5 Best Free Email Newsletter Plugins For WordPress

Despite the exponential growth of social media and other channels such as chatbots, messengers, etc., email marketing is still holding its ground firmly. It is here to stay for many decades to come. Interestingly, emails are older than the internet technology itself.

According to Statista, there were around 3.9 billion email users, and the number is expected to rise to 4.48 billion users in 2024. Therefore, it has become increasingly crucial for businesses to start building email lists right from the start. What’s even more important is that you keep an active and validated email list.

Here we will cover 5 best free email newsletter plugins for WordPress, which allows you to collect emails from website visitors and even send automatic newsletters to your subscribers. Most of them provide useful features such as free add-ons, responsive newsletters, and so on to support your email marketing campaigns. Best of all, you also get email marketing analytics, such as open rates and click rates.

5 Best Free Email Newsletter Plugins For WordPress

The notion of building email lists is to set up a reliable communication channel with your prospects. The messages you deliver through this email communication channel are called newsletters.

Email newsletters consist of information related to your company’s product and services, latest news, or any other information. Constantly sharing newsletters with your email subscribers help you to keep them engaged.

Let’s now see some of the best WordPress plugins you can install to start sending email campaigns straight away.

1. Convertful

convertful - wordpress newletter plugin

Convertful is one of the best newsletter plugins available for WordPress site. With a lot of features free of cost, this plugin has earned its place for thousands of WordPress sites.

Whether you are a new blogger with no investment appetite or an e-commerce owner, you would love to use Convertful.

You can download the Convertful plugin form WordPress Official plugin base and install it. Convertful also offers you to integrate it with your Mailchimp account to store the subscriber’s details.

Here are some features of the Convertful newsletter plugin.

  • Convertful offers responsive widgets for all the devices, including, but not limited to, tablets.
  • You can create exit intents with smart display rules.
  • User-friendly and interactive widgets to keep the visitors engaged
  • Convert provides floating widgets, scroll boxes, Welcome Mats.
  • Convertful offers Illustrated Manuals and Video-Guides.

With 3000+ live installations and close to 5 ratings, Convertful can be the right choice as WordPress newsletter plugin.


2. Newsletter

newsletter plugin for wordpress

Newsletter, the name itself represents the purpose of this popular WordPress plugin. With over 300k + installations and close to 5 ratings, Newsletter is the most recommended plugin by famous bloggers.

Newsletter offers redesigned, drag, and drop composer to make creative campaigns for email marketing.

The best quality about the Newsletter plugin is, it is GDPR compliant and provides one to one support to licensed users.

Here is the list of features provided by Newsletter plugins:

  • Free add-ons like Locked content (available only after subscription), subscription opt-in inside BuddyPress signup form.
  • Offers feature to import all the registered users as subscribers
  • Offers statistics and tracking for Newsletters and subscribers
  • You can use file-based Subscriber import using the Newsletter plugin.
  • Newsletter plugin also offers functionality for Subscription Spam Check with domain/IP blacklists.


3. MailPoet

mailpoet - email newsletter plugin

MailPoet is a newsletter plugin that provides a lot of excellent features in its free version. You can try this multipurpose newsletter plugin, which offers to increase your subscriber base as well as lets you send emails directly from the WordPress dashboard.

MailPoet is the most trusted newsletter plugin in terms of your subscriber’s private details like email, phone. They have shared their repository over GitHub.

Here are few benefits of using MailPoet newsletter plugin for WordPress website:

  • Generates beautiful and responsive newsletters
  • Small site owners with lists of 1,000 subscribers or fewer get the Premium for free.
  • It is entirely GDPR compliant.
  • You can check the details about all the subscribers who have read the newsletter and which link has the most clicks.
  • MailPoet follows all the guidelines over the internet and claims almost 100% inbox reachability (i.e., nominal spam emails).
  • It provides translations for over 20+ languages.

If you are a blogger who is just starting his journey, then I would recommend MailPoet because it is pretty easy to use. Most importantly, it is free up to 1000 subscribers.


4. OptinMonster

optin monster - best free newsletter plugins Ffor wordpress

One of the best-paid newsletter plugins for WordPress, OptinMonster, has made its reputation among WordPress site makers. Having the best experts working for OptinMonster has its involvement in the SaaS application as well.

You can get the OptinMonster plugin from WordPress Official plugin directory.

Claimed by OptinMonster about it’s one of the customers, “LonerWolf captured more than 4600 mobile leads using just one of our floating bar popup campaigns and mobile device targeting. And, they cut their site load time in half by moving to OptinMonster from a different popup maker.”

Here is the list of few features provided by OptinMonster plugin:

  • If you are managing an e-commerce site, here is good news for you. OptinMonster also takes care of the cart abandonment issue.
  • High conversion rates. Optimized timing and efficient popups, enabled by OptinMonster, leads to high conversion of visitors into subscribers.
  • Custom Branding.
  • Drag and Drop popup builder, Yes/No forms, Canvas Templates; Lightbox popups are the best features that can be attained at a single place, that is, OptinMonster.
  • OptinMonster provides ‘use urgency’ and ‘scarcity’ in your marketing with a countdown timer popup to boost your eCommerce sales and conversions. Check the below sample.

Since OptinMonster is more oriented towards e-commerce, it is recommended mostly for businesses and bloggers do not prefer it.


5. JackMail

jackmail - wodpress plugin for sending newsletters

Jackmail is a free newsletter plugin and provides a lot of facilities like creating an attractive newsletter, sending newsletter direct from WordPress dashboard.

You can get the Jackmail plugin from WordPress’s official plugins directory. Once installed, you can plug and play with minimal configurations.

Jackmail provides paid services as well, but that is also very cheap. The paid version of Jackmail is also worth a try.

Here is the list of few features provided by Jackmail, a newsletter plugin:

  • Jackmail lets you send up to 3,000 emails free of cost.
  • Responsive builder with drag & drop functionality.
  • Jackmail provides services like automatic newsletters based on new posts or new product triggers.
  • Jackmail has 48+ gallery of newsletter templates and updates this collection regularly.
  • If you are a Contact Form 7 user or Ninja Forms user, you can leverage the out of the box connectivity with Jackmail.
  • Jackmail provides the facility to store a copy of unsubscribed users. You can later go ahead and communicate with them after a certain cooling period.

With monthly 3000 free emails and so many other features in a single plugin, Jackmail can be the right choice for WordPress newsletter. Whether you are a blogger or an e-commerce entrepreneur startup, Jackmail is specially built for you.

Wrapping up

With this, we sum up our list of 5 best free email newsletter plugins for WordPress. If you have reached this far, I am sure you have made your mind to start a newsletter for your site or blog. I would say this is the best decision after you began your site.

Now, selecting the best newsletter plugin depends on you. Before starting a newsletter for your site, make a list of your requirements and expectations from your newsletter. Try to understand your readers’ choice and category. Try to plan, how frequently do you want to send the newsletter, what kind of content do you want to include in your newsletter.

If you are targeting for blog readers, you can go for any of the free plugins suggested above. On the other hand, if you want to attract buyers for your e-commerce site, I would suggest you bear some initial cost and explore the premium world of possibilities for your newsletter.

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