4 Best Farming Facebook Games


Do you love playing farming games but couldn’t find any interesting ones on Facebook? If yes, your search will end here; we have compiled a list of the 4 best farming Facebook games in this post.

Play these Facebook games to grow your farm and become a billionaire or trillionaire. The best part is that most of these farming games are very easy to play and don’t include tiresome upgrades that take days or weeks to complete.

All you have to do is be tactical in planting suitable crops and upgrading different farm assets to cash the maximum profits and become a very wealthy farmer. The games’ sound and graphics are top-notch and don’t require much computing power.

I am sure you will love playing these farming games on Facebook, so check out each one from the list.

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4 Best Farming Facebook Games

Hay Day is one of my favorite farming games that you can play on Android and iOS. If you are looking for a similar gaming experience on Facebook, these games will not disappoint you.

These farming games are different from typical games such as Hay Day. There are no long waiting periods for crops harvesting, production, and, most importantly, upgrading different assets. The only downsides are that you will not be able to design your farm, raise pets,

Now, without any further ado, let’s explore these exciting farming games on Facebook.

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1. Farm Plus-Idle Tycoon


Farm Plus is one of my favorite farming Facebook games on this list, as it is the most straightforward yet most addictive game to play. The game starts with empty farmland with various spaces for harvesting crops and raising animals. You don’t have to design the farm as the game will do it. All you have to do is collect the profits from the harvested crops and animal products.

Each second, you earn coins that you can use to upgrade crops, farm animals, etc. After every upgrade, earnings from that farming asset are increased. You can also collect coins by clicking on the butterflies that fly over the field.

You will need gems to upgrade after reaching a certain crop level. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward way to earn it in the game. You will get 80 gems after every 8 hours. Use these gems strategically to upgrade crops that can reap the maximum profits for you.

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2. Idle Farming Empire


Idle Farming Empire is another best farming Facebook game that is fun to play. Here you have to buy and grow crops on the land plots. You have to plant more crops to increase profits continuously. The game also lets you watch ads and earn rewards. Apart from that, you can also invite your friends to gain some freebies.

You gain XP for harvesting crops, and as your level increases, you will get more rewards and funny farmer titles. If you get tired of constantly clicking on the farm plots to harvest crops and animal production, you can automate it by purchasing tokens from the Farm Shop.

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Remember to plant more crops and add animals to the production to increase your profits. To make your farming job more manageable, you should automate coin collection from the shop. After that, you can sit back and relax and watch your bank balance increase manifolds each second.

Crop production time increases as you buy more and more land plots and reap more profits. What I did was, after playing for five minutes, I automated the production and started doing other things, and when I came back, I reaped a lot more gold coins which I instantly used to plant more crops and buy more land plots.

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3. Let’s Farm – Idle Tycoon


Let’s Farm – Idle Tycoon is another farming game on Facebook. The game concept is very similar to Idle Farming empire. You have to harvest crops and breed animals to reap profits from your farm. The best part about this game is its excellent sound effects and animal sounds.

The tactical plantation and crop upgrades are crucial to making faster progress in the game. As you collect more and more coins from the harvested products, you have to plant more crops and add animals to gain more profits.

Click on the shovel icon and tap on the crops to add more plantations. You can also use the game shop to buy tokens that can increase profits, reduce production time, etc., to make you progress faster.

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4. Mergest Kingdom


The Mergest Kingdom is a unique farming game with other elements. Here you will have to grow a kingdom and conquest others to increase your farm area. Many items are scattered on the farm area so that you can move anywhere you like.

You have to combine three similar items to produce another item. For example, you will have to combine smaller wheat stacks to create a giant bundle to harvest wheat. After that, you will have to combine three bigger wheat bundles to create a wheat field. Now from this wheat field, you will harvest the wheat crop.

Apart from that, you can recruit soldiers and collect points from them, which you can use to conquest other kingdoms. The best part is that the game shows soldiers fighting with other kingdoms’ creatures.

However, the fighting is automated, and you will not control the soldiers. If you win, it will unlock the kingdom with similar items, and you can again grow it back to its glory.

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We sum up our list of the 4 best farming Facebook games. Do check out these games before picking up your favorite one. They all have unique and addictive elements to make your farming experience delightful.

My favorite farming Facebook games from this list are Farm Plus and Idle Farming Empire. These games are the easiest to play with lesser collection times, and you will become a trillionaire farmer in no time. If you want to foster a kingdom under your rule, check out the Mergest Kingdom.