5 Best Free Dictionary API for Apps

Here you will find a list of the five best free dictionary API for apps. Dictionary API applications provide related terms, words, and definitions. These are mainly used as free online dictionaries. They are a part of the educational applications. The API is a handy resource for any user-facing language issues.

The APIs are available for free for users who need to refer to the word or its definition. The words in the dictionary API are stored in digital format. Even if you are using the free dictionary API tool, you will search for the relevant meaning of the word and examples.

The APIs are easy to install on any application where the users need to understand the word and its meaning. For any language website, the APIs prove helpful.

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5 Best Free Dictionary API for Apps

The API will eliminate the need for users to maintain a list of words in their dictionary. You do not have to invest money in the expensive dictionary – offline or online. The API tools are available for free.

1. Oxford Dictionaries API

oxford dictionaries

Oxford is a name that is associated with a best-selling dictionary. It is also one of the primary resources for English literature in many educational institutions and schools. The dictionary is also available in digital format. You can always browse through the online version of the Oxford dictionary as well.

If you use the dictionary services on Google, you will still use it for free. The moment you search for a relevant word and its meaning, you can access the service online for free. The API is also collecting all words stored in the dictionary resource.


  • Users who install Oxford dictionary API will also use parts of speech features.
  • Oxford dictionary offers audio pronunciation features.
  • The dictionary API will provide users with numerous examples for each word searched.
  • The API supports over twenty-five different languages.

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2. Urban Dictionary API

urban dictionary - best free dictionary api

The Urban dictionary will always top the list after Oxford if you look around for dictionary API. The dictionary API is very much popular online. So if you have words, phrases, or even sentences, you can use this dictionary API. It is easy to install and can be installed on any application.

The Dictionary API will help users look around any word and its relevant meaning. The dictionary is more popular as users can also search for slang words and their meanings. Not all dictionaries will offer with convenience to search for slang and meaning.

So if you are searching for phrases commonly used in Slang language, then Urban Dictionary API is the right choice. The dictionary is a part of the Crowdsource. This means that the dictionary online is updated with the words used by the users very often.

If you are a user and have words, you can update the dictionary. This is helpful as the dictionary API updates new terms regularly. The database of the dictionary keeps on updating.


  • The API is a multi-user type API.
  • The dictionary features are available for free online for any user.
  • Users will be able to access all databases of the online dictionary on installation.
  • The process of installation is easy and can be performed in simple steps.

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3. Wordnik API

wordnik api - free dictionary api

Wordnik is a free dictionary API. It is available free of cost. Users can install the API on any application. The API will display a wide range of word lists and meanings. You can always search for multiple definitions for the same searched word.

The best advantage of using Wordnik is that users can also extract the database from any other online dictionary source. This means that the word list is unlimited.

So if you do not know the complete spelling for the word, you can still search for the most accurate word and meaning.


  • Users can install it for free.
  • Auto-correction features are available.
  • Helps search for the meaning of phrases and words.

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4. Word Dictionary API

word dictionary api

If you need to get in-depth with your search, word dictionary API is the best available free dictionary API online. The dictionary has a rich collection of good words. The users can access the rich database of words they search for.

It will extract the words and the meanings from an online resource. Users can also search for related terms, similar terms and phrases, themes, synonyms, and definitions. The most crucial feature of Word dictionary API is that you can also search for examples for the application of each word searched.

So if you are new and learning a language, then example sentences will prove more helpful. The dictionary API also supports multiple languages – Korean and English. This means you can develop your vocabulary in both these languages simultaneously.


  • Supports bi-lingual features.
  • Users can upgrade to the paid version at any time.
  • You can use most features in the free version.

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4. Merriam Webster Dictionary API

merriam-webster dictionary api

If you are looking around for a very comprehensive word resource, then the Merriam-Webster Free dictionary API is the right choice. It is available online for free. Users can easily download and install the dictionary API. The online service will also help you search for words that are multi-lingual type.

You can also search for a word and its meaning in Spanish. Top educational institutions also use the dictionary API. You can download the API and start using its features.


  • Easy to use features.
  • Ideal for schools and college use.
  • Word search is made simple for users.

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5. Yandex Dictionary API

yandex free dictionary api

The dictionary API is comprehensive. So you can always search for difficult words on Yandex. The dictionary makes use of the most advanced translation system as well. It will provide the word with transcript benefits as well.

The Yandex is available as a free dictionary API online. So you can install it on any application; the dictionary API will allow users to search for the entire word or its part. The dictionary will also make use of the Auto-completion feature. The most crucial component of Yandex is that it will support over seventeen different languages. You can use its extensive online recourse of words and meanings.


  • Users can perform over 10,000 searches per day in the free version.
  • Multiple language support.

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Wrap Up

With this, we sum up our list of the five best free dictionary API for apps. You can use any APIs mentioned in this blog to create an application with dictionary functionality. My favorite dictionary APIs from this list are Oxford Dictionaries API and Yandex Dictionary API. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to receive such articles straight to your inbox.

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