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11 Best Free GPU Monitoring Software For Windows 10 [2023]

Here we have compiled a list of 11 best free GPU monitoring software for Windows 10. Use these free tools for GPU benchmarking and much more.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 11 best free GPU monitoring software for Windows 10. GPU monitoring software helps you track the graphics card’s performance mounted on your PC by providing reliable data and statistics in real time.

Some programs also contain information about your computer’s other hardware, such as CPU, motherboard, RAM, HDD, etc.

In some of these programs, you will also get peripheral info. You can keep a record of all the GPU output statistics with this software to keep an eye on the performance of your system.

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11 Best Free GPU Monitoring Software for Windows 10

GPU monitor software contains details about the graphics card brand, BIOS version, GPU temperature, fan velocity of the driver version, GPU clock, etc.

Read on to learn the 11 best free GPU monitoring software for Windows 10.

1. GPU-Z

GPU-Z provides sensor statistics and graphic representation, making it easy to understand the process. You can look at the data generated in various aspects of the graphics card by this program.

The card name, release date, and disc size can all be viewed. It also lets you know the version of the BIOS, System ID, Fillrate pixel, and Fillrate texture. This free GPU Monitor Program also shows the total memory size and type.

This program can also display if you need more graphics card information, such as the driver version, GPU clock speed, etc.

Key Features of GPU-Z

  • Supports graphics equipment for NVIDIA, AMD, ATI, and Intel
  • Displays GPU, adapter, and display info
  • Displays default clocks, overclock, and 3D clocks
  • Has a GPU load test to check the configuration of the PCI-Express lane
  • Validation of outcomes
  • You can create a backup of your BIOS graphics card
  • It does not require installation; an optional installer is available

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2. Geeks3D GPU Shark

Geeks3D GPU Shark is another free software on our list. This freeware will provide all the details relevant to the graphics card on your computer. The information is given in two modes: The simplified and Comprehensive models.

The simplified model contains only brief details about the graphics card. You can switch to Detailed Mode in the File menu to get detailed information about the graphics card. It is a portable program; no installation on your device is needed.

You can monitor your Graphics Card’s Base Clock Speed, Boost Clock Speed, GPU and Memory consumption, GPU Temperature, BIOS Edition, GPU Memory Size, and its suppliers such as SAMSUNG, Intel, etc. It comes with tools that let you know the details of GPU Memory.

You can also submit the GPU performance report to the GPU Database. Besides, the entire GPU data can be copied into the clipboard. Whenever required, you can also reset the minimum and maximum GPU values.

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3. CAM

CAM is one of the best free GPU monitoring software for Windows 10. It has a handy interface. It plots a graph of any two hardware statistics at a time. In addition, you can view these charts in minutes, hours, days, or weeks views.

CAM shows your computer’s success during gaming mode, so it is one of gamers’ best GPU monitoring software. Another exciting aspect of this app is that it provides you with message alerts any time the output of your device goes slow, and you can also find out how to fix the issue in the message box.

This freeware provides the graphics card details on your PC and the statistics of other computer hardware, such as the processor, memory, motherboard, etc.

4. CPU-Z

CPU-Z is a free GPU performance monitoring software that tracks graphics card statistics. In addition to this, you can also look at the CPU, motherboard, memory specifications, and statistics.

This software’s Processor section shows CPU details, such as clock speed, bus speed, family, etc. You can get Motherboard details in the Mainboard section of this freeware. The type of RAM and its size are displayed in the Memory tab.

Graphics: This tab shows you the graphics card statistics and requirements you have mounted on your PCY|Ou\ can view the name of your GPU, its manufacturing brand, technologies used, and code-named. In addition, it also provides you with clock information and your graphics card memory.

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5. GPU Temp

GPU Temp tracks your PC’s graphics card and provides you with its details. This is an essential freeware monitoring of the GPU in which you get vital GPU stats, such as temperature and load. It comes with Windows Start, which allows it to start any time you start your machine.

Temperature: The GPU temperature is shown in this section. A temperature graph, which varies with time, is also plotted. You can also modify the color of the temperature shown on the chart.

Load: Shows the load on the GPU Core, GPU Memory Controller, GPU Video Engine, and GPU Memory.

