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8 Best Free MD5 Decrypt Online Services

Here we have compiled a list of 8 best free MD5 decrypt online services. Use these online tools to perform reverse hash lookup.

In this blog, I have shared a list of the best free MD5 decrypt online services. MD5 (Message Digest 5) algorithm is a hash function to secure data. Data encrypted using this algorithm can only be decrypted with proper MD5-supported decryption tools.

If you’re looking for MD5 decryption tools to decrypt your data, these MD5 decrypt online services can help. These services can quickly decrypt MD5-encrypted text strings.

Some of these services can also decrypt data encrypted using SHA1, SHA256, MD4, etc. algorithms. Some services can also detect the encryption used in the encrypted code and match it with their database data to predict the output.

The process of decrypting MD5 code is relatively easy. To help you out, I have included the decryption steps in the description of each online MD5 decryption service.

Some services provide batch decryption tools to decrypt multiple encrypted hash strings simultaneously. After decrypting the data, you can copy it to your clipboard.

These services also offer additional tools such as MD5 Checksum Generator, MD5 Checksum Tool, MD5 Random Hash, and more. Check out the list to learn more about these services.

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8 Best Free MD5 Decrypt Online Services

Let’s now explore these online tools without further ado.

1. Cmd5

cmd5 - md5 decrypt online services

Cmd5.org is one free MD5 decryption service that is online. This free service allows users to decrypt MD5-encrypted information quickly.

Other than MD5, this can also be used for decrypting data encrypted through SHA1, MySQL5, and MSSQL algorithms.

This is one simple and effective online MD5 decryption service that one can use for decrypting MD5-encrypted text pieces of information.

Visit Website.

2. Hashes.com

hashes - md5 decrypt tool

Hashes.com is another free MD5 service; users can decrypt different MD5 encrypted strings simultaneously.

Besides MD5, this can also be used to decrypt SHA1, MySQL, NTLM, SHA256, and encrypted data.

One good set of additional tools is provided by this website, like Hash Identifier, Hash Verifier, Email Extractor, and Hash Generator.

This was another excellent MD5 decryption service that anyone can use to batch decrypt different MD5 hash strings.

Visit Website.

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3. Md5decrypt.net


MD5decrypt.net can be used if one enters MD5 codes on this service and initiates the MD5 decryption process for viewing decrypted data.

Other than decryption, this can also be used to encrypt data by using MD5 algorithms. The website offers different encryptions and tools for decryption, like MD4 decryption, SHA1 Decryption, Encryption of Bcrypt, and blowfish encryption.

This website contains conversion tools like text to binary and binary to decimal.

Visit Website.

4. Dcode.fr

dcode - decrypt md5 online

Dcode.fr performs decryption by the input of MD5 hash in hash fields. However, encrypting data needs an MD5 encoder to be offered to encrypt text strings and text files. The website also provides MD4 encryptions, MD4 Descriptors, and SHA256 Encryptors.

Visit Website.

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5. Md5online.org

md5online decrypt md5

Md5online.org can decrypt around 38% of data, providing in-depth search tools with MD5 data decryption. This tool is handy for decrypting multiple MD5 encrypted data at one time. This tool allows users to look for types of hashes or encryption algorithms for encrypting SHA1, SHA256, and MD5 databases.

Visit Website.

6. Md5.my-addr.com

md5 my-addr - decrypt md5 online

Md5.my-addr.com looks for inserted gas within its databases and displays results upon finding them. Data types cannot be decrypted as this system looks for similar data. The website offers online MD5 checksum generators, MD5 checksum tools, and a random hash.

Visit Website.

7. Crackstation.net

crackstation - decrypt md5

Crackstation.net helps let users decrypt 20 MD5 hash codes at one time. Besides MD5, this system also supports LM, NTLM, MD2, and MD4 algorithms for encryption.

First, one needs to enter one or more codes that are MD5 encoded. Recaptcha needs to be passed next, following which crack hashes must be clicked to view decrypted data.

The website also offers online password hashing securities and tools for Dufuse security.

Visit Website.

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8. Reverse-hash-lookup.onlinie-domain-tools.com

reverse hash-lookup online-domain-tools

The online domain tool provides many essential tools that can be used for networking purposes, domain websites, browsers, security, data privacy, and coding issues. One of the tools is a reverse hash lookup that can help decrypt MD5, SHA1, SHA-256, LM, and NTLM hash functions for plaintext messages.

Visit Website.

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3 months ago

Wow, this article is very helpful, Himanshu! You did a great job of explaining these MD5 decryption services. I like how you included some extra tools like MD5 Checksum Generator and batch decryption. I can’t wait to test out Cmd5 and Crackstation.net. 

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