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10 Best Free Business Intelligence Platforms to Know About

Here is a list of 10 best free business intelligence platforms. Explore these BI platforms and choose the right one for your business.

The consumer-driven society is all about data now. Every day, tons and tons of data is generated across the globe. In some way, the data can help companies improve their products and services. But how do you think all this data is analyzed?

All thanks to business intelligence, which converts it into consumable insights to help companies make better decisions efficiently.

Even though many BI platforms operate for a price, some of the best free business intelligence platforms can add value to your product and services.

Here are some of them you should know about.

Best Free Business Intelligence Platforms

bets free business intelligence platforms

Business intelligence platforms are helpful for companies and organizations to stay competitive and maximize revenue streams.

All small, medium, and large companies use BI platforms to track, analyze, and visualize business data.

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Let’s look at the top BI platforms in 2022.

1. Tableau

Offer: Free

Tableau is a free business intelligence platform that helps create appealing visual data representations for free. It has an excellent online gallery with ready-to-use public dashboards that data analysts and BI enthusiasts can easily share.

The platform also offers a paid version for advanced requirements such as data storage, data security, and many more. It also has a non-profit tool and versions for academic settings.

2. Zoho Analytics

Offer: Free/Paid

Zoho Analytics is another free business intelligence platform that aids users in analyzing any data through dashboards and reports.

This BI and data analytics platform’s basic features are used by thousands of companies across the globe for data reporting needs. Zoho allows you to sign up for free without entering your credit card number.

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3. Power BI

Offer: Free basic desktop edition

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most popularly used BI platforms to pull data from virtual sources with its wide range of connectors. It is similar to Excel and is supported on Android, iOS, and Windows.

Another feature of the platform is that it is easily embeddable within business applications and helps in data integration, analytics, and reporting.

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4. QlikView

Offer: Free up to 5 users

QlikView enables users to create step-ahead data visualization applications for analytics. It helps developers and business analysts create data models and dashboards that business stakeholders can easily consume.

It is one of the free business intelligence platforms most used by startups and students. It is easily deployable and embeddable to access analytics in applications, portals, and websites. , Qlik is the next-generation platform for self-service-oriented analytics for businesses.

5. Microstrategy

Offer: Free/Paid

Microstrategy Desktop enables users of diverse needs to perform self-service data analysis to access the insights at one click. It is a BI platform that provides data discovery, visualization, and access to in-build tools and templates for effective data management and yielding insights.

6. Metabase

Offer: Free/Paid

Metabase is an open-source business intelligence platform that allows users to ask questions about the data collected and displayed in a consumable format.

You can also share questions and dashboards with other members of the team for better decision-making with ease. The platform also provides an SQL interface for developers needing more advanced needs.

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7. WebDataRocks

Offer: Free/Paid

WebDataRocks is a free reporting tool for data analytics and visualization that works on any device and can be easily embedded into a web page.

The platform’s key features include filtering, grouping, sorting, and number formatting. Users can conveniently print or export a web report into PDF or Excel.


Offer: Free/Paid

BIRT is one of the best open-source, free intelligence platforms for small businesses looking to scale up. The platform aims to create reports that you can easily embed anywhere.

It is one of the top projects within the Eclipse Foundation and has a large, active, and growing developer community, having experts from IBM and Cisco.

9. Helical Insight

Offer: Free/Paid

It is a developer-friendly, open-source, free BI platform built on Java. It allows you to develop data analysis on top of your data and embed it as built plugins hassle-free.

It also has a paid version with great features, providing an API-driven business intelligence framework.

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Offer: Free/Paid

BOARD is designed to help customers create their BI and CPM applications without needing expensive and time-consuming programming.

You can segment data easily with the drag-and-drop function in real-time, ranging from simple reports to complex performance management applications.

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Advantages of using Business Intelligence Platforms

Business intelligence is more than just a platform or software. It is a holistic initiative to use data in everyday operations. Here are its most prominent benefits:

  • Faster analysis with intuitive dashboards
  • BI increases the efficiency of the organization
  • Drives data-driven business decisions
  • Improves the overall customer experience
  • Increases the competitiveness
  • Increases revenue
  • It helps identify market trends
  • Fast and accurate reporting


Free business intelligence platforms are always the first go-to places for most intended users or startups trying to scale up their businesses.

Even though these have limited access and functionalities compared to the paid ones, it helps to get the hang of the platform before shifting to the paid version.


What are the best BI platforms for eCommerce?

  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Metabase
  • Zoho Analytics

Do these free business intelligence platforms work for large companies?

Since most free tools have limited access, it is unsuitable for large companies. So, paid versions can be your key to growth.

What is the purpose of free business intelligence platforms?

These platforms can capture critical data for your company or organization to achieve organic growth and make the right decisions.

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