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7 Best Document Comparison Software for Windows

Here we have compiled a list of 7 best document comparison software for Windows. Use these tools to compare DOC, PDF, and other files.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 7 best document comparison software for Windows.

You can use these software to easily compare different documents such as Word documents, PDFs, and many other formats. The best part is that each software makes spotting differences in their visualization tools and preferences easier.

Plagiarism is one of the worst problems that can ruin your reputation, especially if you are a student. It is, therefore, vital that you review the document before submitting it.

This can be done using plagiarism-checking software or document comparison software. The latter comes in handy when reviewing or editing similar documents or if two or more people are working on the same document.

In that case, comparison software can quickly help to track the changes made to the document. Document comparison software can also help you select the best document from several available samples.

7 Best Document Comparison Software

There is no wonder that document comparison software has emerged as a huge requirement.

Here is a list of the best document comparison software that can help make your work easier:

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1. ExamDiff

examdiff - document comparison software

This is free software compatible with Windows and can help compare files. There are different features available that make it extremely important for document comparison. You require a plugin to compare documents and highlight the changes.

The software allows you to compare directories and binary files. Comparing and editing files and merging them is easy using this software. The drag-and-drop function allows you to drop files in the software’s window for comparison.

Any document changes, including syntax, words, and characters, are highlighted. The software automatically detects file changes and allows users to compare the files again.

Download this document comparison software here.

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2. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

adobe acrobat compare documents

It is one of the best tools to compare documents, especially PDF files. This website can help you quickly compare different versions of any document or compare different documents.

The site can be extremely helpful in tracking changes when multiple people have been working on the same document.

Any changes can be easily observed since the files can be seen side-by-side. Apart from this, you can also use filters to highlight any document changes. Using this program to compare documents is extremely easy.

Once you have selected the files to compare, click the Compare button to review the documents. You can also create, edit, sign PDF files, and compare and convert PDFs.

Download this document comparison software here.

3. Draftable

draftable - document comparison software

This is a popular online software to compare PDF files and Word documents. The drag-and-drop option lets you easily download the software and compare the files. The side-by-side comparison available in the software allows you to check for content and style changes in the document.

The online software allows you to compare documents up to 10 MB in size for free. All changes are highlighted and can be seen in the right-aligned tab. You can also download documents as PDFs after comparison.

Apart from that, you can even compare PowerPoint slides using the software. The paid version of the software is available for desktop download.

Download this document comparison software here.

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4. Diffchecker

diffchecker - best document comparison software

You can use this user-friendly text comparison software online and download it to the desktop. You can copy and paste the text, PDF, or Word file to compare them for any similarities.

The software highlights differences between the two documents in different colors for clarity. You can later switch the windows and merge the text.

You can save any differences in OCR text, image, and other file details for different durations. Both free and paid versions of this software are available.

Download this document comparison software here.

5. Araxis Merge

araxis merge - compare documents

If you are looking for a three-way comparison and merge, the professional version of this software can help you do that easily. However, to compare two documents, you only require the standard version.

The salient features of this software include comparing huge files for changes, including insertions and deletions. You can use both the standard and professional versions with a single license. The 64-bit version offers unique memory space, making handling a large amount of data easy.

Comparing updated files with the original can be done easily using this software. While you can copy text from different apps to compare them, you can directly upload and compare the most commonly used file formats.

Download this document comparison software here.

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6. Soda PDF

soda pdf - best document comparison

This PDF creation and management software is an excellent alternative to Acrobat and allows you to compare, edit, convert, and e-sign documents. You can use the document comparison software on any device and web browser. You can quickly review and compare documents and add content to them.

One of the best features of this tool is its ability to work on different devices and cloud storage and accessibility. This increases productivity, as multiple people can work simultaneously on the document.

You can even protect the document using a 256-bit password or a digital signature. Using this program, you can easily save time comparing two documents (PDF, Word, etc.) word by word.

Download this document comparison software here.

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7. WinMerge

winmerge - best free document comparison software

This open-source program allows you to find the difference between any two documents and merge them if required. This Windows-compatible program helps compare files and folders to highlight the differences in visual text format.

You can easily see the difference in the syntax, text wrap, and line number in vertical panes. Furthermore, thanks to the location pane, you can find the comparison location in the file.

Apart from this, you can also compare folders and subfolders. Additional features include plugin support, an online manual, shell integration, and a localizable interface.

Download this document comparison software here.

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Wrapping Up

If your work involves comparing documents to find their differences, then document comparison software is the need of the hour.

This comprehensive list of the best document comparison software can help you choose the best technological tool to make your work easy. However, finding the best can be slightly tricky, with numerous features in each option.

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