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10 Best Free IP Changer Software for Windows

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In this blog, we have researched and compiled a list of the 10 best free IP changer software for Windows. Use these free tools to quickly and efficiently change your IP address.

So, an IP address is a short form for Internet protocol by which the internet recognizes a particular device. You should modify your public IP address to maintain online privacy or avoid website bans.

This benefits you by obfuscating your presence from other devices connected to the corresponding internet as you. Many software enables you to set up as many network profiles on your PC, allowing you to switch networks without any hustle.

Some of this software allows you to select a network profile directly, while others automatically identify networks and make a transition to that appropriate profile. Some top IP address-changing programs that work with Windows are included in the list below.

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10 Best Free IP Changer Software for Windows

Let’s now explore these free IP changer tools for Windows.

1. TCP/IP Manager

tcp ip manager

This open-source software is very reliable as it conceals your IP address while using the internet. With several DNS servers, IP addresses, and other options, you may configure as many IP configurations as you like.

Users of TCP IP Manager may also configure proxies for many browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.

You can select your ideal IP configuration from those established because they are all clearly separated on the software. In addition to that, you can also change the default configuration whenever you wish.

Get TCP/IP Manager.

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2. Argon Network Switcher

argon network switcher

The large number of distinctive characteristics it provides is the primary factor in its appeal. Argon Network Switcher allows you to import system settings, establish multiple IP profiles, configure proxies, and more.

The program also includes several other features that increase its value, such as a default printer, disabled adaptor, drive map, and many more. However, it only has manual features, which may occasionally be bothersome.

Get Argon Network Switcher.

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3. NetSetMan

netsetman software interface

It is an IP address changer that automatically changes your network profile by the associated network. It offers a robust and straightforward interface that handles your network settings perfectly.

NetSetMan allows setting a profile with several IP addresses and DNS servers in automatic and manual modes.

In this software, IP-configured profiles are exportable and importable, enabling you to utilize the same network profiles across many devices.

Get NetSetMan.

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4. Free IP Switcher

free ip switcher windows software

It is free software. It might be helpful if you often transfer your devices between different networks.

To avoid wasting time changing IP setup, you may preserve IP settings for several networks.

You can create various setup profiles and rapidly switch between them while using the network.

You must set up the following items while using each network profile:

  • Pick the network adapter that is installed on your computer.
  • Create IP information manually or automatically. If your device is connected to a specific network, you must select the option to obtain IP automatically; otherwise, you can manually input the IP address, default gateway, and subnet mask.
  • You may manually or automatically set the DNS server information. You may manually specify alternate and preferred DNS or let the system automatically choose the address.
  • Specify the proxy server if necessary.

Additionally, you may add the WNS server, DNS domain, Workgroup, Set default printer for the network, Computer name, and additional information for a network.

Get Free IP Switcher.

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5. Shock IP Changer

shock ip changer

It is free software that allows you to alternate between several networks.

You can set Custom IP and DNS or let the program identify IP and DNS automatically when building a network profile.

Additionally, you can pick a default printer from the network’s printer list.

If necessary, a network profile can be later erased or changed.

Get Shock IP Changer.

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6. IPSharkk


This software enables anonymous internet browsing. This IP-changing program will alter your computer’s public IP address rather than the local IP.

You can choose any listed places to configure it as your public IP address from several geographic regions.

There are several limitations to IP Sharkk free edition, as it permits 150 MB of daily anonymous browsing bandwidth.

Additionally, you are limited to changing 5 locations daily, and it only supports HTTP protocol. And to remove this restriction, you have to choose paid service.

Get IPSharkk.

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7. SafeIP

safeip windows software

It’s a free IP changer address that allows you to choose an IP address from its dashboard.

Consequently, you may change your IP from any place. The most notable benefit of Safe IP is its simple and uncomplicated user interface.

Get SafeIP.

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8. IP Hider Pro

ip hider pro

It is a highly competitive program to disguise your IP address, obscure your online activity, and conceal your location. It offers security at the level of the government, guaranteeing your online freedom.

It will let you pick the programs you wish to use to disguise traffic. Hence, you feel confident browsing through any website.

Get IP Hider Pro.

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9. Windscribe


You may use this all-in-one IP address changer program to ensure anonymous browsing.

You are offered Firewall security. The software’s free edition has a restricted feature set, making it of little value.

However, if you invest a little money, you’ll obtain all the sophisticated features.

Get Windscribe.

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10. IP Changer

ip changer 2.0 windows software

It is a Windows-compatible open-source IP address changer that simultaneously saves and switches about 6 IP configurations. To carry out further:

You have to visit the profile and switch it to active. You can also click Refresh to lay out the current network settings. Assign names, subnet masks, IP addresses, default gateways, WNS servers, and DNS servers to each configuration.

This software also allows you to Ping a website, Set a Proxy, and ping a gateway.

Get IP Changer.

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Despite having unique and valuable stuff, the internet attracts many malevolent individuals. Hackers won’t disappear anytime soon. Therefore, it’s vital to understand that everything from Trojans and worms to viruses is a product of their nonsensical tasks.

You are aided in defending yourself against these dangers by the Internet Protocol Address Changer Software.

A data breach may cost people and organizations millions of dollars, and while the effects are rarely sound, IP Changer can assist you in protecting vital material all year long.

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