22 Best Free Bulk Email Verification Tools [2022]


Do you have a long list of dirty emails you want to clean up before sending your next promotional campaign? If yes, you are on the right page as here I have compiled the ultimate list of best free bulk email verification tools.

Having a clean email list is crucial for your email marketing campaign as sending emails to spam or invalid emails may result in bounces, spam-trap hits, and bounces. As a result, your email service provider might start landing your emails in the spam folders or even block them.

With the help of these free online bulk email verifiers, you can upload your dirty email list and separate the spammy and toxic emails from the genuine ones.

These bulk email verifiers support multiple file formats such as CSV and Excel to import your email list. After that, they perform their verification process to check whether the email is valid or not. These services apply multiple checks such as MX records verification and SMTP server validation to verify email addresses.

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The best part is that most of these free bulk email verification tools provide real-time API support that allows you to easily integrate them with major email service providers or with your app or software.

Please note that some of these email services are not entirely free and offer a freemium model with limited credits. Therefore, if you have a long list of emails (more than 1000), you will either have to upgrade your free plan or use multiple free email bulk verification services to clean your list.

Pro tip: Implement a double opt-in feature to verify emails to collect genuine people’s emails.

Before moving ahead to discuss these email verification tools, let’s first understand what you should look into in an excellent bulk email verification service.

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What should you look into a good bulk email verification service?

While most bulk email verification platforms in this list can clean from a small to extensive email list on the fly, choosing your business’s best option can be pretty tricky.

To help you understand which one you should pick, you should look for these factors.

1. Accuracy: How accurate are the particular bulk email verification services. While some email services can detect disabled Yahoo, Outlook, and AOL emails accurately, others have less accuracy.

2. Duplicate removing: The email verification service should be able to remove duplicates from your email list before performing the validation process.

3. Catch-All Verification: A catch-all mail server accepts all emails whether a mailbox for that email account exists or not. Catch-All emails can result in email bounces and can affect your deliverability.

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4. Syntax Validation: Every bulk email verifier software should have a simple feature. Check the syntax of an email and see if it’s okay or not. If the syntax is not correct, then there is no need to perform other checks to determine whether an email is valid or not.

5. Blacklist Verification: Blocklisting emails is a common and efficient way for email service providers to reduce spam. If the mail server is blocklisted, your email will not be delivered to that address. Therefore, your bulk email validation service should offer this handy option for accurate results.

6. SMTP Verification: Connect with the SMTP server and check the MX records to validate it.

7. Spam Trap Detection: Spam emails look like real emails, but they don’t belong to any genuine person and can’t be used for any communication. You will only come across spam emails if you obtain your list without users’ permission.

8. Disposable Email Verification: Detect whether emails are disposable or not.

9. Turnaround time: The total time taken by the email service to clean your list.

10. Data Privacy: Your customers’ emails are sensitive personal information that you should try to protect at any cost. Before subscribing to any bulk email verification service,

11. Cost: Pick an email bulk verification service that provides you the best ROI with high accuracy and flexible pricing plans.

12. Integrations: Your email verification platform should seamlessly integrate with other services such as Aweber, Mailchimp, etc., to validate emails on the fly.

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22 Best Free Bulk Email Verification Tools

1. QuickEmailVerification

free bulk email verification tools - quickemailverification


QuickEmailVerification is a free bulk email verification tool that gives you 100 credits daily (1 credit = 1 email) to validate emails. Sign up for a free account and upload your email list, and QuickEmailVerificaiton will then perform multiple checks, including syntax validation and the existence of mailboxes. Once the processing is done, you can download the file of valid emails for higher deliverability.

If you are looking for a cheaper and free service, then QuickEmailVerification is the best option for you as it offers the highest free credits. Create an account to avail of the free credits. Best of all, it has high accuracy in validating Yahoo and Outlook emails compared to other services on this list.


  • Anti-greylisting technology
  • MX record checker
  • Email typo correction
  • Catch-all email checker
  • Quick API turnaround
  • Segment list and download custom email verification results
  • In-depth verification report
  • Auto deletes old verification email lists.

Free Trial: 100 emails per day.

Integrations:  Act-On, Autopilot, AWeber, Mailchimp, Iterable, etc.

Accuracy: 99%

Data Security: Encrypted data storage with full GDPR compliance.

Turnaround Time: 200,00 emails in around two hours.

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2. Bounceless

free bulk email verifiers - bounceless

Bounceless is another free bulk email verifier on this list, which provides 100 free credits daily. Bounceless performs frequent checks such as SMTP and MTA validation to verify emails.

