Automatic information download from IMDb and themoviedb.org
  • Export movie database to TXT, CSV, or XML.
  • Proxy support and automatic data backup
  • Supports up to 184 languages
  • Automatic movie covers and poster downloads
  • Automatically export movie information such as quotes, trivia, goofs, etc.

Get Free MovieDB.

6. Movie Monkey

movie monkeyMovie Monkey is a free TV show and movie organizer for Mac. If you are looking for one of the most exemplary software applications to manage your favorite TV shows and movies on your Macbook, then you should try Movie Monkey.

The interface is clean and modern but on top of the Electron platform. Like other free movie organizer software on this list, it lets you import all movies to your hard drive and pull their information from IMDb. Apart from that, it also offers basic sorting and filtering features.

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7. Media Companion

movie companion screenshot

Media Companion is another free movie organizer software. Compared to other movie catalog software, the interface is cluttered, and getting started can seem daunting.

Besides Free MovieDB, only Media Companion can automatically pull all the movie information and posters from the Internet.

Other features of Media Companion:

· Grab movie information from IMDB.
· Automatically download movie posters from multiple sources such as IMDB, TMdb, IMPA, and MPDB.
· Get movie backdrops from TMdb.
· Download movie trailers from IMDB.
· Search and browse movies using a selection of filters and searches.
· Export to HTML list with customizable templates

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Final Summary

We summarize our list of the 7 best free movie organizer software. You can effortlessly organize your movie collections using efficient movie manager software.

All software allows you to automatically grab IMDb information such as ratings, director, cast, and other details.

Out of these movie catalog software, I liked Free MovieDB as it can simultaneously pull information about all movies on your PC.

Apart from that, if you are on a Mac, you can play with Movie Monkey to organize your favorite TV shows and movies.

Do let me know which software you like the most. If we missed your favorite movie manager, share it in the comments section. We will add it to this list.

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