8 Best DLL Injector Software for Windows


Are you looking for a DLL injector tool for Windows? There are many tools, though all of them may not be suitable for your purpose. In this article, you can find a list of the best DLL injector software. But, before going to the list of the tools, you should know a few crucial things about DLL injectors.

In computer programming, DLL injection is known as the method of running external codes to change the behaviors of the computer program. Through external coding, you can direct the computer to perform a particular task using the DLL injector tool.

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8 Best DLL Injector Software for Windows

For Windows, many DLL injection tools are available. Choosing the right software depends on a few crucial parameters. Those parameters are user interface, features, size, efficiency, user-friendliness, etc. Find a list of the tools in the following section of this article.

1. Remote DLL

remote dll - free dll injector

Today, remote DLL has become one of the most trusted tools for DLL injection. The software comes with a seamless and attractive interface. Users can easily find different features and options for the user-friendly interface on the dashboard. The tool’s efficiency is also seamless, as it offers multiple DLL injection methods to the users.

Some of the DLL methods offered by the software are Queue Use APC, Create a Remote Tread, and NT Create Thread. For the interface and user-friendliness, beginners will find comfort with the tool. At the same time, professional programmers will find the software immensely feature-rich.

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2. DLL Injector

dll injector free software for windows

DLL Injector is a free tool for Windows users. The software has a simple and user-friendly interface. Using this software makes DLL injection execution an easy thing. The programmers can track running processes using this tool. For example, you can track Process Path, PID, and Process name.

To select a DLL file that you want to inject into a Windows computer, you need to click on the Select DLL button. Clicking on the button will open a browsing window, where you can find the DLL file for injecting into the computer.

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3. Extreme Injector

extreme injector

Among the best DLL injectors, Extreme Injector should find a place. You can deploy this DLL injector for Windows operating system. The injector software is suitable for ardent gamers. The best part is using this tool to try gaming hacks.

Using this software is comfortable, as it can inject multiple libraries in one click. The software gets updated, and the latest version of the tool supports the Windows system with 64-bit. For multiple injection versions, users need to explore the Quiet Mode.

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4. Auto DLL Injector

auto dll injector

As the name suggests, this tool helps you automate the DLL injection process. If you want an efficient and flawless DLL injector, this is the ideal tool for you.

Though the tool works automatically, it also introduces DLL into a system in a manual process. For this reason, the tool is highly convenient for all users.

While you use the Windows computer, the program will run in the background for automatic DLL injection. The software has a seamless user interface. Moreover, it has arrays of user-friendly features or options.

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5. DLL Vaccine

dll vaccine - free dll injector software

DLL vaccine is another efficient and trusted DLL injector tool. The simple interface is the most highlighting feature of the tool. Similar to the Auto DLL, this tool also features two options. You can perform DLL injection both manually and automatically using this tool. Users can also select multiple DLL files using this tool.

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6. Injector

Source: Softpedia

The injector is also popular DLL injector software, which features manual and automated DLL injection. For injecting a DLL file, you need to click on the browse option. You need to select and introduce a DLL file to the tool’s dashboard from the browser window. Clicking on the Load button will help you inject the selected DLL into the system.

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7. Remote Injector DLL

remote injector dll

The Remote Injector DLL is a perfect tool for injecting DLL files in Windows computers. The software has a simple user interface. Nevertheless, you can use the accessible commands to perform the DLL injection process with this tool.

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8. Injector Gadget

injector gadget

Injector Gadget is another free DLL injector tool for Windows. The software displays DLL along with PID. Hitting the injection button on the software will begin the DLL injection process. The tool has a seamless and user-friendly user interface.

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In this blog, you explored the eight excellent DLL injector software for Windows. You can use any of these tools to change the behavior of any Windows program by executing external code. My favorite DLL injectors are Remote DLL, DLL Injector, and DLL Vaccine.