Using this tool is pretty straightforward. Visit the link above and signup for a free account. After that, upload your email list in any supported formats – CSV, XLS, TXT, etc. and start the email verification process.

Once the validation process is complete, you can download the clean list with maximum accurate results.


  • Spamtrap check
  • MTA validation
  • Accept All account validator
  • Syntax verifier checker
  • SMTP validation
  • Risk validation
  • Disposable email checker
  • API support for developers

Free Trial: 100 emails per day.

Cost: 2,500 email verifications at $19.

Integrations:  MailChimp, SendGrid, HubSpot, AWeber, Active Campaign, Mailer Lite, Sendloop, etc.

Accuracy: 98%

Data Security: Secure data transmission with 256-bit encryption.

Turnaround Time: Unknown.

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3. Email List Validation

free bulk email list validation tool

Email List Validation is a feature-rich bulk email verification online tool. It is one of the best email verification service solutions available. You can increase your email deliverability, sender reputation, improve data quality, and overall email marketing ROI with it.

The best part is that it removes invalid and hard bounce email addresses from your database and cleans up your email list. All you have to do is upload your email list and wait for it to do the magic of cleaning it by performing various checks.

Also, all the duplicated email addresses and email addresses with invalid syntax are removed automatically. This service also removes sketchy emails that can be a spam trap. Along with it, email addresses containing inactive, invalid domains are also deleted.

It also allows you to add your team members and collaborate. The service protects your data with a high level of encryption. Along with it, they are GDPR compliant also.

Features of Email List Validation

  • Disposable Email Checker
  • Syntax Verifier
  • Real-time email verification
  • Email Duplication
  • Spam-trap removal
  • 99 percent accuracy
  • MTA Validation
  • Anti-greylisting tech
  • Team account
  • Support for multiple ESPs and CRMs
  • GDPR Compliant

Free trial: 100 emails per signup

Cost: 2500 at $19.

Integrations: HubSpot, Mailgun, MailChimp, Active Campaign, Sendloop, Campaign Monitor, Sendgrid, and more.

Data Security: GDPR compliant

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4. MailerCheck


MailerCheck is one of the most accurate email verification tools with a 98% delivery rate guarantee. This makes it the perfect choice for businesses that want to grow their mailing lists while keeping their email marketing ROI high.

MailerCheck offers single email or bulk verification, as well as real-time API verification. Once API verification is set up, MailerCheck will start filtering invalid emails immediately after subscription. This will benefit developers, high-volume senders, marketers, start-ups, and anyone else who wants to streamline and automate their workflows.

Quick and easy verification includes Invalid emails check, Catch-all, Role-based, Disposable emails, Syntax errors, Typos check—and it also notifies you if the recipient’s mailbox is full. Unlike other tools, MailerCheck also offers additional features to analyze the email content and suggest passing spam filters to improve your deliverability.


  • High accuracy email verification
  • Real-time API verification
  • Inbox placement test
  • Email content analyzer
  • Spam filter test
  • IP blocklist check
  • In-depth reports
  • Usage history
  • Cost-effective
  • Automatically deletes old reports
  • 24/7 Customer support

Free trial: 200 emails

Price: Starts at 0.006 for pay-as-you-go plans, or save an additional 20% on a monthly subscription plan.

Integration: All major email service providers, including MailChimp, MailerLite, GetResponse, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, etc.

Data security: GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 information storage security certificate

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5. Free Email Verifier

free email verifier online tool

Free Email Verifier is another free bulk email verification service on this list. It extracts MX records from a DNS server, and then it connects to the SMTP server and emulates sending an email message to validate an email.

Create a free account to get your daily 50 credits and copy-paste your emails in its bulk verification section. After the verification process, you can download the clean email list as a TXT file.

If you are looking for an affordable bulk email verifier with good accuracy and security, you can go with Freee Email Verifier.

Free Trial: 50 emails per day.

Cost: 10,000 email verifications at $17.

Integrations:  None.

Accuracy: 95%

Data Security: GDPR complaint.

Turnaround Time: Unknown.

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6. Email Verifier

email verifier

Email Verifier is genuinely a free bulk email verification service as you can use it an unlimited number of times. The only drawback is that you can only validate 20 emails at once. If you have a short email list to clean, you can get started with BulkEmailVerifier without any problem. And, of course, if you want to clean a long email list, then the only tradeoff is more time and effort.

