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10 Best Fake Quote Generator Websites

Here you will 10 best fake quote generator websites. Use these online tools to create funny fake quotes and download them as image files. Explore more here.

We have compiled a list of the 10 best fake quote generator websites. Using these websites, you can easily design and generate funny quotes.

The best part is that they offer many fake quote templates you can use. You have to replace the content of these templates with your fake quote, and these online tools do the rest of the job. You can export the generated fake quotes as an image file.

Who doesn’t love a quote? It is one of the best ways to make an impression. Whether funny, inspirational, or motivational, quotes are an excellent way to communicate feelings.

Did you know that there are several ways to generate fake quotes? There are excellent websites that allow you to create effective quotes and memes. What’s more, it is tough to differentiate an original quote from a fake one!

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How does a fake quote generator work?

A fake quote generator website provides free templates to edit per your requirements to generate a quote.

While some websites offer multiple templates, others have only one template to create the fake quote. Alternatively, you can also create a quote and display it with an image of your choice.

You can change everything from the font, color, and text style. You can add a signature, frame, stickers, shapes, and other components to the quote.

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10 Best Fake Quote Generator Websites

Here are the 10 Best Fake Quote Generator Websites to help you create amazing fake quotes:

1. Imgflip

imgflip - best fake quote generator websites

This is an excellent, easy-to-use option to generate fake quotes. This website lets you easily create inspirational quotes, memes, and posters.

You can enter the text in the text body to create fake quotes. If you wish to increase the text length, click on More Options. The Settings button lets you change the font, alignment, and bold or italic text.

You can also turn on or off the shadow option to make your text look impressive. The website provides a background image that you can change. You can upload an image of your choice as background. Once the fake quote is created, you can download it to your system.

Try this fake quote generator website here.

2. TwitHelper.com

twithelper - generate fake quotes

This free website allows you to create fake quotes easily. You can have a stunning background to go with your quote, too. The template to enter the fake quote is available on the textbox seen on the page.

You can customize the font in style, size, color, and opacity. A background image of your choice can be added, including your picture. You can go to the People icon and upload your image from the system to add a picture.

What’s more, you can even add the photo of any Twitter user too! You can use the photo with or without a frame (different shapes). You can even change the background color to your liking. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can download the image on your computer.

Try this fake quote generator website here.

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3. QuotesCover

quotescover - design fake quotes

Another free online quote maker, this is an excellent choice to generate fake quotes. A fake quote image can be done quickly by adding a background picture with your preferred text.

The website lets you choose the image’s dimensions and enter the text in the box. Customized settings can also help you change the text’s appearance, including the background, font, style, color, and layout.

Once the quote image is prepared, you can download it as JPG, PNG, PNG transparent, or Facebook 3D photo.

Try this fake quote generator website here.

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4. Quozio

quozio - fake quotes generator

This is another Fake Quote Generator website, the most straightforward website to create fake quotes. All you require to generate the fake quote is entering the text and adding the signature.

If you wish to change the background for the quote, you can select one from the various options available on the website. Once the result is satisfactory, you can save and share your created image.

Try this fake quote generator website here.

5. Canva

canva - design fake quote posters

If you are looking for a Fake Quote Generator website that allows you to generate free fake quotes within minutes, check out this website. Most users look for inspirational quotes to share on various social media platforms. This site offers many templates based on various social media platforms.

The website provides several background options, so you do not have to search and upload one for your fake quote. After choosing the background, you can edit it by adding your quote and signature.

You can also change the text alignment, style, font, size, spacing, and color to make it look attractive. Apart from that, it also lets you add frames in various shapes or stickers to your quote. After saving the image, you can easily share it on social media.

Try this fake quote generator website here.

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6. Snappa

snappa screenshot

This online fake quote generator allows you to create quotes for sharing on popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Once you have selected the preset, you can choose the templates and images.

To generate a fake quote, you can edit these parameters after adding all the relevant components (background, shapes, text style, spacing between letters, line height, graphics, and effects like shadow, opacity, etc.). Once done, you can share the quote and download it.

Try this fake quote generator website here.

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7. QuotePixel


This website allows you to make quotes and share them with the world. You can choose from the 25 quote categories (inspirational, life, love, funny, dreams, strength, health, etc.) available here.

You can type your quote in the text box and include the author’s name. Two results are generated on the website, which can be saved on the computer and later shared.

Try this fake quote generator website here.

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8. DesignCap

designcap - online designing tool

This website is an excellent way to create stunning posters using inspirational or funny quotes. The free website allows you to choose and edit any template available on the platform to write your quote on the image.

You can choose the text style, font, size, and other properties like adding icons, clipart, or shapes to the poster. Gradient colors are available for the background. Once the image is created, you can download the fake quote poster.

Try this fake quote generator website here.

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9. PosterMyWall


This website is an excellent Fake Quote Generator. If you lack time and need a quote fast, this website can help you. Once you have browsed through the free templates and chosen one, you can add your quote in plain or fancy text.

There are tools available to edit the background image and color. Changes in layout and options to decorate the image using clipart are also available. Once the editing is complete, you can save and share the image on different social media platforms.

Try this fake quote generator website here.

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10. QuoteDark


The website offers an excellent way to explore various inspirational and motivational quotes by famous personalities. You can browse the content by choosing the tag or the author’s name. Quick navigation is one of the highlights of the website.

Try this fake quote generator website here.

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Finding inspirational or funny quotes daily is difficult, especially for people who wish to share novel content daily.

These Fake Quote Generator websites can come as a lifesaver for such people. The list of these websites will help you send unique content to your loved ones and fans without running out of quotes.

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