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15 Best Deep Fake Software, Apps and Websites

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Here we have compiled a list of the 15 best deep fake software, apps, and websites. You may or may not have heard about deep fake. As far as the definition is considered, a deep fake is a video of a person that is morphed so that they appear to be or looks like someone else. By definition, it may seem like a deep fake can be used for doing illegal acts, and that isn’t entirely wrong.

There have been instances where deep fakes have been used to spread false information or for mischief. However, its original purpose was different. You can also use deep fakes to have fun with your friends and family, and we suggest 15 apps, websites, and software using which you can create these deep fakes.

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What Is a Deep Fake, and What Purposes Does It Serve?

Technically speaking, a deep fake is a video created using artificial intelligence to make a human model look like someone else (an actual person most of the time).

As far as the question about what purposes these deep fake videos serve stays, it is safe to conclude that deep fakes exist to make people believe the presence, actions, and words of someone when they’re not present.

The movie industry widely uses this technology to show actors or actresses in certain scenes where they were not present. 

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So without any further delay, let’s begin.

15 Best Deep Fake Software, Websites, and Apps

In this section, we’ll take a brief look at some fun-to-use Deep Fake software and websites that are capable and can cover your requirements. Here are the 15 Deep Fake software, websites, and apps we shortlisted for you:

1. Deepfakes Web

deepfakes web interface screenshot

All you need to do is log into the Deepfakes web website, and you can create deep fakes on the go using your browser. Using powerful GPUs on the cloud, Deepfakes web uses deep learning to learn face models using pictures and videos and provides you with output in under 5 hours. It has a free and paid premium version. 

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2. Zao

zao deepfake app screenshot

If you want an app to create a deep fake for you within seconds, you must try out Zao. Zao is quite famous for creating seemingly authentic deep fakes within seconds when many other websites or software take hours to train the model and give results even after using powerful technology. The app is available for Android and IOS.

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3. Wombo

wombo make your selfies sing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re bound to know about this entertaining application for smartphones.

Designed entirely for fun and entertainment, Wombo makes deep fakes of the photos you provide in just a few minutes, and it can make the faces of your friends and family look like they are singing a song with hilarious expressions. 

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4. MyHeritage 

myheritage - animate family photos

MyHeritage is an app you should not miss out on if you’re looking for a deep fake website with unique features.

The feature of Deep Nostalgia in MyHeritage lets you animate old pictures within seconds. It is straightforward to use and provides impressive results. It is entirely free to use as well. 

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5. Reface

reface ai - best deepfake app for smartphones

Reface AI is a great way to enjoy watching deep fake GIFs of the faces of your friends and family. The app used to go by the name Doublicat before.

You can choose from over a hundred GIFs to replace the faces in them with any face of your choice, and although not entirely accurate, Reface AI still works pretty well and ends up delivering a fun result. 

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6. DeepFaceLab

deepfacelab - free deepfake software

DeepFaceLab can be labeled as a different tool than typical deep fake websites. It is an advanced tool for researchers that can be accessed for free on GitHub.

It is designed for computer vision students and researchers; DeepFaceLab boasts a complex UI and is not for beginners. 

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7. Faceapp


Just like Wombo, Faceapp is also one of the widely popular apps used by thousands of people across the globe for morphing face models and making them look entirely different for fun.

You can use this app to change hairstyles, and facial hair, alter smiles and even switch genders of the photos you want. All of these features make Faceapp fun. 

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8. Deepfake Studio

deepfake studio android app

Deepfake Studio is a robust face swap application that will have you wondering how a mere face swap can be so much fun.

With over 500 images in each face set, Deepfake Studio provides you with countless options to explore and have fun.

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9. Jiggy

jiggy deepfake android app

Jiggy is a fun deepfake application where you can edit your or your friends’ faces in any gif of your choice and forward it to your group chat to make the conversations more fun.

It is home to over a hundred gifs and gives you sufficient room to explore and have fun.

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10. Face Swap Live

face swap live

Face Swap Live is an excellent pick for this because this app takes face swapping up a notch and adds some movement to the swapped faces to make them more fun.

It also provides many features and effects to make the process more fun and exciting.

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11. FaceMagic

facemagic- ai face swap videos

You can rely on FaceMagic to provide some of the most authentic face swaps you’ve ever witnessed.

You can replace the original faces with your or your friends’ faces in photos and videos.

FaceMagic is based on AI, and the output quality is brilliant. You’ll have a lot of fun trying this application out. 

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12. DALL-E-Mini

craiyon best deepfake website

OpenAI’s DALL-E, DALL-E Mini is an AI model that can create images from a text prompt. If the text prompts are informative enough, you can also use DALL-E-Mini to create brilliant deep fakes.

Watching your textual instructions take the form of imagery right in front of you is an overwhelming experience, and you should not miss out on it.

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13. SpeakPic

speakpic - deepfake

As the name may have already suggested, you can use the SpeakPic application to bring photos of your choice to live in just a few clicks. It comes with a text-to-speech feature that is very reliable, and you’re bound to enjoy experimenting with it.

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14. Any face

anyface face animation

Any face should be your one-time stop if you’re searching for a capable deep fake application to have fun with your friends and family. You can animate pics, make them talk, and even change their faces.

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15. Cupace

cupace - cut paste face photo

Cupace is our final pick for the best deep fake apps and websites out there, and it is a delightful application. This deep fake app can bring the best out of copy-paste editing, and when paired up with your creativity, it can give some satisfying and exciting results.

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There are countless deep fake apps and websites to choose from out there. We made the job easy for you by shortlisting the best ones among them in this article. You’re bound to have loads of fun exploring these applications, and we’re glad to be a part of it. 

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