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3 Best File Corrupter Websites to Corrupt a File

Do you want to corrupt files? If yes, then check out this list of 4 best online file corrupter websites. Learn more here.

Do you want to corrupt a file on purpose? If yes, you will find the 3 best file corrupter websites that allow you to corrupt any file type, whether multimedia or document.

Along with that, step-by-step instructions are also provided with each of them. When you want to corrupt a file, you can corrupt a local file on your computer or import one from Dropbox or Google Drive.

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4 Best Online File Corrupter Websites to Corrupt a File

Your file will be corrupted and ready for download with only one click. Some file corrupter websites offer automatic file corruption, while others allow you to customize the amount of corruption.

Also, the size of the file you want to corrupt is unrestricted. So, let us learn more about some of these online file corrupter websites.

1. Corrupt-a-file.net

corrupt a file - best file corrupter websites

Corrupt a file is one of the best file corrupter websites that can make any file format unusable. This free online website can corrupt Word, Excel, archives, MP3 files, and other files.

Once the file has been corrupted using this website, no one will open the file due to technical issues.

The procedure is relatively simple. Visit the website and look for the “Select the file to corrupt” option.

Select one of the yellow buttons from Your Computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Choose the file you wish to corrupt. To destroy the file immediately, click the Corrupt File button.

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2. Corrupt My File

corrupt my file

Corrupt My File is another popular online free file corrupter. You can upload your file and have it corrupted using this website service. You can then download the corrupted file.

This online service can ruin any file type, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, MP4 files, and MP3 files. It does not have a file size limit.

After the corruption procedure is complete, the original files are automatically removed. You can go to the Corrupt My File website and drag and drop your file into the designated area to have it corrupted for you.

It also has no restrictions on file size or format. When you’re finished, your file will be corrupted, and a download link will appear on the interface. To download the corrupted file to your computer, click the link.

It is, without a doubt, the simplest and fastest file corruptor on our list. You must drag and drop your corrupted file, and Corrupt My File will do it.

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3. PineTools

pinetools - online file corrupter

Like the others in this article, PineTools lets you corrupt any file for free. To upload an existing file from your computer, navigate to this website in your browser and click the ”Choose File” option.

Then, you can specify how badly you want the file to be corrupted. You can alter the level of corruption by dragging the slide bar. You can also choose to “keep the beginning and finish of the file intact” as an option.

Finally, click the green Corrupt File button to start corrupting the file. This program is unique because it allows you to set the degree of corruption in percentages.

Because of this option, we would have put this website at the top of the list. However, we stopped one step short of doing so because you can only upload a file too corrupt from your PC.

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Final Thoughts

These days, there is a lot of software available that can help you to repair a file that has been corrupted. However, only a few are available for corrupting a file.

With the help of these online file corrupter websites, you can corrupt a file in no time. Post that, you can use it any way you want to.

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