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6. CPUID Hardware Monitor

CPUID Hardware Monitor one comes to you from the developers of CPU-Z. It helps you monitor GPU statistics and details about your computer’s CPU and hard drive. The real-time values are shown along with the minimum and maximum values.

You can view the motherboard, CPU, fan speed, and GPU temperature. In addition, you can also view GPU memory usage. The best part of this free GPU monitoring software is that the temperature is displayed in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Utilization of the disc storage space is also displayed. If you have attached a flash drive to your device, the total space usage of that flash drive is also shown as a percentage through this freeware.

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7. Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor is another free GPU monitoring software for Windows 10, which provides card information and device CPU and memory usage information.

CPU clock rate, CPU temperature, load, memory used and usable, GPU memory, GPU clock speed, GPU temperature, et c. can be displayed ed. All these data812 can be read in a graphic pattern for easy comprehension by allowing the Display Plot option in its View menu.

The temperature defaults to degrees Celsius; however, you can change the unit to Fahrenheit. You can also choose whether to reveal the sensors that are covered.

Reset the report anytime by pressing the File menu’s Reset option. This option can save your entire graphics card report for future reference. And when you press ‘Submit Report, it will upload the report to your server.

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8. Sidebar Diagnostics

Sidebar Diagnostics is a simple Windows sidebar that shows graphics card statistics so you can quickly evaluate the graphics card’s output mounted on your PC.

In addition, it also updates you about your computer’s other hardware, including CPU, RAM, ROM, etc.

This sidebar is mounted on the desktop’s right side without conflicting with your screen’s work area. So, it updates your PC and graphics card output, even when working on your computer.

Scroll up or down to display the various hardware statistics, such as CPU, GPU, memory, etc. The CPU chapter provides CPU-related information, including its brand name, model number, clock frequency (in MHz), CPU load (in percent), etc.

You can find information about the graphics card in the GPU section, such as its brand name and model number, core frequency, fan speed, GPU temperature, etc.

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9. GPU monitor

GPU Control is a free GPU Monitoring widget for Windows 10. As a Windows 10 widget, it is positioned on the right side of your screen by default so that you can keep an eye on your graphics card’s statistics.

It has a range of widgets on your PC that you can run. To add widgets to your monitor, press the Plus button to open the widget-containing windows, where you can add widgets to the screen of your computer.

This GPU meter widget shows GPU clock frequency, GPU temperature in degrees Celcius, graphics card memory consumption, RPM fan speed, etc.; Drives Meter, Drives Display, All Processor Meter, Glassy Meter Monitor, etc., are other widgets.

10. GPU Tweak

GPU Tweak comes from ASUS. Like other GPU monitoring software, it also displays the statistics of the graphics card. It comes with a lovely pattern of skin that makes it appealing.

You can get GPU usage, GPU temperature, VID usage, GPU voltage, GPU clock frequency, GPU fan duty cycle, etc.

Tuning: This is GPU Tweak’s advanced functionality. You can tune the GPU clock, memory clock, and GPU fan speed here, but I recommend adjusting the graphics card if you know what you are doing.

You can manually tune the fan speed or set it to auto mode for self-tuning. Click on the software’s GPU details and get specific information about your graphics card, such as BIOS edition, pixel fill rate, memory size, memory type, etc.

11. Piriform Speccy

Piriform Speccy is a free GPU Monitoring program for WindowsYou can view detailed information about the CPU, graphics card, motherboard, memory, and other peripherals connected to the device in this software.

Operating System: This section provides all the details relevant to your PC’s operating system, such as the Windows version, Windows installation date, Firewall Protection, Antivirus, installed versions of .NET frameworks, etc.

Graphics: Here, you can get all the details about the graphics card on your screen. It shows the graphics card brand name, current output level, current GPU clock frequency, current memory clock frequency, version of the BIOS, version of the driver, and more.

The best part of this GPU monitoring app that I liked is that it shows a different color to show the temperature data to identify it quickly.

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We summarize our list of the best free GPU software for Windows 10. Use these GPU monitoring software to see the valuable stats and check the performance of your graphics card. You can also use some software in this list for benchmarking purposes.

If we miss any of your favorite GPU monitoring software, let us know at [email protected]. We will add that freeware to this list to make it more comprehensive.

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