15 Best Contact Manager Android Apps


Are you looking for an alternative to your default contact manager app? If yes, you will find the 15 best contact manager apps for Android. These apps do a lot more than being just a contact management app, such as removing duplicate entries, in-built dialer, and many others. The best part is that some of these contact management apps let you block spam callers and identify unknown callers.

Every smartphone has at least one contact management app, which provides basic functionality. However, plenty of applications is available that provide advanced features additional to those available in essential apps.

These apps can do plenty of things – remove duplicate contacts, group contacts based on work, family, etc., flag spam callers, block unwanted callers, among many more.

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15 Best Contact Manager Apps for Android

Here are the 15 best contact management apps that Android users can download on their phones.

1. Contact Optimizer

contacts optimizer - best contact manager apps

Those who want to add the best features in this category to their contact application can use this. It automatically removes duplicate contacts, removes invalid contacts, creates a backup and restores contacts, and several other features that will make managing day-to-day activities hassle-free.

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2. Contact+

contacts plus - best contact manager

This enables users to manage contacts effectively as this app merges with the default contact app on one’s phone. It helps keep the contact book simple. It offers a cloud-based backup solution that syncs with Gmail automatically to ensure that your contacts are not lost whenever you change your device or use another device.

Plus, users can also duplicate contacts and meet them easy to identify by adding photos along with company information and social media activity, etc. Users can save as many as 1000 contacts in its free version. In-app purchases can obtain more space.

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3. Covve

covve - personal crm

Choose Covve to add many new features for your contact application and give a new look to it. This app can autofill the name, company, and other details from the information stored in the database. One can organize contacts in groups which helps separate work contacts from personal ones. It comes in two versions paid and premium.

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4. Google Contacts

google contacts - best contact management app

This is perhaps the best application as it is simple lightweight, and the funniest part is many users don’t even know that it exists on their phones. This app syncs contact effectively across all android devices.

People using android phones have to allow the app to sync contact, and after that, it works silently. This is the best application for people who need to retain contacts use them effectively but are digitally challenged.

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5. Simple Contact

simple contact

As its name suggests, Simple Contact is indeed simple to use. It syncs contact details for social media apps like Facebook and Gmail to update the details of the contacts. It also helps in controlling the social media apps from this application efficiently. It offers much more than the present by default in smartphones. This app also offers added features in the paid version.

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6. Smart Contact

smart contact

For people who make most of their communications through conference calls and group chats, this app fits them. It allows users to categorize their contacts into work, neighbors, friends, etc.

The app can then call, text, email multiple contacts at one go. Users can set reminders to contact the groups at a specific time. Additionally, it also deletes duplicate contacts regularly.

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7. Sync.Me

sync me - contact manager

Effective spam and caller ID blocker app helps manage contacts and saves time. It boasts of versatile features. It lets the users add full-screen photos of their contacts to identify who is calling them quickly. Call recording, text ID, reverse phone lookup are some convenient features this app offers.

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8. My Contacts Pro

my contacts pro

It works as an alternative contact manager for those looking for a contract manager app for android phones. It offers various features and sync modes to update and share contacts across devices and apps.

Users are offered to sync contacts from Gmail, and there is also a provision for two-way authentication. It has a clean and impressive interface and allows easy navigation.

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9. CircleBack

circleback - contact manager

It is a beautiful app that can sync contact details across social media platforms. There is no fear of losing a single contact. It continuously looks up for updates by tracking changes in official roles, job titles, changes in location, and other details whenever updated by the people in your circle. It streamlines the user’s address book by deleting duplicate contacts. It can connect with your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google accounts, etc.

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10. Drupe

drupe - best contact management app

This is another popular third-party app that is trusted by millions of users. Its powerful features include a t9 dialer, speed dial function, etc. Further, it also has a caller ID feature that enables users to distinguish between their contacts and others.

One can also easily differentiate between spam callers and those applicable to them. It has an intuitive and interactive interface that provides easy navigation and helps the user work efficiently.

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11. Truecaller


Truecaller is perhaps the most popular contact manager application. It is practical and straightforward. Users can easily filter out spam numbers and block them. The app shows the person’s name even if the contact is not present in one’s address book.

If the number is from a spam caller, the app will flag it with a red screen. This is based on the feedback provided by the app’s other users. Users can also search the Truecaller database for names and numbers to make calls and messages directly from the app.

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12. Showcaller


This app is similar to Trucaller, has a simple interface, and is easy to use. It helps users identify the callers with names and regions, which is very useful. Avoiding unwanted calls becomes so much easier when one has this app on their phone. It offers an intelligent dialler that is featured with a T9 search. One can also quickly locate the recent call made through the quick contacts option.

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13. Cleaner


Many times, contacts are duplicated, and it clutters the address book. However, Cleaner declutters the contact list in one’s phone and helps manage and organize the contacts better. With a single tap, the app merges the duplicate contacts. It is simple and easy to use and makes an excellent contact management app for android phones.

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14. MyContacts

mycontacts - best contact manager

A helpful app for those who want to manage the number of friends and family members. It puts the contact information of those you identify as outside your professional network. It has a clean interface and allows easy navigation. It is preferred because of its simplicity. You can use this simple app the right way to manage the friends and family contact list.

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15. PureContact

purecontact - contact management apps

Most people are part of groups and have their friends, family, professional groups separate. This app helps create groups of contacts that people use more frequently. Instead of an extended contacts list, one can quickly locate a contact devoted to smaller groups. It saves time as finding a number, both the ones that are contacted frequently and others that are seldom contacted, as they are segregated into separate groups.

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The contact management apps are the most useful apps for making the best use of one’s contact list on android devices. Whether a professional or a student, these apps help save time and enable quick and easy use.

The best part is there is an app for everyone’s needs. The ones with advanced features to classify, group, and segregate to sync contacts eliminate duplicates. One such app is an essential addition to anyone’s list of useful apps.