5 Best DWF Viewer Software For Windows

Design Web Format, referred to as DWF, enables the sharing of CAD drawings, data, pictures, text, and 3D models by designers and engineers in a zip-compressed file. A DWF file is primarily accessible and standardized, much like a PDF. You can open, view, and mark it without specialized software. There are many features of the DWF viewer which make it user-friendly, some of which are mentioned below: –

  • It is smaller and more rapid hence. It’s very lightweight.
  • Voluntarily navigate sheet sets; hence multiple sheets can be navigated.
  • It supports hyperlinks.
  • You can turn on or off layer visibility according to your need.
  • You can use zoom and pan in real time to conveniently traverse sheets.
  • The primary drawing’s perfection, safety, and purpose are not compromised by using DWF files to interact with standard designs, projects, products, and workflows.

In general, the list of DWF viewer software given below can handle any document. These are some of the selected software which can be used effortlessly.

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5 Best DWF Viewer Software For Windows

1. Autodesk DWF Viewer

autodesk dwf viewer

This is software to view DWF files that views a model in both 2D and 3D dimensions. A model may be previewed from many angles, including the correct, left, back, front, bottom, and top views.

You may click on the thumbnails of the various sheets or parts of a file to view the corresponding model. The name and size are shown via the sheet property. This software also offers the option to see several layers.

Using this software, you may conveniently zoom in, pan out, rotate, and cross-view a model canvas. This also makes it simple to print out an opened file and examine DWF files. It can only open CAD files in the DWF format.


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2. Mini CAD Viewer

mini cad viewer - dwf viewer for windows

This program is another fundamental DWF viewer available out there in the market. You must first choose the folder on your device that holds the file you want to see to open it here.

It shows every compatible CAD file, including DWF files, in that folder. To load a file in the preview panel, you have to choose it.

It is a little unique from others since it shows a drawing on a dark background. There are just three viewing options: zoom, pan, and rectangle zoom.

The only drawback is there is no option to print a file. You can also view DXF and DWG files using this program.


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3. ShareCAD

sharecad - best free dwf viewer

This is an excellent online DWF viewer software, but The maximum restriction for uploading DWF files is 50 MB, which is most suitable for 2D DWF files.

You may utilize settings like show/hide 3D hidden lines, smooth and flat shading, etc., when the DWF file is uploaded.

This software has a drawback as the DWF file format cannot switch between the top, left, bottom, etc.


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4. Autodesk Design Review

autodesk design review free dwf viewer


This software can display DWF files in both 3D and 2D is by far its most vital feature. It offers the possibility to view various model components in isolation. Additionally, you may conceal, flip, or make various visible components.

There are several choices available on the toolbar that you may use. You have the viewing choices of zoom, rotate, pan and cross-section.

Text may be added in various colors and sizes using the text markup option. One more practical choice is to draw freehand. If you desire, a model can also be printed.

There is a small gadget accessible on the main page from where you can select your choice of view. In addition to the DWF viewer, it can also open DWFX, GIF, BMP, PCX, JPG, TGA, PICT, and many other formats.


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5. Viewcompanion Pro

viewcompanion pro

It’s yet another outstanding piece of software that enables users to read, print, and convert DWF files into various formats, including TIFF, CGM, PDF, DXF, PLT, CALS, and many others.

It can take precise measurements on drawings and convert files in bulk, which can help you save a lot of time.


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We were urged to make a list above to help you find a good software out of many available in the market. The tools listed here are among the best in the business and provide something special when meeting your demands.

Companies often prefer electronic design data input for submitting designs, and the most common format here is DWF, which is supported by DWF Viewer software packages. Users could examine the drawings, zoom in and out, move about the pictures, and print them out at size.

Some more sophisticated versions can open DWF and DWG files, provide 3D viewing and circling, assist with redlining and text callouts, and provide instructions for distance measurement.

Many of them are freely accessible. If you are concerned that installing DWF viewer software would be difficult, rest assured that it is not difficult. Anybody with a fundamental understanding of computers can easily download and install these software programs.

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