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10 Best EPS Editor Software for Windows

Here we have compiled a list of 10 best EPS editor software for Windows. Use these tools to work with EPS files in a hassle-free manner. Explore here.

This article talks about the 10 best free EPS editor software for Windows. Encapsulated PostScript Vector Graphics is abbreviated as EPS. In this context, graphics refers to the images produced by your computer.

These graphics can take any form, including line art, graphs, geometric designs, diagrams, etc. However, these graphics are typically represented in bitmaps or vector graphics.

We are primarily concerned with Vector Graphics as this is where we use the EPS editors because the vector graphic images are stored in EPS formats. If you have the right software, editing EPS files is a breeze. This article will go over the top ten EPS Editor software for Windows.

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10 Best Free EPS Editor Software for Windows

Below is our personally curated collection of Windows 10 best free EPS editor software. Make sure you check all of them out before finally using one.

1. Scribus

scribus - best eps editor software

Scribus is one of the best open-source vector graphics editing applications. You can edit your EPS files, insert objects, text, tables, and shapes, and make other changes.

The EPS files are displayed on a drawing pad where you can carry out all necessary changes and actions. The Bezier curve and the Freehand tool are the most prominent tools. Scribus is available in Windows, Linux, and Mac versions.

Get this EPS editor software here.

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2. Inkscape


Inkscape is a free design tool well-known for its vivid drawing tool, broad file format compatibility, and reasonably powerful text tool. Apart from that, it also supports Beizer and spiro curves like Scribus.

Its main features include many design tools for shaping, drawing, texting, embedding bitmaps, and, most importantly, cloning. You can fully access the application’s features by downloading it on your PC.

Get this EPS editor software here.


gimp - eps editor software for windows

GIMP is an image editor or manipulator that allows you to edit your images much more. GIMP does not support EPS files, but EPS files can be opened and edited using GIMP with the help of a Ghostscript.

However, the procedure of adding an external script may take some time. Using GIMP, you can add objects such as rectangles, circles, path tools, blend text, and more to your image.

One other major thing to remember is that you cannot possibly save EPS as EPS but can save them as different image formats.

Get this EPS editor software here.

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4. LibreOffice Draw

libreoffice draw

You must’ve heard the name LibreOffice before. LibreOffice Draw is an open-source EPS editor created by LibreOffice. It is a cross-platform software available on Windows, Linux, and Mac. The best part is that it offers the easiest way to edit EPS files on your computer.

Apart from that, it offers a massive collection of editing tools that you can use to enhance your EPS files. You can even input text, slides, photos, graphs, etc. It would be best if you gave this a try.

Get this EPS editor software here.

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5. Apache OpenOffice

apache openoffice

Apache OpenOffice is another good open-source EPS editor that can modify your EPS files just as you desire. The catch is that the editor is an office suite, and the Apache Office Draw tools help you open and edit the ESP files.

The primary tools available include the navigator, grid, slide insert tool, layers section, date, time, name, etc. You can also add hyperlinks, pictures, shapes, and so on. This is worth giving a try.

Get this EPS editor software here.

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6. XnView


The most significant advantage of using this software is that it supports many image formats. If you work with other image formats besides EPS, XnView may be the best place to start.

Even though the editing tools are pretty basic, using this software is very easy. You can also create a watermark on your EPS files using this software. However, it lacks some of the premium features offered by the other competitors, but it is more than enough for a primary user.

Get this EPS editor software here.

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7. IrfanView

irfanview - eps editor -screenshot

IrfanView is optimal for those who want a more straightforward and hassle-free experience while editing EPS files.

As IrfanView is ideal for more accessible editing EPS files, look no further. The tools offered by this software are very average image editing tools and not vector modifying tools.

Some essential editing tools are the Selection tool, Paint tool, Clone Object, Crop image, etc. You can press F12 to gain access to the editor menu.

Get this EPS editor software here.

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8. Photomania DX

photomania dx

Photamania is free for personal use EPS editor. But, recommending it as your daily driver is challenging as it lacks editing choices. It is suitable for applying effects such as enhance, contrast, sharpen, temperature setting, shadow setting, etc.

Also, the EPS files you’ll edit won’t be saved as EPS files anymore. You can still choose from formats like emf, gif, png, and jpg to save the image formats.

Get this EPS editor software here.

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9. Inker

inker - best eps editor

Unlike any other applications on our list, Inker is unique in various ways. You don’t need special skills to make the most of this application. It is a highly user-friendly, straightforward, and elegant graphic design tool.

Inker allows you to draw shapes neatly and extremely fast, and organizing color palettes is also accessible using Inker. The best part is that it is also available for Android.

Get this EPS editor software here.

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10. Gravit Designer

gravit designer

Gravit Designer is one of our list’s most complex yet powerful open-source EPS editors. Remember that we’re not discussing the Pro version of this application. Their free version offers plenty of suitable options and utilities. You can create your designs and share them on social media.

It offers tremendous advantages over others regarding features as it offers 2D vector designs like Boolean operations, symbols, pages, etc.

Get this EPS editor software here.

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Wrapping Up

That concludes our article on the 10 best free EPS Editor software for Windows. The list is not created in any particular order. You can select whichever app best meets your needs. All of the apps on our list are safe and provide something unique.

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