The best part is that there is no signup required for using Email Verifier. Visit its homepage, paste your email lists (20 max), and start the cleaning process. It usually takes a few minutes to verify your listing and display the results. You will see whether it is valid or not for each email, and you can export the clean list as TXT, JSON, or XML file.

To verify emails, Email Verifier uses DNS and SMTP protocol methods. Additionally, this bulk verifier also performs DNS queries to find mail servers of a given email address. Then SMTP communication is used to verify whether any of the mail servers will accept an email or not.

Free Trial: 20 emails per execution with unlimited runs.

Cost: 10,000 email verifications at $17.

Integrations:  None.

Accuracy: 95%

Data Security: Read its privacy policy here.

Turnaround Time: up to 2 to 3 minutes for 20 emails.

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7. NeverBounce

neverbounce - verify emails in bulk

NeverBounce is one of the best and most reliable bulk email verification services as it provides 99.9% accurate results. What I appreciate about NeverBounce is that it offers one time 1000 free credits for verifying emails. Therefore, if you list under 1000 emails for cleaning, you can do it free with NeverBounce and high quality and security.


  • Hybrid verification
  • Mail server validation
  • Domain health check
  • High-risk detection
  • Compatibility with international B2B and B2C emails
  • Identify domain, network, host, and TLD
  • SMTP check
  • Identity role-based emails and free hosts
  • Remove duplicate emails from the list

Free Trial: 1000 free credits when you first sign up.

Cost: up to 10,000 $0.008 per email for up to 10,000.

Integrations:  Active Campaign, Agile CRM, AWeber, MailChimp, LeadSquared, Salesmate, etc.

Accuracy: 99.9%

Data Security: GDPR compliant.

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8. MailboxValidator

mailboxvalidator - free online bulk email verifier


MailboxValidator is another email verification service on this list that offers a free plan that you can use to clean your email data. However, the on plan is quite limited as you get only 100 free email addresses for verification. However, if you know a bit of programming, you can use its API plans to get more free credits.

With its API plan, you will get free 600 API queries for email verification per month. Isn’t that sound great? Follow this simple tutorial to send emails using Python and integrate MaxValidator API with the scripts to verify the fly’s emails.


  • Email syntax validation
  • MX Record check
  • Free email
  • Server status
  • Role-based email checker
  • Catch-all account checker
  • Domain validation
  • Email Greylisting Checker
  • Free email provider checker

Free Trial – First 100 email addresses.

Accuracy: 96%

Cost: 50,000 emails at approx $150.

Integrations: Zapier, MailChimp, Aweber, Mailgun, SendGrid, Mailerlite, iContact, HubSpot, etc.

Accuracy: 96%

Data Security: GDPR compliant.

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9. Bouncer

freemium email verification service - bouncer

Bouncer is another free service that you can use to clean your email list for free. Best of all, it uses AI algorithms to interact with SMTP servers to provide the most accurate results. Just like MaxValidator, you get 1000 free credits at the signup that you can use to bulk verify a thousand emails at once. Just upload your list with dirty emails and export the clean results to send emails with maximum deliverability.


  • Email syntax validation
  • Run DNS and MX record check
  • SMTP check
  • Disposable email checker
  • Free email provider check
  • Role email detection
  • Catch-all account checker

Free Trial: 1000 emails.

Cost: $ 0.0025 per verified email up to 9000 emails.

Integrations: Aweber, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, etc.

Accuracy: 99.5%

Data security: GDPR compliant. Submitted emails are hashed for anonymity. Data centers are located in the EU territory.

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10. Proofy

bulk email verification website - proofy

Proofy performs syntax, domain, and SMTP checks to bulk verify emails. The good thing is that you get 500 free emails to verify in its free trial version. Simply create a free account, upload a CSV or TXT file to download the clean list at the end.


  • Real-time API support
  • Email deduplication
  • Syntax Verifier
  • Domain Validation
  • SMTP verification
  • MX records validator
  • Risk validator

Free Trial: 500 emails check.

Accuracy: 98.5%

Cost: $0.06 per email check.

Integrations: MailChimp, Mailerlite, and HubSpot.

Data Security: GDPR compliant.

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11. Hunter

hunter - email verifier

Hunter is yet another effective and efficient bulk email verification service. The only downside of Hunter is that you will only get 50 free emails to validate every month. Apart from that, just like other online tools on this list, you can use it to separate spam emails from genuine ones without any hassles.

You can also use Hunter to find email addresses and connect with anyone in seconds.


  • Email syntax check
  • Gibberish email test
  • Webmail email check
  • Disposable email addresses validation
  • SMTP check
  • MX Records
  • Accept all domain check

Free Trial: 50 emails per month.

