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12 Best Download Manager Chrome Extensions [2023]

Here we have compiled a list of 12 best download manager Chrome extensions. Use these add-ons for smart download management and faster speeds.

Here, we compiled a list of the 12 best download manager Chrome extensions. Using these Chrome extensions, you can add handy features to enhance your downloading files on the Internet.

These Chrome download manager extensions allow you to resume disrupted downloads, accelerate download rates and simultaneous downloads, organize files by their type, and many others.

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers and offers many features such as seamless performance, managing reading lists, and many others.

However, it still lacks an intelligent download manager. The default download manager of Chrome is good, but you can enhance its functionality by using any Chrome extensions mentioned in this article.

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12 Best Download Manager Chrome Extensions

Let’s explore these 15 best download manager Chrome extensions without further ado.

1. Free Download Manager

free download manager chrome extension

Free Download Manager helps adjust traffic usage and streamline downloads. It is hailed as one of the most superior download managers for desktops and laptops, enabling users to download large files torrent files and recover broken downloads.

Users can also get support for BitTorrent. It allows users to split files into multiple sections and simultaneously download them.

It allows intelligent file management, and users can schedule future downloads. Users can view the list of completed and active downloads in the dashboard.

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2. Internet Download Manager

internet download manager chrome extension

Internet Download Manager or IDM is an application that enables users to multiply the download speed by at least five times. It runs on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge browser integration.

The downloads can be restarted and scheduled. Its simple graphic user interface makes downloading easy.

It allows users to resume downloads that have not been completed. The tool creates queues with downloads scheduled. It provides a dashboard with all the information related to download tasks.

3. Ninja Download Manager

ninja download manager

A quick tool that allows downloading using Socks4, HTTP, or Socks5 proxy servers. Users can resume and pause downloads.

This tool can increase the download speed by as much as 20 times, as it works with multiple connections simultaneously.

It allows users to manage lined-up downloads by specifying schedules and download limits. It also allows sequential file writing, and users can pause downloads and resumes.

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4. Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

download accelerator plus chrome extension

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is an extension that works seamlessly with the browser and adds advanced downloading capabilities. It is considered one of the best downloading apps that allow high-speed downloads.

Additionally, this download manager Chrome extension also has a multi-thread acceleration engine.

This application allows downloading music videos and converting them into MP3 files. Another feature of this application is a rich mirroring servers’ database.

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5. Chrono Download Manager

chrono download manager

Chrono Download Manager is an excellent Download Manager in the Chrome web store. This top-rated Download Manager extension enables users to download and manage files easily.

It boasts valuable features such as bulk image download, video grabber, etc. It is an excellent application for those using Chrome as their web browser.

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6. DownThemAll

downthemall - chrome extension

It is an easy-to-use Chrome extension that enhances download capabilities by adding advanced features. This application allows users to download the images and links on a website and do even more.

It has advanced auto-renaming customization of timeout intervals and allows the highest number of simultaneous downloads.

This apart, it is possible to pause and resume downloads at will. Further, users can download files from a website with the help of filters and the last renaming mask.

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7. Download Master

download master chrome extension

Download just about anything with this easy-to-use Chrome extension. Whether you want to download docs, PDF files, videos, images, or any other type of file, download master can provide you with enhanced performance.

It does the job seamlessly as a Chrome extension, allowing you to pick up a specific stack of files or use filters to download the files you want with just one click.

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8. Online Download Manager

online download manager

Online Download Manager is an excellent option for those looking for quick downloads. Using it is easy; anybody can download images, audio, and videos and save them to watch later. Additionally, it is a powerful video grabber and can grab videos from any website.

9. Ant Download Manager

ant download manager

The ant download manager is popular because it makes managing the downloads easy. It is beneficial to those who download multiple files every day.

Users can download multiple files together as it supports multiple threads. Even in batch downloads, this extension can speed up the tasks.

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10. uGet

It is considered one of the most reliable and helpful download managers that work well with Windows 10. It is compatible with web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Chromium, Vivaldi, and Opera.

One of the most likable features of this extension is its ability to download YouTube videos, which do not have the download option. uGet download can apply the command line to download files.

Users can resume the download they had paused in the past. It is possible to download unlimited files using this download manager.

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11. Open With Internet Download Manager

open with internet download manager

It is an extension that works with Internet Download Manager (IDM). To use this, one must install the Internet Download Manager in their computer system. However, the IDM may not always work when downloading files from the Internet.

This problem is resolved with Open With Internet Download Manager. It offers a quick, hassle-free way to download and view your files later. Users can find all the files downloaded in one place for a more organized approach.

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12. Internet Download Accelerator

internet download accelearator

Internet Download Accelerator offers all the top features of a practical download manager. With this extension, the download speeds can increase, and you can resume any disrupted download from the last point.

It allows the site manager to save all the passwords in one place. Further, it offers downloads folder management to organize the long list of folders. It can find games, music, videos, files, and others through its advanced search option.

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For work or entertainment, downloading files is significant; these download manager extensions help us complete this task well.

One can manage the downloaded files and adequately categorize them easily. With the help of a download manager Chrome extension, one can download files from sites that do not provide download links.

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