Accuracy: 95%

Cost: $0.06 per email check.

Integrations: Chrome Extension, Firefox add-on, Google Sheets add-on, Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Zoho, and Zapier.

Data Security: GDPR compliant.

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12. Clearout

email validation service - clearout

Clearout is another leading free email validation and verification service that you can use to batch verify your email data. Improve your email reputation score and deliverability by using Clearout to clean your email database. Sign up for a free account to get your 500 free credits that you can use to validate 500 emails.


  • Accurate results and affordable pricing
  • Accelerated turnaround
  • Duplicate emails remover
  • Yahoo and AOL account validation
  • Catch-all verification
  • Blacklist verification
  • Risk verification and autosuggestion
  • Disposable email check
  • SMTP check
  • MX Records validation
  • Free account verification

Free Trial: 500 credits.

Accuracy: 98%

Cost: 5,000 credits at $20/month.

Integrations: MailChimp, Zapier, Mailerlite, WordPress, Google Sheets, Moosend, Active Campaign, etc.

Data Security: GDPR compliant and military-grade security.

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13. Find That Email

bulk email verifier - find that email

Find That Email is another free bulk email verification tool that uses mail server validation and double-checks to classify emails as valid or accurate. Apart from verifying emails, you can also use it to find people’s emails, and you get 50 free credits every month for that. Above all, your credits are not deducted for invalid emails.

Find That Email uses various checks such as MX Records and SMTP server verification to validate emails. It performs the tests at least two times to provide more accurate results.


  • Email duplication
  • Mail server validation
  • Spam-trap removal
  • Typos eliminator
  • Catch-all email address validation
  • Role-based email account

Free Trial: 100 free credits every month.

Accuracy: 95%

Cost: 1,500 credits at $29 (monthly plan).

Integrations: Chrome extension.

Data Security: GDPR compliant and military-grade security.

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14. sift.email

sift email - email validation

sift.email is another freemium tool to check if an email exists or not. It also performs multiple checks for validating emails, just like other bulk verification services on this list. You will get 200 free credits to validate emails when you signup for this service. Unlike other online services, swift.email is a bit cheaper as you can use it to verify 1000 emails at just $5.

The only downside of this tool is that there is no support for 3rd party integrations such as MailChimp, Zapier, etc., for better productivity and creating automated workflows.


  • MX record check
  • Typo correction
  • List validation
  • API support
  • Role-based check
  • Free email check
  • Disposable emails check

Free Trial: 200 free credits (one time only).

Accuracy: 95%

Cost: 1000 credits at $5 only.

Integrations: Chrome extension.

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15. Snov

snov - email verification platform

Snov is another reliable and secure bulk email verification service for validating emails online. Its free plan never expires, and you get 50 credits each month to clean your list. The only limitation is that it doesn’t check emails from catch-all domains resulting in less accurate results.

However, what separates it from others is that it only charges half credit for verifying an email. Therefore, if you are looking for a service where you have to spend less and get more results, you can check Snov.


  • Domain email search
  • Email verifier
  • Email drip campaigns
  • Email tracker for Gmail
  • Professional email search
  • Disposable email verification
  • Temporary unavailability detection
  • Real-time email validation

Free Trial: 50 free credits per month.

Accuracy: 90%

Cost: 1000 email verifications at $39 per month.

Integrations: Chrome extension, HubSpot, Salesforce, Facebook Lead Ads, Slack, Trello, Google Forms, Twilio, etc.

Data Security: GDPR compliant.

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16. DataValidation

datavalidation - reach inbox every time

DataValidation is another reliable and secure bulk email verification tool that offers 500 free credits to clean your email data. After exhausting these one-time free credits, you must pay $0.07 per mail for up to 10,000 email verifications. It uses SMTP verification and other checks to detect invalid or spammy emails.


  • Email list monitoring service
  • Email verification API for batch processing
  • Multiple upload formats
  • Email append code and 99.9% uptime
  • Duplication email removal
  • Role-based and disposable email detection
  • Mailbox verification

Free Trial: 500 free credits (one time only).

Accuracy: 99%

Cost: $0.007 per email up to 10,000.

Integrations: MailChimp, Emma, Hubspot, Zapier, GetResponse, etc.

Data Security: Complete GDPR compliant.

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17. EmailMarker

email cleaning service - emailmarker

EmailMarker is another bulk email verification service that you can use to check if your emails will deliver or bounce. However, in its free trial, you will only get 150 credits. For email verification, Emailmarker contains the MX Records and communicates with the SMTP server to check if there is a mailbox for a given email or not.

The only downside is that it doesn’t support integrations with CRMs and sales tools like other free bulk email verifier tools on this list.


  • Accurate syntax engine
  • Spam trap control
  • Active mail check
  • Quality domain database
  • Domain validation
  • SSL Security (256-bit encryption)

Free Trial: 150 email credits.

Cost: 10,000 emails verification at $21.

Accuracy: 97%

Turnaround time: 100,000 email addresses around 4 hours.

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18. DeBounce

debounce - bulk email verification service


  • Minimize email bounce rates
  • Call-all domain checker
  • Email address syntax checker
  • Validation API
  • Remove duplicate emails
  • Anti-greylisting technology
  • Spam-trap removal
  • Domain confirmation and MTA validation
  • Selectable download options

Free Trial: 100 free credits.

Accuracy: 98%

Integrations: Mailchimp, Hubspot, SendGrid, ConvertKit, Mailerlite, AWeber, InstaPage, etc.

Cost: 5,000 email validations at $ 0.002 per verification.

Check Out: DeBounce

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19. ZeroBounce

email validation service - zerobounce


  • Spam trap and abuse email verifier
  • AI. Email Scoring and Catch-All Validation System
  • Real-time email list verification API
  • Inbox placement tester
  • Email server validator
  • Check disposable emails
  • Email bounce validator
  • MX Record detection

Free Trial: 100 free credits (one time only)

Accuracy: 98%

Integrations: Zapier, Asana, Autopilot, Zoho CRM, AWeber, etc.

Cost: 5,000 email validations at $ 0.002 per verification.

Check out: ZeroBounce

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20. SparkEmail

email verification simplified - spark email


  • Real-time verification
  • End to end encryption for data security
  • Classifies emails into valid, invalid, and catch-all categories after the bulk verification process is complete
  • REST APIs support
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Export clean list as CSV, XLS, or PDF file

Free Trial: 100 emails per month.

Cost: 2500 email verifications at $5.

Check Out: SparkEmail

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21. Blaze Verify

bulk email cleaning service - blazeverify



  • Drag and drop interface
  • MX record detection,
  • SMTP provider information
  • Disposable email checker
  • Syntax and domain validation.
  • Email provider integrations
  • Customized exports
  • Email verification API
  • Gender detection

Free Trial: 250 emails.

Accuracy: 98%

Integrations:  ActiveTrail, Mailchimp, AWeber, ClickFunnels, Agile CRM, Drip, Google Contacts, LeadSquared, OnePageCRM, SendGrid, Salesmate, etc.

Cost: 5000 email validations at $25.

Check Out: Blaze Verify

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22. Correct.Email

correct email - email list cleaning


  • Duplicate email removal
  • Invalid and temporary email removal
  • ISO certified and GDPR compliant
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Advanced spam-trap detection
  • Bounced address removal
  • Detailed reporting features

Accuracy: 99%

Free Trial: First, 100 emails.

Integrations: None.

Check Out: Correct.Email

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22. AeroLeads

AeroLeads is a lead generation tool having the inbuilt feature of bounce analysis and additional features such as detecting abuse accounts, fake domains, spam trapping, and disposable emails.
It will minimize email bounce rates, validate API, perform MTA validation. It is equipped with anti-greylisting technology. AeroLeads will provide 24*7 customer support. AeroLeads is one of the best CRM software which allows appending personal data and IP-related information for better cleaning purposes.
It uses an SMTP verification system with an email address syntax checker. It is ISO certified and GDPR compliant.

Wrapping Up

With this, we sum up our list of the 22 best free bulk email verification tools. Use them to clean your email database and start sending emails without worrying about getting blocked by your email service provider.

Most of these online bulk email verify offer enough free credits and API requests to validate an email list of up to 1000 emails. If you have a list of more than thousands of emails, you can use a workaround to validate your database. Split the list into multiple sub-lists and use various bulk email verification services to verify emails.

My favorite online email verification services are Email Verifier, QuickEmailVerification, Bouncer, Proofy, and DataValidation. Email Verifier allows you to verify 20 emails at once, but you can use it an unlimited number of times. QuickEmailVerification provides you with 100 free credits every month.

Neverbouncer and Bouncer offer 1000 free email verifications. Other than these tools, Proofy and ClearOut provide 500 free email verifications. For developers, MaxValidator is best as it offers free 600 API queries for batch email verification.